2005-07-14 Thread Ari Suutari
I don't know if I'm in position to vote about this, but I have been running more than a week with production servers using 1.2.14 (not .1). No problems (I have 12 sites using various tomcat versions, most of them are low-volume, however). I would say this is stable. Ari S. - Original

Re: Releasing JK 1.2.14

2005-07-06 Thread Ari Suutari
Hi, Now most of the bugs are closed, the documentation updated, JK 1.2.14 is nearly ready (changelog still needs some input). I have put the current tarballs for testing at I have compiled these on FreeBSD 4.10, Apache 2.0.54.

Re: Mod_ajp initial

2004-07-27 Thread Ari Suutari
authentication feature of IIS). Of course there are commercial products for this, but tomcat has just been a very good companion to IIS in our systems. So I hope that someone maintains some kind of solution for IIS integration. Ari S. -- Ari Suutari, Syncron Tech Oy, Finland

Jk connector and security roles (was: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 16253] - Security roles in web.xml do not work with IIS)

2003-01-21 Thread Ari Suutari
willing to make this work but as you can see, I need some ideas how to proceeed. Ari Suutari / Syncron Tech Oy Lappeenranta, Finland -- To unsubscribe, e-mail: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, e-mail: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Tomcat 4.1.10 and tag pooling problem

2002-09-04 Thread Ari Suutari
Hi, I have been testing tomcat 4.1.10 with our web application, which uses i18n tag from jakarta-taglibs. When running it under 4.1.10 with jsp default settings in web.xml it produces very odd results - it seems that each i18n tag return same string to page (the string might be the one the first