Re: Embedded Tomcat

2005-09-30 Thread Rick Knowles
Eric Holk wrote: I'm working on a project where I would like to run a simple web front end for it. To save the time of implementing my own HTTP server I'd like to embed Tomcat. I've read several documents on how to do this, and I've managed to get Tomcat running inside my program. However, all

Re: embedded tomcat and JMX sample code

2004-01-28 Thread Remy Maucherat
Mark W. Webb wrote: I am looking for some sample code that will demonstrate how to embed tomcat in a java application using JMX. I would like to write some documentation on how to do this, as there is none that exists that I have found on tomcat's web site. I would imagine that there must be

Re: Embedded Tomcat

2003-10-25 Thread Sriram N
Hi Robert, Congratulations on having Embedded Tomcat in your application. My apologies for not explaining a solution to your problem more clearly. The method we had discussed by private mail earlier today indeed works. I cannot give you actual source code, simply because I'm downloading Tomcat

Re: Embedded Tomcat startup java class

2003-10-24 Thread Remy Maucherat
Mark W. Webb wrote: Knowing that Tomcat is moving towards JMX, I was wondering if anyone has ported into the a format that will support the JMX integration. Knowing that there is a build.xml file that will launch tomcat in an embedded state, is there an equivalent .java file for

Re: Embedded tomcat with HTTPS

2003-08-14 Thread Bill Barker
I'm going to assume that you're using 4.1.x. In this case, you are using the wrong Factory. You want something like: Connector httpsConnector = embeddedTomcat.createConnector(null, configuration.getHttpsPort(), true); CoyoteServerSocketFactory serverSocketFactory =

Re: Embedded Tomcat and custom connector ?

2002-07-31 Thread Eriam Schaffter
Hi back That was not so clear. What I would like to do is to get *all* http requests and manage them trough another connector then the one that passes them to the filesystem. Example: a http request comes and it's a GET /Test instead of trying to fetch the local Test directory I want to

Re: embedded tomcat and JspServlet

2002-04-30 Thread Arvind Srinivasan
Richard Unger wrote: jsp: init Internal Error: File /WEB-INF/web.xml not found. I believe this particular error message is generated (by o.a.j.compiler.TldLocationsCache.processWebDotXml) when initializing the default context (which doesn't have a WEB-INF/web.xml). I don't think this