Re: Valide o seu email

2004-05-17 Thread Suporte Panda Software Portugal
A Panda Software Portual está a proteger-se contra as mensagens de email indesejadas – o chamado Spam. Pedimos desculpa pelo incómodo mas o seu email não está ainda validado. Para que os seus emails sejam considerados como válidos, por favor, valide-se nesta página:

Byte-Range-Serving of DefaultServlet and Acrobat 6

2004-05-17 Thread Michael Südkamp
Hello, I investigated the topic of byte-range-serving from the DefaultServlet with Acrobat 6. I noticed that Tomcat 4.1.30 did not any byte-range-serving with Acrobat 6.0.0. The entire file was sent instead. I compared the HTTP communication with that of Internet Information server where

Re: Plan for 5.0.25

2004-05-17 Thread Jeanfrancois Arcand
Shapira, Yoav wrote: Hi, OK. I spent the weekend on this and with help from Remy I can actually do a tomcat release now ;) Here's the plan: - Tag 5.0.25 in CVS tonight - Please update the changelog with your changes since 5.0.24 during the day today. I'll fill in stuff (if there's any)

RE: Fedora tomcat

2004-05-17 Thread Shapira, Yoav
Hi, Why aren't my messages on this thread coming through? So strange. Anyways, what I said was is great, let's not duplicate their efforts ;) Yoav Shapira Millennium Research Informatics -Original Message- From: Henri Gomez [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Monday, May

cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat-catalina/webapps/docs changelog.xml

2004-05-17 Thread remm
remm2004/05/17 10:07:30 Modified:webapps/docs changelog.xml Log: - Update changelog. I thought waiting for everyone to update would have: - been a conflict friendly mess ;) - not happened anyway :D Revision ChangesPath 1.42 +149 -0

Re: Byte-Range-Serving of DefaultServlet and Acrobat 6

2004-05-17 Thread Julian Reschke
Remy Maucherat wrote: ... 2. blanks in multi-byte-range-requests After having added the header above, Acrobat sent byte-range-requests. But Acrobat choked. I did a packet filtering and recognized the following status code sent by Tomcat 416 request range not satisfiable. The reason was that