svn commit: r307071 - /tomcat/build/tc5.5.x/

2005-10-07 Thread remm
Author: remm Date: Fri Oct 7 03:13:20 2005 New Revision: 307071 URL: Log: - Update to Eclipse JDT 3.1.1 (ok, it's a test commit). Modified: tomcat/build/tc5.5.x/ Modified: tomcat/build/tc5.5.x/

Re: svn commit: r307071 - /tomcat/build/tc5.5.x/

2005-10-07 Thread geoff
The person you are trying to contact is no longer available at this email address. Please update your contact info to reflect this. For all things Chopping Block business please contact: Dan Schutzsmith dan at New Business Manager or for all technical/project questions