Re: cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat-catalina/catalina/src/share/org/apache/coyote/tomcat5

2004-05-14 Thread Mario Ivankovits
Remy Maucherat wrote: Two possibilities: - 5.0.25 (cool, I thought we had avoided it ;) ) - A hotfix for 5.0.24 (I'll put and sign a .zip and a .tgz, sign them, and link them from the news and binaries pages) I know i have no rights to +1 here (i am not an tomcat committer), but from the sight

Re: Fwd: Re: Tomcat and LDAP Issues

2003-08-14 Thread Mario Ivankovits
I emailed marek about the CLIENT-CERT problem, still no response. I'm going to look into it and see what the gist of Mario's objections were, and if the patch is good. Good Words ;-) If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me. Mario

Remy please comment on BUG7831 JNDIRealm* stuff

2003-07-31 Thread Mario Ivankovits
Hello Remy! Iwait a long time to some feedback to the JNDIRealm* and CLIENT-CERT Login stuff i added to this bug. I would like to know, if this or simmilary would find the way into the official tomcat development. Maybe 4.1.28 or at least into the 5.x release. Maybe i can help in some

Re: Working on patch (need feedback)

2003-06-26 Thread Mario Ivankovits How close is the working JNDIRealm solution to being added? I have never got an answer or comment to my added JNDIRealm* classes from an tomcat-developer, so it looks like there isnt currently a developer assigned to the JNDI authentication

Re: Working on patch (need feedback)

2003-06-24 Thread Mario Ivankovits
Hello ! Look at, there you will find a JNDIRealmCertAD -- Windows Active Directory and JNDIRealmCertOpenExchange -- (Maybe) Standard LDAP Maybe JNDIRealmCertAD already do the job for you. Maybe not, but then we do have a good starting point