Re: Database connections aren't being released...

2005-10-06 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Richard Road Runner wrote: I am not sure that this is a Tomcat issue, but we are not sure what exactly is causing our problem. We are running Tomcat 5.0.27. We are using the most recent jconn2.jar driver to connect to a Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio 7 database via JDBC. Over a period of time,

Re: Apache Tomcat Virtual Host question

2005-10-06 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Aria Bamdad wrote: Hi, I asked this question yesterday and got no hints from anyone. Since then, I have been able to accomplish what I want using multiple instances of Tomcat. However, I would much rather use one instance and serve requests on different Apache port. Does anyone have ANY

Re: Apache and IIS

2005-09-30 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I want Apache to server .asp files, if possible rather than having IIS server to serve .asp files. Look for mod_asp, there are actually several implementations, ChillySoft was one of them, if memory serves. I think they are all based on mod_perl, so have that

Re: Generic Types support in Tomcat?

2005-09-27 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Seak, Teng-Fong wrote: Nikola Milutinovic wrote: Tomcat 5 supports all the features of the underlying JVM, the problem is in the JSPs. They are compiled by Jasper + Eclipse compiler module, which, in version 5.5.9, has no support for Java5. Later versions of Tomcat have a newer version

Re: Generic Types support in Tomcat?

2005-09-27 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Christoph Kutzinski wrote: To be honest, I never tried it with 5.5.9 I just concluded it from the release notes and other posts on this mailing list. AFAIK, tomcat uses the Eclipse JDT compiler by default to compile JSPs. Maybe you have configured tomcat to use Suns javac? That is one way

Re: (WAS) Generic Types support in Tomcat?

2005-09-27 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Santosh Asbe wrote: Hi all, Hi. First of all, it is very advisable to use a separate thread when opening a new topic. I am not reprimanding you, I'm merely advising. I do not consider it rude to jump into someone elses thread of discussion - I do not consider this thread mine, in the

Re: Generic Types support in Tomcat?

2005-09-26 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Seak, Teng-Fong wrote: When I first saw the announcement that Tomcat 5.5 needs Java5 to run, I thought it would supports Java5 features. But it turns out that it needs Java5 but not supports Java5. Quite disappointed. Anyway, I have to go on with my webapp, so much for it. Tomcat 5

Re: JSP on RHEL4 with Apache httpd RPM?

2005-09-08 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Peter Flynn wrote: I need to add JSP ability to a RHEL4 server running the current Apache httpd from the Red Hat RPM. Apparently the httpd RPM available from Red Hat doesn't have the hooks needed to allow JSP files to be passed to Tomcat (or if it does, I can't find them). Has anyone managed

Re: JNDI DBCP Resources: Pool Leak

2005-09-07 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Justin Jaynes wrote: Concerning JNDI Database Connection Pooling Sources, I have read that if you fail to explicitely close Result Sets, Statements, or Connections to the DataSource from WITHIN the web application, a connection in the pool will be lost. (I read this at:

Re: configuration files for war deployments

2005-08-26 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Patrick Lacson wrote: hi All, If I were to deploy my application as a .war file, where do I place the .properties configuration files? I know there's the option of auto-expanding the war file at deployment, but is there a way to keep the war file unexpanded and provide an external .properties

Re: ssl/tls - INTEGRAL/CONFIDENTIAL - question

2005-08-12 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I'm having some trouble configuring secure connections. I have 2 webapps that I deployed myself. One in /dspace and another one in /odin. I have set the transport-guarantuee for both to INTEGRAL. I did this in their own web.xml-files. In both cases I used / as

Re: How to set auto-commit to false on a Tomcat Connection-Pool?

2005-08-02 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Allistair Crossley wrote: I found this on the web for Struts using org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource which I believe Tomcat also uses. Therefore perhaps you can try defaultAutoCommit instead. data-source key=homeDS type=org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource set-property

Re: RAM limity

2005-07-21 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Paulo Alvim wrote: Hi, I'm using TC559 and JVM 1.5.x with Win2003 / 2GB RAM. I'd like upgrade to 4GB there any JVM or Tomcat limit here? I think JVM cannot use more than 1.6 GB of RAM - dunno why. Nix. - To

Re: Connection pool exhausted

2005-07-19 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Tony Smith wrote: I am runing tomcat 5.0 + postgresql. I set my connection pool in server.xml as: Resource name=jdbc/mysource type=javax.sql.DataSource password= driverClassName=org.postgresql.Driver maxIdle=100 maxWait=5000 validationQuery=select *

[Slightly OT] JDK 1.5 + enum + serialization

2005-07-15 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Hi all. I have a question, which is slightly off topic, but can crop up in TC. SHORT VERSION: can a Java 1.5 enum be serilaized? LONG VERSION --- I have been working on project that uses it's own RPC via and I have run into a wall trying to send

Re: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM warning: Can't detect initial thread stack location - find_vma failed

2005-07-12 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Wasik, Paul wrote: Hi all, Can anyone point me in the right direction on what might be causing this error in my catalina.out log file? I'm running Tomcat 5.0.28 on a RedHat EL3.0 server with Sun JDK 1_5_0_03 and am using the jsvc launcher. Aside from this entry in my log file, everything

Re: web.xml breaks EL

2005-07-12 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Dewitte Rémi wrote: Hi ! I have a simple test jsp : %@ taglib uri=; prefix=c % c:forEach begin=1 end=3 var=ind h${ind} ${ind}aBaa/h${ind} /c:forEach When I delete my web.xml, everything works well but when I reload the context with it, the EL

Re: symmetric crypt algorithm

2005-07-09 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Carlos Bracho wrote: It's a java question more than a tomcat question Do you know where can I find a symmetric crypt algorithm implementation in java?? like blowfish, idea or des?? take a look at Java's Cryptography packages java.crypto.* Nix.

Re: iterate on a value

2005-07-01 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
David Rickard wrote: If you don't mind mixing Struts and JSTL, use a c:forEach loop, with the end value being the number of children parameters; At 11:00 AM 6/30/2005, Dewitte Rémi wrote: Hello ! In my form , i ask the number of children. On the next page, i'd like to display as many

Re: Uploading files to another server

2005-06-17 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Anna Bikkina wrote: Hi, We have an application which uploads files to a machine where tomcat is running. Now we want to change it to upload files to a central server in the network. We were using multipart request to upload the files till now. How can we upload files to a different server than

Re: Shell command to stop and start a webapp without using the manager?

2005-06-16 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, I'd like to know if there's a shell command to stop and start separate web applications. With our configuration, we are unable to use the manager. * We are running Tomcat 5.5 and Apache 2 with the JK Connector (mod_jk) on RedHat Linux. * We have several

Re: Concurrent login detection - how?

2005-06-15 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Andre Van Klaveren wrote: I mentioned this issue (killing browser problem) in a previous posting. The only way to prevent this is to invalidate the original session also in the event that a duplicate login was detected. I can see a possible DOS attack problem with this solution though. Maybe

Re: email from tomcat

2005-06-15 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Jef Sullivan wrote: Something that I found concerning this same issue is SendMail. Google for SendMail and you might find what you are looking for. Interesting, but I suspect the original poster would need to sink teeth into JavaMail API, anyway. Nix.

Re: [Q] when to share jars

2005-06-14 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Tim Funk wrote: Never. I share jars. I wish I hadn't. When you upgrade JSTL, struts, etc - all get the upgrade for free - but that means ultra stable apps which haven't been touched in years may magically break. You're absolutely right Tim. If it works, don't fix it. And there is nothing

Re: Paths for JkMount

2005-06-14 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Greg Scott wrote: -Message d'origine- De : Greg Scott [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Envoyé : 11 juin 2005 23:41 À : Cc : [EMAIL PROTECTED]; Joan Kinnischtzke; Michael R Ponicki Objet : Paths for JkMount Hello - I am working on a proof of concept

Re: Concurrent login detection - how?

2005-06-14 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
David Rickard wrote: Don't know if this is an optimum solution, but it should work: Keep a List or Vector of IDs for active users in a shared, application-level object (probably ServletContext); When someone logs in, search the List for the submitted ID: if not present, continue with login

Re: RMI in Tomcat - last try

2005-06-13 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Woodchuck wrote: hihi Nikola, where are you placing your JAR files? are any in TC/commons/lib or TC/shared/lib? try placing everything together, just as a test. put *all* your classes and JAR files under TC/commons for example and give it a try... they should be able to see each other if

RMI in Tomcat - last try

2005-06-11 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Hi all. Me and the team have given up on RMI and went to RPC, but I thought I'd make one last educational attempt. Is anyone using RMI in TC where TC is acting as a RMI client to a remote RMI, general-purpose, server? I have seen tons of (rather old) examples of Applet being a RMI client

Re: Problem with security?

2005-06-10 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Gagnon, Joseph M (US SSA) wrote: Did I not say that I'm new to this? I made no mention to whether or not I was trying to make it secure. This is only meant to be used within my company's intranet and my intention was to take the user account and then compare it with a set of registered users

Re: IE-Page not found problem

2005-06-06 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
sudip shrestha wrote: Dude: Read the email first... I am informing of the problem after we experienced with IE... As you have said, YOU did not expirience it, since you're using FireFox. It would be most advisable to do two things: 1. Use IE yourself (I know, I loathe it, too, and

Re: IE-Page not found problem

2005-06-06 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Rafa Krupiski wrote: Joe Plautz wrote: Simple, test with IE as well. yet simpler, tell your users it's IE problem and to use firefox instead :) It is still worth investigating. Mozilla/Firefox is eager to correct badly formed HTML, just as IE is. I would advise you to install Tidy

Re: Which is best practice for stowing objects, request or session context?

2005-06-05 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Adrian Beech wrote: Hi all, A work colleague mentioned on Friday it would be better to place objects (beans and the like) which had been created in a servlet into the request context when exposing them to the JSP. To date all the code I've written stores beans and the like in the session

RMI classloader issues in TC - second time

2005-06-05 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Hi all. I have been mucking around this for some time and have some empirical data and a question for the list. BACKGROUND --- I'm building a web client for a RMI client/server application. RMI server and client are working from command line. Next I built JSP/Servlet which

load-on-startup, but in Struts?

2005-05-31 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Hi all. Maybe this isn't a good list for this, but here goes. I know how to define load-on-startup for a Java Web Application, no problem there. My question is how do I do it for a Struts application? The trick is, I'd like to load some application parameters from the DB into the

[Addendum] Re: Tomcat and RMI client - setup (ClasCastException)

2005-05-28 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Bill Barker wrote: Nikola Milutinovic [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote in message news:[EMAIL PROTECTED] - setup catalina.policy - run it with -security option I'm on Windows XP, how do I enable security mode for TC? That's the idea. And, as a bonus, it works the same on Linux, Solaris

TC and RMI ClassLoader issue

2005-05-28 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Hi all. I'm having problems with ClassLoader. I have a RMI client that calls a RMI server. What I keep getting as an error is a ClassCastException. This is the code: Object obj = Naming.lookup(url); search = (SearchRMI) obj; And the exception is: java.lang.ClassCastException at

Tomcat and RMI client - setup

2005-05-27 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Hi all. This might be a simple question. I have a working RMI client and server. I have tested it no problem. Now I would like to make a JSP/Servlet that will act as a RMI client and connect to the RMI server running outside Tomcat JVM. I keep running into access permission violations. I

Re: An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.

2005-05-26 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
David B Sullivan wrote: We're running Tomcat 4.1 on Sun Solaris 9, connecting to another Solaris 9 box running Oracle and Java 1.4.2_05. When Tomcat tries to connect to the DataBase, it crashes, with the log file shown below. We can point Tomcat at another DataBase, same versions of

Re: IMPORTANT NEED Tomcat Connection advice

2005-05-25 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Please, I need Advice for connections Hi guys. I need a technical advice using tomcat 5.0 Presently, tomcat server is used with JBOSS in a solution that I am developping for my clients. Users are connecting to the solution by invoking a servlet (runned by

Re: Force Non-SSL

2005-05-25 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
August Detlefsen wrote: Is there no way to do it? SSL creates a lot of overhead for a site that is serving up 100MB image files. There are ugly or less ugly workarounds, like the one yahoo uses. Login can go against HTTPS, sets up it's version of session and then redirects the user to

Re: html:errors/ blank page on invalid form

2005-05-25 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Andy wrote: Hi All, I'm unable to output any errors using html:errors/ tag, in Tomcat 5.5.7 I've tried numerous configurations and have now ran out of patience. As I haven't been using Struts for more than three days I hope somebody more experienced can point help me out. When I select

Re: DBCP datasource works on 5.0.28 but fails on 5.5.9

2005-05-21 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Steve Kirk wrote: Thanks nix. Could it be that you've missed the fact that DataSource JNDI resource setup definition has changed in TC 5.5? It is no longer with those parametername.../namevalue.../value/parameter. Yes I already changed that. I used to use the approach you

Re: DBCP datasource works on 5.0.28 but fails on 5.5.9

2005-05-20 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Steve Kirk wrote: When TC starts up, the webapp deploys OK from its war file, and the context.xml is copied to the /conf/[engine]/[host]/ folder OK, without any parsing errors logged. The connection pool initially seems to work, in the sense that this code executes OK: Context ctx = new

Re: Apache vs Tomcat WRT Security

2005-05-19 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
David Smith wrote: I won't argue with no. 1 since I don't use SSL connectors in Tomcat. However, no. 2 can be mitigated with the commons-daemon project among other tricks and IMHO, not a valid argument against having Tomcat out front. Just my thoughts on the subject. :-) I'll just add to the

Re: how to access JSPs using servername/~username

2005-05-12 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Akhthar Parvez. K wrote: Hi, I used to access the html webpages using servername.(http://servername/~username) But I am not able to access JSPs in the above fashion. What could be added into server.xml so that I can access jsps using servername.(http://servername/~username) There is no ellegant

Re: RE : Common vs. Shared

2005-05-12 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
LERBSCHER Jean-Pierre wrote: -Message d'origine- De : Ron Heeb [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Envoyé : vendredi 6 mai 2005 18:18 À : Objet : RE: Common vs. Shared my understanding comes from this book i got: 'common is responsible for classes that are used by

Re: how to access JSPs using servername/~username

2005-05-12 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Tim Funk wrote: There is the concept of user dirs ... See the section User Web Applications I stand corrected. I still prefer explicit context mappings. How would you deploy JNDI resources in userdir case? Nix.

Re: Tomcat and SuSE 9.3...

2005-05-12 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Quinton Delpeche wrote: On Thursday 12 May 2005 14:12, Bjrn T Johansen wrote: But why do you use the Tomcat that comes with SuSE 9.3?? I am using SuSE 9.3 and Tomcat works like a charm.. (but I don't use SuSE's version...) Yeah ... I asked myself that same question 3 minutes ago. :( I

Re: how to access JSPs using servername/~username

2005-05-12 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Tim Funk wrote: ~user/public_html/META-INF/context.xml might do the trick. So, the magical name of the UserDir context is context? Nix. - To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, e-mail: [EMAIL

Re: DBCP ClassCastException

2005-05-11 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Dhiren Bhatia wrote: I'm using BasicDataSource because javax.sql.DataSource does not have methods to set the driver class name, url, username/pwd etc. My app needs to support different databases and the driver is loaded based on which database is installed. You've got it backwards. It is the

Re: Apache+Tomcat

2005-05-11 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Praveen KUMAR wrote: Hello, I am little bit confuse in following decision: Should be use 1- Apache (2.0.54) + Tomcat (5.0.28) in production with tomcat listener (through Coyote connector) configured with mod_jk (1.2.12) with apache 2- Or Standalone Tomcat (with their standard apache provided by

Re: upgrading a servlet

2005-05-05 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Zohar Amir wrote: Hello, I'm using Tomcat 5.0.28 on Red Hat linux. What is the correct procedure to deploy a new version of the same servlet? If the servlet is in WEB-INF/classes/... upload the class file. If it is in a JAR in WEB-INF/lib/... upload the whole JAR. The reload the web

(Maybe not so) strange behaviour of request.getRequestURL()

2005-04-29 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Hi all. I've been struck all of a sudden with this. servletRequest.getRequestURL() returns null. Now, thinking about it, I can give some facts that might shed some light on it and I'm pretty sure I know why it is happening, just want to confirm with you guys. And just wandering if anyone can

Re: Why 8080 and 8443 ..?

2005-04-27 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
David Whitehurst wrote: Chuck: Could you elaborate on what those parameters would be? A port is just a number. I'm trying to understand the history, but I would appreciate your comments on the other things required to make Tomcat production ready on top of just changing the Coyote connector

Re: OT: Good taglib repository - looking for date hadling tags

2005-04-27 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Rahul Akolkar wrote: One such repository: I feel dumb not looking there first. Alas, I'm not in a position to use them, can you believe that? I'm using Struts 1.1 and it just doesn't live well with JSTL. Tried it and had XML parser errors during application

Re: Problem Binding Tomcat to Ports 80/443

2005-04-26 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Craig wrote: Hey Tomcat Users! I am having a very desperate problem with Tomcat. I have a demonstration due later today, and the script I have been using to run tomcat (5.0.27) on ports 80/443 doesn't seem to do the job -- though it had been workingfor weeks up until a restart earlier today.

Re: need help

2005-04-25 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Robert U. Chan wrote: Good day! Hope somebody can help me with my current problem in tomcat. I have been seeing an 'error in getDescSql in StaticMethod' in the console of tomcat. Can somebody help me know the cause and solution to this problem. This could be some SQL code in your web app. For

OT: Good taglib repository - looking for date hadling tags

2005-04-25 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Hi all. This is not exactly a Tomcat question, but since there are so many of us developers (and admins) around, I thought I ask. Is there a good repository of free JSP tag libraries for some common things, like date printing/formatting, table display, etc? When I say, date printing, I mean,

Re: Tomcat with PHP?

2005-04-19 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Cameron Sim wrote: Thanks mate. From: andrew [EMAIL PROTECTED] Reply-To: Tomcat Users List To: Tomcat Users List Subject: Re: Tomcat with PHP? Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 11:04:41 +0200 Dear Cameron, You will need to use Apache with PHP, and

Re: can't see a tomcat installation on home network

2005-04-19 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Greg Baynham wrote: I can ping to the Linux box, but not telnet. Nowdays NOBODY enables Telnet, unless they are totally sure the network is safe. And with the presence of freeware SSH clients, like OpenSSH on Linux and PuTTY on Windows, nobody has to run Telnet, even on safe networks. Try

Re: images/static content in jar

2005-04-09 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Don Hill wrote: I have a war that has folder like /images and /content, is there a way to config tomcat so that I can package these in jar, I know I can write a custom servlet todo this but I would like this to be handled by the servers servlet container. The reason this is my concern is that

Re: Can you use Tomcat when you are not on line?

2005-04-06 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Vaneet Sharma wrote: :) Well to test to examples, it connects to internet ( may be) The problem is in IE. If you're offline, it is also offline. And IE cannot connect to a server (any server) if it is offline. Just go to file menu and place it online, no need to connect. Or use Mozilla (I

Re: [Slightly OT] MVC approach when JSP are not allowed

2005-03-19 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Elihu Smails wrote: I am working on a project that uses servlets exclusively. I would like to take advantage of a Model-View-Controller system in order to develop my servlets. For the last servlet project I worked on, I was in charge of the back-end data processing and did not have to mess with

One quick question on running TC in security mode

2005-03-11 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Hi all. I'm faced with a situation where I need to deploy an application on a server that is running TC 4.1 with -security option enabled. I have figured out that I need to edit catalina.policy file and grant my application permissions. I'm testing config on my home machine running 5.5.7. Now

Re: One quick question on running TC in security mode - still problems

2005-03-11 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Nikola Milutinovic wrote: Hi all. I'm faced with a situation where I need to deploy an application on a server that is running TC 4.1 with -security option enabled. I have figured out that I need to edit catalina.policy file and grant my application permissions. I'm testing config on my home

Re: Equivalent of Resin run-at servlet configuration

2005-03-03 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Subramanya Sastry wrote: Hello, I am developing a Java web application, and one of the requirements is to run a particular servlet periodically, or even at specified times. Resin provides this ability via its run-at configuration element for servlets in web.xml Example Resin configuration:

JavaMail API ?

2005-03-01 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Hi all. I'm running Tomcat 5.5.7 on Windows XP and Sun JDK 1.5.0_01 I notice that JavaMail API is missing from BOTH Tomcat and JRE. There is no javax.mail.* hierarchy in ${JAVA_HOME}/lib/rt.jar As a consequence, I cannot use Mail API (javax.mail.*) without adding javamail-1.3.2.jar to

Re: JavaMail API ?

2005-03-01 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Nikola Milutinovic wrote: Hi all. I'm running Tomcat 5.5.7 on Windows XP and Sun JDK 1.5.0_01 I notice that JavaMail API is missing from BOTH Tomcat and JRE. There is no javax.mail.* hierarchy in ${JAVA_HOME}/lib/rt.jar It is also missing JAF (Java Activation Framework). I mean, no problem, I

Re: JavaMail API ?

2005-03-01 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Frank W. Zammetti wrote: I wouldn't have expected to see them in Tomcat frankly... Although sending eMails from a webapp is relatively common, it's not common enough to be included with an app server (well, except for Websphere, which generally includes everything under the sun!) I am kind of

Re: Startup

2005-02-27 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Caldarale, Charles R wrote: From: Nikola Milutinovic [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: Startup While 5.5.7 can be made to run on JDK (not JRE) 1.4.x, it is not intended for 1.4 series. I suspect that would be news to the developers. The 5.5 branch runs perfectly fine on the 1.4.2 JRE

Re: Startup

2005-02-26 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
patrick et michelle wrote: Hi there, I'm a newcomer in Web technology and I need to understand how to configure Tomcat 3.3 First of all, current versions are 5.0.30 and 5.5.7 (for JDK 1.5.0, or actually JRE 1.5.0). While 5.5.7 can be made to run on JDK (not JRE) 1.4.x, it is not intended for

Re: Starting up Tomcat when the Linux starts up

2005-02-24 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
David Smith wrote: Depends on your flavor of linux. Mandrake (I've heard RH is similar) stores the init script in /etc/init.d with a sym link in /etc/rc[runlevel-here].d. For example, if your script is tomcat5, then tomcat5 would be stored /etc/init.d w/ a sym link to it from /etc/rc5.d. 5

Re: Free online presentation on native webserver integration and Tomcat

2005-02-22 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Remy Maucherat wrote: Hi, Mladen Turk and myself will do a free (registration required) presentation tomorrow (Wednesday, February 23, 2005 at 1pm Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -04:00, New York)), mostly on native web server integration with Tomcat.

Re: jk vs. jk2

2005-02-21 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Matt wrote: If jk2 is abandoned, why would I use it over jk_1.2.8? Platform reasons? Feature reasons? Performance reaosns? Other? Anyone? Well, for one, it works and I have a ready to run config files. Nix. - To unsubscribe,

Re: Content-Type removed from the Http Response when file is accessed through Tomcat Connector

2005-02-09 Thread Nikola Milutinovic wrote: maybe security (settings) of ie?? The poster clearly indicated that the thing works on Tomcat direct port. Could be that JK is stripping that header. Maybe it expects web server to provide it's own? You could try to setup MIME type on the Apache itself and see if it fixes

Re: Hiding resources

2005-02-02 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Mario Winterer wrote: Hi! I'm running a web application that is under CVS, which means my web application contains a lot of CVS-related directories (for the CVS-metadata). Is there a possibility to tell Tomcat to hide or protect all those CVS directories? More general, what I need is a way to

Re: Multiple hit from one user problem

2005-01-24 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Dola Woolfe wrote: Hi, Since this doesn't appear to threads issue I'm taking it out into a separate thread. I'm running TC 5.4.4 on port 80 with no Apache on XP Pro. A colleague on mine has an Excel spreadsheet attempts to perform about 2000 very short queries, most likely in sequence. About half

Re: ?? Sharing the JSTL JARS and Classloading ??

2005-01-23 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Wendy Smoak wrote: From: Tony LaPaso [EMAIL PROTECTED] You have some good points, Jake. Thank you for the response. If you happen to run across the statement from Craig M. regarding Struts I'd like to see it. The struts.jar file MUST be in each

Re: Authentication - Best practice

2005-01-12 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Rajaneesh wrote: Hi, It uses Base64 for sending the data. Heard that Base64 data is easily compramised compared to SSL. Please correct me if I am wrong. You are not wrong. HTTP Basic authentication uses base64 encoding of user credentials. base64 is encoding, not encrypting. The only thing

Re: apache2 tomcat5 jk2 questions

2005-01-07 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Casas, Claudia wrote: No way! I just got my server completely working on jk2! Does anybody have any links or resources that talk about this. If this is really a big issue, I will definitely move back to jk Sorry. I was as bitten by the news as you are. The thing is, if it is working, not only


2005-01-07 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Troy Simpson wrote: How does Apache2 find the file? According to page 245 of Professional Apache Tomcat 5, it says: These settings provide detailed information about the configuration setup to Apache2, including the location of the file and the debuggin level

Re: common image practice?

2004-12-02 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
D. Stimits wrote: I'm looking for a good or best practice to deal with site-wide logo type files...things that will never change, and that every app will want access to. This is on linux, but enabling sym links just seems to be an admin/backup complexity, and duplicating logos in every project

Re: JSTL/JSP/regexp Question

2004-12-01 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Jack Lauman wrote: I'm using the following code to return results from drop down menues and user input text. It works fine as long as the text is an exact case sensitive match to the data record. What I want to do is evaluate the output the results of a user input search based on 'param.field'

Re: JK/JK2 connector className?

2004-11-30 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Thomas Charles Robinson wrote: !-- Define a Coyote/JK2 AJP 1.3 Connector on port 8009 -- Connector className=org.apache.coyote.tomcat4.CoyoteConnector port=8009 minProcessors=5 maxProcessors=75 enableLookups=true redirectPort=8443 acceptCount=10 debug=100

Re: Strange Authentication Behavior

2004-11-30 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Peter Neu wrote: Hello all, does anyone know what I means when I get this error message: The requested resource (/favicon.ico) is not available. when I try to log in via form authentication. This error occurs when I use Firefox. /favicon.ico is a semi-supported feature, introduced by IE5, if I'm

Re: which to use: JK2 or JK?

2004-11-29 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Ralph Einfeldt wrote: Sorry, but I think you are wrong. There have been several post in the last days from the developers, that clearly say, that there will be no further development for mod_jk2. This saddens me. I was under th impression that JK2 was more advanced. What are the reasons for

Re: Form Authentication Trouble with Firefox

2004-11-28 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Peter Neu wrote: Hello everybody, I'm using form authentication to log on the users to my website. Until now I was using Mozilla Firefox for developement but now I came across this problem that Firefox doesn't allow a clean log in and always redirects to the error.jsp. The authentication is

Re: which to use: JK2 or JK?

2004-11-28 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Erez Efrati wrote: Hi, I am installing an apache + JBoss/tomcat and I need to run the JK module. Now I understand that the JK2 is no longer supported so does it mean that it would be better using JK1.2? What do you mean by no longer being supported? The current status is thet JK1 is considered

Re: Hi

2004-11-02 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Simon Kelly wrote: Craig, FYI : There was a worm virus in one of the attachments you sent out. Time to virus scan your sun box ;o) It is NOT Craig! Todays (and yesterdays) viruses forge the sender's email address. They usually pick one from the address book. So, the only thing we can conclude is

Re: FW: Virtual host (JSP) in Apache+Tomcat+Mod_jk

2004-11-02 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Batpurev wrote: Dear all, I am sure the list is always talking and discussing about Virtual host (JSP) in Apache+Tomcat+Mod_jk problems. Though I need some advices from experts or experienced people in this list. There are three (sometimes complex) steps to take: 1. Setup Tomcat VHost 2. Setup

Re: channelUnix.file is missing

2004-10-29 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
FM wrote: Thanks, I modified my but now in catalina.out I have : INFO: APR not loaded, disabling jni components: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /usr/lib/httpd/modules/ /usr/lib/httpd/modules/ undefined symbol: apr_md5_final How can I load

Re: channelUnix.file is missing

2004-10-28 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
FM wrote: I read that tomcat is supposed to create the channelUnix.file=${jkHome}/work/jk2.socket file. But it did not. I use the binary of tomcat, do i have to use src to be able to use unixsocket ? In order to use a UNIX file system socket, you need to build and use alongside

Re: OT 32/64 bit classes

2004-10-27 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Dale, Matt wrote: Hi, We will shortly be moving over to a 64 bit JVM from a 32 bit one. My question is, are the classes the same between 32 bit and 64 bit? or do I have to rebuild both tomcat and the application? Every JVM on this planet uses the same Java ByteCode, which means that there are

Re: OT 32/64 bit classes

2004-10-27 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Giuseppe Briotti wrote: Every JVM on this planet uses the same Java ByteCode, which means that there are no 32-bit or 64-bit Java Classes, just Java Classes. This is not really true ;-) The java byte code depends on target option for javac ;-) Aha. Yes, but it has nothing to do with

Re: Apache, Tomcat and mod_jk2 - question about layout

2004-10-27 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Allen Williams wrote: Second request: Would you post what you did to integrate the two? I've followed all the clues on both apache and tomcat websites, which is exactly what it says in three books I've got, and I still get a File Not Found error from apache when I go to the dynamic content. Is

Re: ActiveDirectory realm

2004-10-14 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Roland Carlsson wrote: Hi! I have tried to read the arcives about how to create an realm that uses Active Directory as source but all questions that seems to fit me has no answers. I need to be able to authenticate my users and authroize them in my jsp-code (eg: request.isUserInRole ). So, what

Re: Sv: ActiveDirectory realm

2004-10-14 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Roland Carlsson wrote: Hi Nikola! Thank you for your answer. Am I reading you correctly? Can't I use Active Directory today to Authenticate and Authorize people in my Tomcat-server without write a server-side GSSAPI? Isn't it possible through LDAP to do this? I have no need for SingleSignOn etc.

Re: Sv: Sv: ActiveDirectory realm

2004-10-14 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Roland Carlsson wrote: Ok, so I can use LDAP to Authenticate and Authorize my users via AD. There are no problem with them having to write there credentials again, there are other solutions for that. About security we have to use SSL anyway so I'll guess that it will solve the problem. I'm

Re: How to abort processing of a JSP ??

2004-10-13 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
N Tapas Kumar Choudhury wrote: Hi, I want to know, whether it is possible to abort the jsp execution while in the midst of processing a request ?? If anybody can through light on this I would be grateful.. Abort and do what? The most sensible thing to do is: - set the buffer to some

Re: Reducing network traffic for rollover images

2004-10-03 Thread Nikola Milutinovic
Robert Hunt wrote: After some analysis and trial error, I've found** that the correct JS syntax in this application is: {HTMLElement}.style.backgroundImage = 'url( ' + img1.src + ')'; where {HTMLElement} would be this as in: a href=xxx =

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