Re: SVN update of site working OK?

2005-09-22 Thread Rahul Akolkar
On 9/22/05, Yoav Shapira [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
 Maybe I did something wrong here, or maybe I'm just missing a step, but if
 someone (probably Mark) could help out  here, that'd be great ;)

 I just added a new FAQ section on clustering to the SVN tomcat/site/trunk 
  It's in xdocs-faq/cluster.xml.  I did svn add for that file, as well as the
 docs/faq/cluster.html and docs/faq/printer/cluster.html.  The files were added
 into SVN, then I did svn commit.  No errors, all looks fine.

 Next I went to /www/, ran SVN update.  Again no
 errors, just a line saying it's at revision X, where X was the number after my
 commit, so that looks correct.  But I don't see the cluster.html files there.
 I know I won't see them on the web for a while due to replication delays, but
 when we used CVS I saw them on the filesystem right away.  Am I doing 

AFAICS, your changes were to trunk and the update to the filesystem
looks at the pre-tlp branch.



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Re: svn commit: r279657 - in /tomcat/site/trunk: docs/findhelp.html docs/whichversion.html xdocs/findhelp.xml xdocs/whichversion.xml

2005-09-08 Thread Rahul Akolkar
 Author: markt
 Date: Thu Sep  8 15:13:43 2005
 New Revision: 279657

Mark -

Looking at this commit, it seems you might want to get some sweeping
propset's in on svn:eol-style, and use these as auto-props for future
svn additions, if you don't already [ ].

I also wonder why the CGI's from last night now bear LFs for eol-style
(r279457,r279458). Can those be changed to native?

Thanks for all the work. Just trying to save some grief later ;-)


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Re: Draft TLP site

2005-09-07 Thread Rahul Akolkar
On 9/7/05, Mark Thomas [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
 I have made a checkout of tomcat/site/trunk available at
 The downloads don't work (I think because of where this is hosted but
 I haven't looked at it).

The webserver needs to view the scripts as executable content.
chmod'ing the cgi's o+x should do it.


 I'll update this as work progresses. Any help with the TODOs will be
 Comments on the structure are also welcome.

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Re: Configure list to suitably handle return receipts

2005-02-25 Thread Rahul Akolkar
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

 But you are ignoring;

 Precedence: bulk
 present on all list mails, which should supercede any 
 DSN request.

This is a red herring. I did some digging, its possible to have little
control over one's mail client/mail server (its true). Can we go back
to the original suggestion I got from the apache infrastructure list?

It would be better to configure those mailing lists to remove headers
which cause return receipts. I think old lists are missing
'Disposition-Notification-To' and 'Return-Receipt-To:' 

No one has any business requesting return receipts on public mailing
lists. In their defence, they probably don't even know they're doing
it. All mail clients aren't ideal.

So zap the headers. Its the only lasting solution. 

Its fine if you say you can do it but you don't want to, I was just
hoping you'd want to improve my quality of life. I'm just trying to
stay subscribed for longer this time ;-)


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