RE: Mod_jk + Apache on RHEL3 gives 503 for jsp only

2005-10-11 Thread Mark Eggers
Here's a quick writeup. This is going to be a long reply, and I hope it will be useful. I am using Fedora Core 4 as a model. I hope it will be close enough to RHEL 3 to be useful. You may have to change paths in order to correspond to your environment. First of all, my environment:

Re: JSP Newbie seeking guidance

2005-10-10 Thread Mark Eggers
I am not familiar with the book. If they are recommending using Tomcat's connection pools and JNDI, then you will need to add the jar file that contains the MySQL driver to $CATALINA_HOME/common/lib. If you are connecting to the database directly from your web application then you probably need

Re: Problem with tomcat configuration

2005-10-06 Thread Mark Eggers
https is port 443. You need to to uncomment the HTTP 1.1 connector for 8443 and change the port to 443. Uncomment the following connector in server.xml: !-- Define a SSL HTTP/1.1 Connector on port 8443 -- !-- Connector port=8443 maxHttpHeaderSize=8192 maxThreads=150

Re: Mod_jk + Apache on RHEL3 gives 503 for jsp only

2005-10-06 Thread Mark Eggers
--- [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have jakarta-tomcat-5.5.9 installed and working properly on the new server. It is perfectly accessible from the legacy web server. By perfectly accessible you mean . . . ? The main page, home.jsp, loads fine in the servlet if no page is

Re: Context path changes in context.xml not working

2005-10-05 Thread Mark Eggers
As mentioned several times on the mailing list, path is no longer read from webapp/META-INF/context.xml. Try placing the context information in: engine-name\hostname\appname.xml under %CATALINA_HOME%\conf or %CATALINA_BASE%\conf if you're using multiple Tomcats served from one binary. If

Re: Context path changes in context.xml not working

2005-10-05 Thread Mark Eggers
Did you try it in: $CATALINA_HOME/conf/engine-name/hostname/appname.xml? /mde/ --- David Kerber [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Nobody has any suggestions about setting up a 2-level context path *without* putting it in the server.xml (it works fine in there)? Dave

Re: Why doesn't my context work?

2005-09-29 Thread Mark Eggers
--- Michael Sullivan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: [ lots of stuff snipped ] OK, I finally got around to putting this together on my Limux (Fedora Core 4) box. My environment: 2.6.12-1.1456_FC4 running on a Dell 8200 with 768 MB java 1.5.0_04-b05 apache 2.0.54 mod_jk tomcat 5.5.9 My

Re: Why doesn't my context work?

2005-09-26 Thread Mark Eggers
--- Michael Sullivan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Right now I use symlinks to my individual users' website directories, but now that I've discovered Alias I'll probably switch completely to using Aliases. Good. I created a test Alias point to the ~/webspace/webapps directory in my

Re: Mod_jk setup problems

2005-09-20 Thread Mark Eggers
Glad I was able to help a little bit. In my experience (Linux,Solaris,Win/2K), 8080 should always work if you have the Connector configured. If you can't get to http://localhost:8080/jsp-examples/ running, then there is something else amiss. In your httpd.conf file, I still didn't see something

Re: Where to place a common jar file?

2005-09-19 Thread Mark Eggers
From the Tomcat documetation: http://localhost:8080/tomcat-docs/class-loader-howto.html * For classes and resources specific to a particular web application, place unpacked classes and resources under /WEB-INF/classes of your web application archive, or place JAR files containing those

Re: Mod_jk setup problems

2005-09-19 Thread Mark Eggers
A couple of things here. I'll try to insert comment where appropriate. --- Don Boling [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I can't seem to get anything to successfully pass though the mod_jk connector to the webapp. What version of mod_jk? My mod_jk.conf , are as follows. $ less

RE: Where to place a common jar file?

2005-09-19 Thread Mark Eggers
I think so. If you use global naming resources and a resource link (accessing your jdbc database via jndi), then you might only need to place the jdbc drivers in server/lib. Reading some other online documentation, this appears to be the preferred method. /mde/ --- David Thielen [EMAIL

Re: Why doesn't my context work?

2005-09-16 Thread Mark Eggers
Here are the contents of home.xml: Context path=/user appBase=/home docBase=michael/webspace/webapps debug=0 privileged=true /Context From the documentation for Tomcat 5.5.9 at http://localhost:8080/tomcat-docs/config/context.html: The Document Base (also known as the Context

Re: Why doesn't my context work?

2005-09-16 Thread Mark Eggers
--- Michael Sullivan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: OK. For clarification I am running tomcat-5.0.27-r6. I want user's tomcat files to be read from /home/*/webspace/webapps. My personal account is michael so my personal tomcat directory would be /home/michael/webspace/webapps . Just for

clustering questions

2005-06-13 Thread Mark Eggers
I'm looking at clustering and have a few questions. 1. In the documentation, the Cluster element is shown as a child of the Engine element. In the example server.xml the Cluster element is shown in the Host element. When I put the Cluster element in the Host element, I get clustering messages

Re: Mysterious failures

2005-05-25 Thread Mark Eggers
--- Grant Ingersoll [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Thanks for the ideas. I cranked my debugging up to 99. There are a couple of things that I see, but don't know if they are serious: 1. SEVERE: The scratchDir you specified: /development/jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28/work/Catalina/localhost/admin

Re: Hiding resources

2005-02-02 Thread Mark Eggers
How about doing your development in a different area, and do your your deployment via export? You could also frontend your Tomcat wtih Apache and deny access with Apache. Just a couple of random thoughts . . . /mde/ __ Do you Yahoo!?

Re: apache jk2.conf and tomcat question heeelp

2004-12-23 Thread Mark Eggers
Create a Java web application in the 'normal' fashion. See http://localhost/tomcat-docs/appdev/index.html for how to set things up. This will create your entire web application in $CATALINA_HOME/webapps. Now, in your Apache httpd.conf file, you need some configuration additions. Let's say your

Re: Strange problem

2004-12-10 Thread Mark Eggers
I'm running Tomcat 5.0.30 on FC2 with SUN 1.4.1_02 jdk I'm having this strange problem, I can not access any jsp or servlet pages using a browser, it seems to be timing out, but telnet to the port tomcat is listening then type GET ... works. I can see the directory structure and regular

Re: Fedora Core 3

2004-12-01 Thread Mark Eggers
I'm using the following on Fedora Core 3 as a development environment with no problems. Apache 2.052 Tomcat 5.028 Java 1.4.2_06 mod_jk2 (I know it's unsupported) Please note that a Fedora Core 3 install or upgrade from Fedora Core 2 will install the GNU Java compiler. This can create some

RE: Help with mod_jk2

2004-10-19 Thread Mark Eggers
Im trying to do multiple instances on different ports. the jkUriSet worked great for the first one, but the second and third dont work. Im ending up having to map every extension type in the which seems totally wrong. I will try your technique and see if i can get the

RE: Help with mod_jk2

2004-10-14 Thread Mark Eggers
OK, I'm coming in a little late to this thread. Here is my configuration for a typical web application using I am running this on Fedora Core 2 with httpd 2.0.52 and Tomcat 5.0.28. httpd.conf == # # general section - for all virtual hosts # LoadModule jk2_module

Re: valid XHTML 1.1, Tomcat, text/xml, and @!* IE

2004-09-18 Thread Mark Eggers
Yes, but the actual XSL is just a copy statement: stylesheet version=1.0 xmlns=; template match=/ copy-of select=./ /template /stylesheet This should mean that no actual transformation gets done. However, also from the FAQ: Why is it

Re: valid XHTML 1.1, Tomcat, text/xml, and @!* IE

2004-09-17 Thread Mark Eggers
On Fri, 2004-09-17 at 17:55, Garret Wilson wrote: With Tomcat 5.5.2, JSF, and JSP, I'm serving up pure, standards-compliant XHTML 1.1 that starts out with: ?xml version=1.0 !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC -//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN; html

Re: Strange problem with Apache2/Tomcat4 part II

2004-07-30 Thread Mark Eggers
I think that this has been discussed on the list before. You might want to check the archives. If I remember correctly, this happens on a Redhat 9 system where the SSL libraries have been installed via RPMs. Before running your configure commmand, setting an environment variable via the

Re: jk2, apache2, tomcat5, on redhat 9 issue

2004-07-25 Thread Mark Eggers
I'm not sure what's borked with installing modules on Redhat since I build everything myself. Based on your error messages, it doesn't seem that the rpm's apxs is finding everything correctly. There have been several threads on this in the mailing list, so you can search there as well. If I

Re: jk2, apache2, tomcat5, on redhat 9 issue

2004-07-24 Thread Mark Eggers
You will need to install the httpd-devel rpm as well. This will give you apxs and other material needed to compile mod_jk2. You might check on yum to see if mod_jk2 is already compiled. It is for Fedora Core 2. I don't know if it is for Redhat 9. I build my own Apache, mod_jk2, etc. from

Re: AGAIN: How can you deploy an application onto a specific host?

2004-07-07 Thread Mark Eggers
Ivan, This depends a lot on your environment. I am running 3 virtual hosts on this machine. I have used the following documentation in setting up a manager application for each virtual host. http://localhost:8080/tomcat-docs/manager-howto.html In particular, I use the following solution:

Re: mod_jk

2004-03-06 Thread Mark Eggers
Chris, Here's how I've compiled mod_jk on Linux (Redhat 9 and Fedora Core 1). 1. Download source 2. Uncompress it and extract the tar file. 3. cd to jakarta-tomcat-connectors-jk-1.2.n-src/jk/native 4. chmod u+x configure 5. Run configure with: ./configure \

Re: Tomcat5 RH ES mod_jk2 Apache2

2004-01-30 Thread Mark Eggers
Rich, See the following link: Replace /examples/*.jsp with /jsp-examples/*.jsp and /examples/servlet/* with /servlets-examples/servlet/* and you should be good to go with Tomcat 5. HTH /mde/ just my two cents . . . .

Re: Apache + Tomcat RH HOWTO (Apache Compile)

2004-01-28 Thread Mark Eggers
RedHat places some libraries in places that configure doesn't expect. In order to get SSL compiled, the following environment variable needs to be set before running configure. export CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/kerberos/include -I/usr/openssl/include (all on one line - sorry about the

Re: Problem with cc-gcc compiling mod_jk in Solaris 9

2004-01-27 Thread Mark Eggers
Mauricio, Are you trying to compile mod_jk, or mod_jk2? Instead of creating a symbolic link, do the following: 1. Make sure that gcc is in your path (it's usually installed in /opt/something if I remember correctly). 2. Set an environment variable: setenv CC=gcc (C shell) export CC=gcc (Bash

Re: mod_jk problem

2004-01-27 Thread Mark Eggers
Lukas, There are a lot of ways to start out exploring jsp programming. 1. Create a directory under %CATALINA_HOME%/webapps and modify Tomcat's server.xml a) For example, create a beg-jsp directory b) Add the following context in server.xml !-- Beginning JSP context for experimenting with raw

Re: Build problem with: connectors source

2004-01-26 Thread Mark Eggers
Building mod_jk and mod_jk2 is a bit tricky, but not too bad. Here's how I accomplished it on Linux (Redhat 9 and Fedora Core 1). mod_jk2 1. Download the latest source. 2. Uncompress and and untar it 3. cd to mod_jk2 native area cd jakarta-tomcat-connectors-jk2-2.0.2-src/jk/native2 4. Set

Re: mod_jk problem

2004-01-25 Thread Mark Eggers
Please see the following: or Lots of information, including several step-by-step documents. HTH /mde/ just my two cents . . . . __ Do you Yahoo!?

Re: Redhat9 / mod_jk2 builds from source

2004-01-14 Thread Mark Eggers
Oscar, Not a problem :-) I do have some additions to my original post. The changes get UNIX sockets working as well as IP sockets. Set the following environment variables: export LDFLAGS=-lgdbm -lldap -lexpat -ldb export CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/kerberos/include -I/usr/openssl/include (all on one

Re: Redhat9 / mod_jk2 builds from source

2004-01-14 Thread Mark Eggers
Oscar, This is all pretty much in a bug I posted to on (#17762). If you build Apache with all shared modules, then there are some dependencies in apr and aprutil. An ldd from 2.0.46 on Redhat 9 (2.4.20-9) shows the following: ldd /home/apache/lib/

Re: Redhat9 / mod_jk2 builds from source

2004-01-14 Thread Mark Eggers
Oscar - set $JAVA_HOME if you get configure errors with include-os-type=include/linux. The configure script will tack on the $JAVA_HOME value. If you don't, then give the full path to the header files. I think I get all the extra info because I build Apache with: ./configure --with-ssl=shared

Re: John Turner or someone who responsible for Posting -- Re: How to Apache2, Tomcat4.1.2, JK2 ?

2004-01-13 Thread Mark Eggers
This has been discussed in detail on this mailing list recently. Check the archives. In short, IP sockets work, and UNIX sockets work. In-process will probably require a new Apache MPM, and currently does not work. /mde/ just my two cents . . . . --- Nikola Milutinovic [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: Redhat9 / apxs / mod_jk2 build problem.

2004-01-12 Thread Mark Eggers
James, I don't know about jakarta-tomcat-connectors-jk2-src-current.tar.gz, but the latest CVS snapshot has some problems during make. It appears to be an issue with the configure scripts (actually multiple issues) that need to be addressed. The best bet is to use the 2.0.2 source and compile

Mapping in

2004-01-10 Thread Mark Eggers
There are actually several ways to map between Apache and Tomcat via mod_jk2. The first is using If you've compiled with -pcre, then perl regular expressions should work as well as individual names. Also, remember that servlets traditionally live in

Re: mod_jk2 doesn't create jk2.socket

2004-01-09 Thread Mark Eggers
This looks like you are running on Linux . . . Or at least I've seen the same behavior on Linux as you're seeing here. It also looks like you're trying UNIX sockets as opposed to IP sockets. I've had some success doing this on the following environment. Fedora Core 1 2.4.22-1.2138.nptl Java

Re: Building jakarta-tomcat-connectors-jk2-2.0.2-src [HOW?]

2004-01-09 Thread Mark Eggers
Carlos, See my recent mail message concerning mod_jk2 doesn't make jk2.socket. It has an abreviated configure, compile, and install for mod_jk2 contained in it. Basically, don't use ant to compile just the native portion of the connector. Go to the subdirectory native/jk2, run configure, and

Re: problem connecting Apache2 and Tomcat 5 via mod_jk2

2004-01-09 Thread Mark Eggers
Mike, I've found it much easier to create the appropriate files by hand. There are several good references on the web. Here is a page of 'em. And it looks like someone has edited out my writeups. I'll try to get my how-to documents on

Re: mod_jk2 doesn't create jk2.socket

2004-01-09 Thread Mark Eggers
Mark, It should be more or less the same. You probably can get away with not setting the environment variables if you've installed the libraries in their usual places (/usr/local or /opt). The --with-apxs2=apache_home/bin/apxs should take care of finding the proper libapr. If you've installed

RE: mod_jk2 JNI question for the brave :)

2004-01-08 Thread Mark Eggers
I've tried compiling the jk2 code in jakarta-tomcat-connectors from CVS and get the following error for this file: common/jk_channel_socket.c common/jk_channel_socket.c:74:2: #error jk_channel_socket is deprecated Any thoughts? I've gotten both IP and UNIX sockets to work on Fedora Core 1

RE: mod_jk2 JNI question for the brave :)

2004-01-08 Thread Mark Eggers
OK . . . when I take a break from job searching I'll look at that and the missing -laprutil-0 in server/apache2/Makefile It's probably missing in the appropriate mod_jk Makefile as well. /mde/ just my two cents . . . . Yes. Few months ago we decided to use the APR as mandatory for JK2. As

Re: tomcat-connectors

2004-01-05 Thread Mark Eggers
If you are using the rpms, you will have to tell configure where to find the libraries and include files. Type ./configure --help for the syntax --with-PACKAGE[=ARG]use PACKAGE [ARG=yes] --without-PACKAGE do not use PACKAGE (same as --with-PACKAGE=no) --with-gnu-ld

Re: MOD_JK2 also Fails aaaggggg@###!!!

2004-01-02 Thread Mark Eggers
George, This has been discussed on the list before. While you can use a vanilla RedHat 9 install, some of the libraries (apr, apr-util) are not quite where the make file thinks they should be. There are several solutions. 1. Build apache 2.0.48 from source. a) Note that on RedHat, the SSL

Re: Really dumb question -- how do I set up Tomcat 5 to run as a service on NT?

2004-01-02 Thread Mark Eggers
Betty, Check the following page: About 3/4 down the page, you should see the following: Tomcat 5.0.16 KEYS * 5.0.16 zip PGP MD5 * 5.0.16 tar.gz PGP MD5 * 5.0.16 exe PGP MD5 * 5.0.16 Deployer zip PGP MD5 * 5.0.16 Deployer tar.gz

Re: tomcat4.1.24 + apache_2.0.47 + connectors-jk2.0.2

2004-01-02 Thread Mark Eggers
John's excellent instructions are written for mod_jk mod_jk2 is different. There are several How-To's available. [link] Tomcat-Apache using JK2 connector from the FAQ page or are two good sources of information. HTH /mde/ just my two

Re: MOD_JK2 also Fails aaaggggg@###!!!

2004-01-02 Thread Mark Eggers
George, I am sending you the config.log and a script of exactly what I did since it is rather large. Here is my environment. I realize that it is more recent than yours. However, I performed the exact same operations on all previous versions of RedHat 9 with the same results. [EMAIL

Re: Need Help - Apache 2.0.48 + Tomcat 4.1.29 + Mod_jk2 + Windows 2000 Server ( No IIS)

2003-12-26 Thread Mark Eggers
Check and see if that information helps. /mde/ just my two cents . . . . __ Do you Yahoo!? New Yahoo! Photos - easier uploading and sharing.

Re: Can't get jk2 to work!

2003-12-11 Thread Mark Eggers
JK2 and JK are two different beasts. If you are going to use JK instructions in httpd.conf (which is what you have), then you will need to use mod_jk.dll. Go to here: and select the JK 1.2 binaries to download. If you are going to use JK2, then you

Re: Problem with tomcat, iis and jk2

2003-12-03 Thread Mark Eggers
See the following, among others: /mde/ just my two cents . . . . __ Do you Yahoo!? Free Pop-Up Blocker - Get it now

Re: Where is the HowTo FAQ section?

2003-12-01 Thread Mark Eggers
I'm putting some stuff in the Wiki right now. I should be done in another hour or so. I am describing the following: Tomcat 4.1.x / Apache 2.0.x / mod_jk2 IP sockets / Linux Tomcat 4.1.x / Apache 2.0.x / mod_jk IP sockets / Linux Tomcat 4.1.x / Apache 2.0.x / mod_jk2 IP sockets / Win2K Tomcat

Tomcat FAQs on Wiki

2003-12-01 Thread Mark Eggers
Folks, I have put some of my documentation on the Tomcat Wiki at: These are sort of bare-bones documents about some ways to connect Tomcat/Apache on Linux, Tomcat/Apache on Windows/2000, and Tomcat/IIS 5 on Windows/2000. Hopefully this

Re: Problem finding external Linux shared object library under Red Hat/Tomcat 4.1.24

2003-11-19 Thread Mark Eggers
Mark, Once you put the directory where the library lives in /etc/, you'll need to run ldconfig. If you put it in the startup script, you might have something like: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH /mde/ just my two cents . . . .

RE: Looking for mod_jk2

2003-11-13 Thread Mark Eggers
Dave, The linker is looking for I don't know what you used in your ./configure run. On some installations the link between the current version of libapr and (and does not get made when Apache is installed. This appears to be mostly a problem with the

Re: How to get mod_jk 2.0 for redhat

2003-11-12 Thread Mark Eggers
Michel, Check out I don't know how good these RPM's are since I build the connectors from source. /mde/ . . . . just my two cents --- Michel Cote [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I'm looking for the BINARY distribution of the Tomcat web server connector (mod_jk 2.0)

Re: How to turn on mod_jk2 logging

2003-11-12 Thread Mark Eggers
From my config file on the Windows/2000 Pro side: # Alternate file logger [logger.file:0] # level=DEBUG file=${serverRoot}/logs/jk2.log [workerEnv:] info=Global server options timing=1 debug=0 # Default Native Logger (apache2 or win32 ) # can be overriden to a file logger, useful # when tracing

RE: tomcat 4.1.27 with jvm 1.4.2_02=crashes

2003-11-10 Thread Mark Eggers
Output on my machine (RedHat 9 20.4.20-9, Tomcat 4.1.29, Apache 2.0.47) java -showversion java version 1.4.2_02 Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.2_02-b03) Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.4.2_02-b03, mixed mode) I pulled this down from Sun on 11/03/2003 0903.

Re: Is this still an issue with 4.1.24 ?

2003-10-06 Thread Mark Eggers
Yes, it is best to use the appropriate mapping in your application's web.xml. /mde/ just my two cents . . . . --- Mark W. Webb [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I came across this article and wondered if this is an issue with 4.1.24. Thanks for any thoughts on this issue.

Re: JK2 log location, anyone?

2003-10-02 Thread Mark Eggers
According to the docs (don't have them handy at the moment), mod_jk2 uses the Windows system logging as a default. If you want to use your own log file, put something like the following in # Alternate file logger [logger.file:0] # level=DEBUG file=${serverRoot}/logs/jk2.log

Re: Development Tools

2003-09-09 Thread Mark Eggers
Hopefully Tim that was tongue firmly planted in cheek! Anyway, I use emacs/ant/jde for emacs ( I have cygwin on the Windows platform so when I drop into a shell in emacs I have something that works well. I also use xae ( which is an xml authoring

Re: Installing Tomcat 4.1.24 as a service on Win 2000 - won't start

2003-09-05 Thread Mark Eggers
If you're starting things as a service, the environment variables need to be defined at the system level and not the user level. HTH /mde/ just my two cents . . . . __ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! SiteBuilder - Free, easy-to-use web site design software

Re: Tomcat IIS How to

2003-08-29 Thread Mark Eggers
If you do not have a full-fledge webapp (with a WEB-INF/web.xml), you will have to add the context to Tomcat's server.xml Here's an example that I use to just noodle around with jsp files: Context className=org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext crossContext=true reloadable=true

Re: Auto-Confirmation

2003-08-22 Thread Mark Eggers
Since they are in California, I've already called and made them aware of the problem. I don't know what they are currently doing about it though. /mde/ just my two cents . . . . --- Pike [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hey guess what, quest is actually a list member ... forget my previous remarks

Re: JK2

2003-07-11 Thread Mark Eggers
I get the same problems on Redhat 9 once I resolve all of the dependencies. /mde/ __ Do you Yahoo!? SBC Yahoo! DSL - Now only $29.95 per month! - To unsubscribe, e-mail:

RE: Tomcat 5 - Jetspeed JSP Portlets do not display

2003-06-30 Thread Mark Eggers
I am using the following environment: jetspeed 1.4-b5-dev from 6/4/2003 tomcat 4.1.24 full apache 2.0.46 j2sdk 1.4.1_03 windows/2000 pro The default jetspeed account (turbine/turbine) works via port 8080 (tomcat) and port 80 (apache). /mde/ __ Do you Yahoo!? SBC

Re: Problems with mod_jk2

2003-06-24 Thread Mark Eggers
What are the ownership and permissions on the following directory? /usr/opt/Apache-2.0.46W/logs [Tue Jun 24 14:22:24 2003] (error ) [jk_logger_file.c (172)] Can't open log file /usr/opt/Apache-2.0.46W/logs/jk2.log /mde/ __ Do you Yahoo!? SBC Yahoo! DSL - Now

Re: possibly off topic: question

2003-06-17 Thread Mark Eggers
Steve, You would single out what you wish to have Tomcat handle, and then Apache would handle the rest. For example: [uri:/app/*.jsp] worker=ajp13:localhost:8009 [uri:/app/servlet/*] worker=ajp13:localhost:8009 would send all files ending in .jsp and all files underneath the /app/servlet uri

RE: possibly off topic: question

2003-06-17 Thread Mark Eggers
One of the ways you could accomplish the /app/servlet/* mapping is to map each of your servlets in the app's web.xml file with a: servlet-mapping servlet-nameMyServlet/servlet-name url-pattern/servlet/MyServlet/url-pattern /servlet-mapping for each servlet in your app.

Re: Mod_jk2 for apache 2.0.43

2003-06-11 Thread Mark Eggers
mod_jk2 is working for me (socket connection) with apache 2.0.46, tomcat 4.1.24, j2sdk 1.4.1_03 on windows/2000 professional with latest patches. /mde/ just my two cents . . . . --- Angus Mezick [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Can I use

Re: JK2, which is the best way to build it?

2003-06-10 Thread Mark Eggers
JD, I just downloaded the 4.1.24 connectors source and could not get the ant task to build. It fails while in mod_jk. It appears that there is at least one include file missing, but I have not taken the time to debug it. However, if you change directories to distribution/jk/native2 and do the

Re: Help Please: Starting Tomcat using channelUnix with mod_jk2

2003-06-07 Thread Mark Eggers
Pascal, I've been trying the same thing with Redhat 9, and getting a similar problem. I even put /home/apache/lib in /etc/ and ran /sbin/ldconfig -v. I verified that that shared libraries are indeed loaded. I also tried modifying /home/tomcat/bin/ to include a

RE: Tomcat/ Apache startup

2003-06-06 Thread Mark Eggers
David, I don't know about Redhat 7.3, but the default configuration in Redhat 9 restricts user noone and nobody so that network access does not work. I am using similar scripts, but installed Tomcat from the binaries and made two users. 1. tomcat is a normal user and has rw access to the

RE: Tomcat/ Apache startup

2003-06-06 Thread Mark Eggers
David, I am using the scripts from: I modified them slightly, including using sudo -u tomcat-ops for the Tomcat startup script. These scripts take care of setting the appropriate environment variables before starting, stopping, or

Re: JK2 - missing library

2003-06-04 Thread Mark Eggers
It appears that you have not installed the Perl compatible regular expressions library. You can either install the appropriate RPM or forego the --with-pcre switch. /mde/ just my two cents . . . . __ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Calendar - Free online calendar with sync

Re: Tomcat 4 jk2-2.0.2 with apache2 in solaris 8 configuration

2003-06-03 Thread Mark Eggers
Omar, Did you build httpd yourself, or did you download a binary? If you built httpd yourself, what was your configuration command? Also, what configuration command did you use to build mod_jk2? /mde/ just my two cents . . . .

Re: Apache 2.0.45 + Tomcat 4.1.24 + mod_jk(2)

2003-04-03 Thread Mark Eggers
Trev, I don't know about Apache 2.0.45, since the mod_jk2 binaries say for use with 2.0.43 only (at least the Windows ones do). I do have 2.0.43 and Tomcat 4.1.24 working via mod_jk2 on my Windows/2000 Pro machine though. I'm thinking it's most likely an Apache/mod_jk2.{dll|so} issue. What do

Re: Tomcat and IIS

2003-03-27 Thread Mark Eggers
You can tell IIS which page to serve as well. I'll try to describe the graphic interface while typing. Go to the following place: Start--Settings--Control Panel-- Administrative Tools--Internet Services Manager Go to the following place in the manager: [hostname]--Default Web Site

Upgrading j2sdk on Windows/2000 running Tomcat as a service

2003-03-19 Thread Mark Eggers
Folks, I don't know if this has been discussed before, but I ran into this issue the other day. I am running Tomcat 4.1.18 on a Windows/2000 Pro machine as a service. Everything works well (integrated with Apache 2.0.43 or IIS 5 via mod_jk2). I was running j2sdk 1.4.1_01 and decided to do the

Re: three tiers on three machines: Apache, Tomcat, DB

2003-03-13 Thread Mark Eggers
Terence, I've never done this, and I don't have three machines to test this on. However, this is how I would approach things: # # # replace hostname with your host name for Tomcat # replace ip_address with your host ip address for # Tomcat # [channel.socket:hostname:8009]

Re: Problems configuring Tomcat with Apache using mod_jk2

2003-03-04 Thread Mark Eggers
Actually, mod_jk2 does not use JKMount . . . . In you might have a configuration that reads: # Uri mapping [uri:/examples/*.jsp] worker=ajp13:localhost:8009 Now this is really pointing to: $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/examples Most of the time, the absolute directory is outside of

RE: Installation - Tomcat 4.1 - Windows 2K

2003-03-04 Thread Mark Eggers
Jeremy, It appears that you are using only the java runtime environment in your JAVA_HOME (hence, jre). You will need to set your JAVA_HOME to point to the java standard development kit (j2sdk) instead. If you don't have the java development kit installed on your machine, you can download it

RE: Configuring Tomcat with IIS Web Server

2003-03-04 Thread Mark Eggers
Michael, There are three other issues that you need to be concerned about with IIS. 1. Make sure you set up virtual directories to point to the %TOMCAT_HOME%\webapps\appname for each Tomcat application you wish to serve via IIS. 2. Make sure your System account (which runs IIS) has read access

RE: Tomcat 4.1.18 - IIS 5.0 plugin

2003-03-03 Thread Mark Eggers
2.0.2 works fine for me on Windows/2000 Pro with both IIS 5 and Apache 2.0.43 with Tomcat 4.1.18 and j2sdk 1.4.1_01. I did find that I could not have both the version 1 and version 2 redirector in my registry. If I did, IIS would not connect to jk2. Once I removed that entry in the registry,

RE: I'm new to this and could use a hand

2003-03-03 Thread Mark Eggers
Barry, If you're creating a new directory to learn JSP, be aware that Tomcat does not launch new contexts by default. I've placed the following in my server.xml file right before the /Host. This allows me to just 'drop in' jsp files to test things. I also log the information to a separate file

Re: [OT] free Database with Transaction (Sorry for the noise)

2003-02-18 Thread Mark Eggers
Check out Postgresql at HTH /mde/ just my two cents . . . . --- Jens Skripczynski [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi, I'm looking for a Database, that can do - sql transactions, (or anything similiar to sql - if it works with a xml database, xml is fine) - has a java

RE: [OT] free Database with Transaction (Sorry for the noise)

2003-02-18 Thread Mark Eggers
Since I don't use Postgresql in production, I don't know how well it works (or doesn't) on Win/2K. However, for development work Postgresql on Win/2K works fine. I'm currently running Postgresql on my Win/2K Pro machine. I suspect that since Postgresql has to go through Cygwin to access a

Re: Problem making Tomcat 4.1 invoke servlet from Apache 2.0.44

2003-02-07 Thread Mark Eggers
Jimmy, Try the following: [uri:/examples/servlet/*] HTH /mde/ just my two cents . . . . __ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Mail Plus - Powerful. Affordable. Sign up now.

Re: mod_jk2

2003-02-06 Thread Mark Eggers
Unfortunately, I don't Jukka. Right now I have only one system to work with so I'm not load balancing. If I remember correctly, I think you have to use URI rewriting in order to manage load-balanced sessions . . . but don't quote me on this. /mde/ just my two cents . . . . --- Jukka Raanamo

Re: Help with Apache 1.3/Tomcat 4.1.18/JK?

2003-02-06 Thread Mark Eggers
Normally you have to compile modules with a different (extended) interface when running SSL for Apache 1.3. If your rpms for were not compiled for the extended interface, they won't load or work with SSL-enabled Apache. /mde/ just my two cents . . . .

load balancing (was mod_jk2)

2003-02-06 Thread Mark Eggers
From the Tomcat 4.1.18 documentation: Identifier which must be used in load balancing scenarios to enable session affinity. The indetifier, which must be unique across all Tomcat 4 servers which participate in the cluster, will be appended to the generated session identifier, therefore allowing

Re: jakarta-tomcat-connectors-jk2-2.0.2-src cannot compile

2003-02-06 Thread Mark Eggers
Hans, apr is the utility that configures load modules before compiling them. If I remember from other rpm installs, that file is usually in /usr/bin, but I normally don't use rpm installations. You can try the following find command to track down the binary, and then fill it in on the build

Re: Sample App

2003-02-06 Thread Mark Eggers
Jose, This looks like a packaging issue. If you've compiled your bean in src/mypackage/feijao with a package definition of src.mypackage.feijao, then you'll need to place the class file in: WEB-INF/classes/src/mypackage/feijao/beanclass.class where the WEB-INF directory is the one that lives

jk2 connector - cannot compile

2003-02-06 Thread Mark Eggers
Hans, I'm sorry, but I should have thought of this sooner. When you installed Apache via rpm, there are usually three rpm's available. apache-binaries apache-dev apache-src I believe the apache-dev rpm has the apr utility plus the libraries and include files you will need to build loadable

Re: mod_jk2

2003-02-05 Thread Mark Eggers
I am currently using Apache 2.0.43, Tomcat 4.1.18, and jdk 1.4.1_01 successfully on Win/2000 Professional with mod_jk2. I have also used mod_jk2 to integrate IIS 5 and Tomcat 4.1.18 on Win/2000 Professional. I have not tried the JNI (in process) configurations, nor have I tried the Cygwin port

Re: Graphics (CEWOLF) using tomcat4.0.3

2003-02-04 Thread Mark Eggers
Iain, a quick question . . . . Are you running an X Server on your Linux machine? If not, you'll either need to upgrade to jdk 1.4.x or run a virtual frame buffer in order to use graphics. HTH /mde/ just my two cents . . . . __ Do you Yahoo!?

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