mod_jk + context don't work ?

2005-10-08 Thread gianni dalmasso
i configured several html virtual hosts sites with jsps ; (apache 2.0 + mod_jk.+ tomcat 5.5.) - virtual hosting managed by apache (name based virtual host) - connector ajp13 for all jsps - if a i create in server.xml : an host + context infos -- everythink works but it's no longer

apache virtual hosting + server.xml + context

2005-10-07 Thread gianni dalmasso
hi list, i have a problem. i have apache 2.0 + tomcat 5.5. i have N name based virtual hosts on the same machine managed by apache; some of them need to use tomcat (have jsp pages and servlets...) if i set a server.xml of tomcat with several hosts, and every host has ist context -- it's ok ( but