Bug Fix - Sort of...

2005-01-05 Thread Durfee, Bernard
Hello, This is my first post to the list, so I am not sure of the protocol for making contributions to the project. I had some problems getting a data source configured in Tomcat 5. My data source factory was not being used. After some struggle I found that I needed to put the factory name as an

RE: Pluggable mechanism for loading context config files

2005-01-06 Thread Durfee, Bernard
Mark, I disagree, I have always felt it would be a good idea to have the database passwords and such encrypted when in the context files. Those context files fly all around stuffed in WAR files and stored in CVS repositories and 'Hey Bob, does this context file look right?'. That's an awful lot

Documentation Error

2005-04-01 Thread Durfee, Bernard
The documentation at http://www.uportal.org/administrators/building.html does not mention the server.home property... Before deploying uPortal you may need to modify the build.properties. Edit the file and find the deploy.home property. ...should read... Before deploying uPortal you may need to

resource element

2005-07-15 Thread Durfee, Bernard
How are resource elements in a context.xml file processed by Tomcat 5.5.x? For instance... Resource name= services/myservice auth= Container type= com.mycom.BasicService factory = com.mycom.BasicServiceFactory / ...I am