Re: No jars allowed in the WEB-INF/lib directory

2002-10-18 Thread Larry Meadors
Maybe it is corrupt? Can you view the contents of the jar file? jar -tf iwxml.jar Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 10/17/02 15:17 PM Hi: It seems that Tomcat doesn't support any jar in the WEB-INF/lib directory. By the way I'm not using symlinks at all in the WEB-INF/lib directory. Tomcat 4.1.12

Multiple realms or some other way?

2002-11-11 Thread Larry Meadors
I am using the LDAPRealm that comes with 4.1.12, and have had no problems with it. However, the LDAP server I am getting authentication from is flaky, and needs to be restarted too frequently - sometimes 1-2 times per month, sometimes 3-5 times per day. Consistency is the mark of greatness.

Re: Cannot create Oracle driver not matter what I do!

2002-11-12 Thread Larry Meadors
On a related note, There may also be problems with the classes12 file - for some unknown reason, it contains the javax.sql package. I have seen cases where JDK 14x just flat refuses to load it. You may want to unzip the jar, remove those classes and repackage it without them. Larry [EMAIL

RE: Tomcat with Access '97 IIS

2002-11-20 Thread Larry Meadors
I will second this - do not use the jdbc-odbc bridge unless you absolutely have to. If there is ANY other path, take it instead. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 11/20/02 10:43 AM You'll need the JDBC-ODBC bridge. It's not pretty...if you're doing anything serious, don't use it. Switch to

Re: Tomcat with Access '97 IIS

2002-11-20 Thread Larry Meadors
I would still use mysql or um...anything other than access via odbc/jdbc. [EMAIL PROTECTED] 11/20/02 11:12 AM in that case, you're probably safe. the access odbc driver doesn't support connection pooling for that version, so you'll only be able to support a couple simultaneous queries. peter

Re: Classloader/Classpath problem

2002-11-27 Thread Larry Meadors
Talking about the class loader with tomcat is a vast over-simplification. Look here for more: Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 11/27/02 12:53 PM Hi, When I start Tomcat I get a NoClassDefFoundError exception. I'm including a

RE: Classloader/Classpath problem

2002-11-27 Thread Larry Meadors
with that doc. The question is - If the class loader loaded the jar, then why would my init app throw a NoClassDefFoundError exception. And not throw it when the jar is in the classpath. Subir -Original Message- From: Larry Meadors [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Wednesday, November 27

Change default jsp buffer size (and error pages)?

2002-06-27 Thread Larry Meadors
I have been looking for a way to increase the default jsp buffer size. Not on a page by page basis, but for the whole server. It looks like it is being set JspWriterImpl class from a Constants class. After it gets set, I do not see any way to change it. Is there one? Maybe I am barking up the

Re: Oracle jdbc driver not found

2002-07-02 Thread Larry Meadors
When using the oci driver, you need to have ocijdbc8.dll (on windows) somewhere on the system path. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 07/02/02 10:18 AM I'm using Tomcat 4.0.4 tyring to access Oracle 8.1.7 via oci driver. here is the error that I got javax.servlet.ServletException: no ocijdbc8 in

Re: Shutting down Tomcat 4.03

2002-07-09 Thread Larry Meadors
I have noticed on my dev system (redhat72, jdk14, tc404) running with the JPDA debugger makes tomcat not want to shutdown. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 07/09/02 16:48 PM 99% of the time, that means your app has started a thread someplace and not shut it down. -- To unsubscribe, e-mail:

RE: Beans in packages vs beans not in packages

2002-07-10 Thread Larry Meadors
Just curious: Why not just put it in a package? [EMAIL PROTECTED] 07/10/02 16:26 PM but why does the package version work without the import -- To unsubscribe, e-mail: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, e-mail: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: JDBC OCI driver + Tomcat 4.04

2002-07-11 Thread Larry Meadors
The OCI driver is *at least* 10X faster than the thin driver. It is worth getting it going. ;-) I do not have my ora docs handy, what is a ORA-12560 error? Any hints there? Send some simple sample code, that will help too. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 07/11/02 07:46 AM I know this doesn't solve

Re: Classes in WEB-INF/classes not visible to JSP pages

2002-07-11 Thread Larry Meadors
I do not know if I would consider this a bug. There was a related post just yesterday. If I understood it correctly, esentially, your jsp gets compiled as being in the org.apache.jsp package. Unless you explicitly import your unpackaged classes, they are expected to be in the org.apache.jsp

RE: JDBC OCI driver + Tomcat 4.04

2002-07-11 Thread Larry Meadors
Yep, you need to have the client installed on the tomcat server. It works the same on linux and Windows, and is a free download, so it is not a BIG deal, just an extra step. If you are running tomcat as a service, you also have to tell it where to find the dll (on windows). Not sure about linux

Re: Why doesn't my classes see the oracle driver?

2002-07-11 Thread Larry Meadors
Did you rename the file to classes12.jar from the original I know there were some issues with that some time ago... [EMAIL PROTECTED] 07/11/02 09:10 AM I had a webapp working ok... I had it set like this: $TOMCAT_HOME\webapps\fap\WEB-INF\classes\[ all my classes unpackaged

RE: JDBC OCI driver + Tomcat 4.04

2002-07-11 Thread Larry Meadors
Wow. I do not know how they tested or measured this, but it is WAY, WAY off what I saw in our environment. I wonder if this is on the Oracle server? We literally saw a 10x performance boost going to OCI. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 07/11/02 09:32 AM O'Reilly has a good article about the

RE: JDBC OCI driver + Tomcat 4.04

2002-07-11 Thread Larry Meadors
Win2K on both. A contractor we are working with is using linux, and he reported similar performance. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 07/11/02 10:03 AM Just out of curiosity, what platforms for oracle and tomcat? -Original Message- From: Larry Meadors [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent

Re: NetBeans + Tomcat 4.0.4

2002-08-09 Thread Larry Meadors
Look here: Instructions on how to set up tomcat and netbeans with the JPDA debugger. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 08/09/02 15:59 PM Does anyone here use NetBeans with tomcat 404? I'm using it, and use a small class to

Re: NetBeans + Tomcat 4.0.4

2002-08-11 Thread Larry Meadors
the admin apps) didn't get me what I was looking for. Thanks! On Fri, 2002-08-09 at 23:01, Larry Meadors wrote: Look here: Instructions on how to set up tomcat and netbeans with the JPDA debugger. Larry [EMAIL

Re: JDBC MySQL again

2002-08-12 Thread Larry Meadors
Also, if you are using ipchains or iptables as a firewall, you may need to open a conduit to allow access to port 3306. Even on localhost, ipchains will not allow access unless configured to do so. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 08/12/02 09:35 AM generally, if you see this problem, your driver is

RE: Quick Question

2002-08-12 Thread Larry Meadors
If you are only reading the file, you could also put it in your $/WEB-INF/classes folder and use the class loader to get an input stream. That way, if you jar/war the file up, it will still find it. Like this: InputStream is = Thread. currentThread(). getContextClassLoader().

RE: Quick Question

2002-08-14 Thread Larry Meadors
IMO, it seems like a bad idea to me to tie your bean code to a servlet context unless you REALLY need to. To me, a better way would be to put the file in a directory under classes, and use the classloader of the current thread to get to the file. This way, you do not need servlet.jar to use

RE: Quick Question

2002-08-14 Thread Larry Meadors
/14/02 09:45 AM good point, although if you need to write to the file, getResourceAsStream doesn't work. Is there something else along the same lines that will? -Original Message- From: Larry Meadors [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2002 10:11 AM To: [EMAIL

RE: Quick Question

2002-08-14 Thread Larry Meadors
WOW! Cool, I did not know you could do that! [EMAIL PROTECTED] 08/14/02 09:54 AM URL destinationURL = ...getResource(...); URLConnection destinationConnection = URL.openConnection(); destinationConnection.setDoOutput(); OutputStream outputStream = destinationConnection.getOutputStream(); ...

RE: Trying to work with JDBC OCI

2002-08-14 Thread Larry Meadors
Should this be LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/bin instead of 2) I have put LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/lib. I do not have the Oracle client installed on a linux/unix box right now... Larry -- To unsubscribe, e-mail: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, e-mail:

Re: Tomcat Current Working Directory

2002-08-17 Thread Larry Meadors
Is there a way to configure Tomcat 4.0.4's current working directory to point to sub-directory of the webapps folder, rather than /bin? I hate to answer a question with a question, but here goes: Why would you want to do that? Larry -- To unsubscribe, e-mail: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: Tomcat Crashes

2002-08-20 Thread Larry Meadors
It is the JDBC-ODBC stuff. Unless there is NO OTHER POSSIBLE WAY to connect to your database, do not ever use the JDBC-ODBC bridge except to convert your data to another format. It looks from the error that you are using M$ SQL Server. M$ has jdbc drivers for SQL2000, but not for earlier

Re: I can't stand the UnsatisfiedLinkErrors anymore withTomcat 4.0.1!

2002-02-12 Thread Larry Meadors
Can the class loader used to load the classes in the web app load native libraries... I think that classes in the web app can call native methods, but I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert on this. When I ran the Oracle OCI JDBC driver (which uses native code) it worked in the

Re: Compilation error with ant...

2002-02-14 Thread Larry Meadors
Javadoc is complaining because it cannot find the source referenced by the @see tag (in this case the java.lang.Runtime class). It will still create the javadocs, it just will not create the links to the classes that it cannot find. I dealt with this by unzipping the src.jar that comes with the

Re: org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile classfor JSP

2002-02-18 Thread Larry Meadors
Probably the wrong servlet.jar. I would look there first... [EMAIL PROTECTED] 02/18/02 01:07PM Running a web application on Tomcat 3.3 and trying to move to Tomcat 4.0.2 and now get these errors. org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP

Re: How to add a throw exception to a servlet

2002-05-02 Thread Larry Meadors
You can wrap almost any exception in a ServletException and rethrow it that way. The ServletException class allows you to call one of four constructors: 1) no parameters 2) String 3) String, Throwable 4) Throwable === try{ //some code here that may throw a SQLException...

Re: JSP's GzippedOutputStream

2002-05-02 Thread Larry Meadors
I do not think so. The JSPWriter is not able to send a byte array (something I found while trying to output a pdf 2 weeks ago...the hard way). It converts byte values to char values which are double bytes in java. Your byte array may look like this {01 02 03}, but the JSPWriter sends out

RE: Log the amount of time taken to complete a request...

2002-05-03 Thread Larry Meadors
Where might a guy find the meanings of those values and any others that are available? I am guessing... h = host l = Hmm, no clue here. u = user t = time request was made r = request s = response (200=ok, 404=not found, etc) b = size in bytes Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 05/03/02 10:44AM

Re: Hot To Prevent Directory Listing with Tomcat 4.0.3

2002-05-03 Thread Larry Meadors
Search for listings in the default $CATALINA_HOME/conf/web.xml that comes with tomcat. The comments (line 35 in my version) are pretty clear on the options. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 05/03/02 10:59AM I was hoping that someone could tell me how to stop Directory Listings with Tomcat 4.0.3.

RE: Log the amount of time taken to complete a request...

2002-05-03 Thread Larry Meadors
Thanks! [EMAIL PROTECTED] 05/03/02 11:15AM On the Tomcat site: -Original Message- From: Larry Meadors [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Where might a guy find the meanings of those values and any others that are available?

Re: Easy One

2002-05-03 Thread Larry Meadors
Use the reloadable attribute: Context path=/yourapp docBase=d:\path\to\yourapp debug=0 reloadable=yes/ Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 05/03/02 02:44PM My problem is during development I don't want to stop and start Tomcat each time I change a class file.

Re: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError-Con't find the Class in thesame package?

2002-05-03 Thread Larry Meadors
Case sensitivity. Try this instead: //_composer = new com.fis.Controller.Composer(..., ...); # ERROR LINE _composer = new com.fis.controller.Composer(..., ...); # ERROR LINE Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 05/03/02 03:52PM I've put a class struecture into

RE: Memory Leak of JDBC Drive

2002-05-06 Thread Larry Meadors
Thanks for the heads-up! We have a similar environment (JDK 1.3.1, tomcat 4.0.1, SQL 7 / WinNT4, JNetDirect driver) and I have asked the guy who takes care of it if he is having similar problems. I will follow up when I know more - maybe we can drive towards the solution from different

Re: turn off directory listing

2002-05-06 Thread Larry Meadors
Nope, but you can in your web.xml. ;-) Look at the default one, it has pretty decent comments on how to do it. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 05/06/02 01:45PM is there a way in the server.xml file to turn off directory listing? -dave

Re: Classpath problems with Tomcat4 and RedHat 7.2

2002-05-07 Thread Larry Meadors
Do you have a CATALINA_HOME environment variable set? That might cause this... [EMAIL PROTECTED] 05/07/02 09:21AM I am having problems reading a resource file I placed in /var/tomcat4/common/lib. I also tried placing it in /var/tomcat4/common/classes. I wrote a small JSP which lists the

Re: Appending to TOMCAT's class path

2002-05-07 Thread Larry Meadors
Why not put your source in the WEB-INF/classes directory of your context or put them in any other directory, and use ant to build and have it build the classes into that directory? Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 05/07/02 10:12AM Does anyone have a solution other than having to make a new jar file

Re: Running an external application from a Java servletenvironment

2002-05-07 Thread Larry Meadors
I presume you are trying to run the code on the server? If so, I did it (with winamp) by creating a play list then calling this: Runtime.getRuntime().exec(mp3PlayerPath + + tmp.getAbsolutePath()); I suspect that the WiMP has a similar type of command line that would do the same thing.

Re: subclass constructor class

2002-05-09 Thread Larry Meadors
They both subclass Object. Change public class PictureBrowserBean { to public class PictureBrowserBean extends FileBrowserBean { [EMAIL PROTECTED] 05/09/02 02:12PM Hello, superclass is: subclass is:

Re: Configuring Applets in TC4.0.1 and IE 5

2002-05-16 Thread Larry Meadors
If you want to use a jar from an applet, it has to be outside of the WEB-INF directory. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 05/16/02 09:45AM Hi All I have configured TomCat 4.0.1 to run our application and it works except for Applets. We are using TC4.0.1 IE 5 and Java-Plugin 1.3.1 Whenever I try to

Re: List all session objects?

2002-05-17 Thread Larry Meadors
I will go one better: app scope and session scope, and you can remove them too. ;-) Larry === !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC -//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN html head titleApplication attributes/title /head body % String remObjName = request.getParameter(remObjName); if(null != remObjName

Re: clean-up when stopping tomcat

2002-05-24 Thread Larry Meadors
Another option might be the Runtime.getRuntime().addShutdownHook() method. From JDK 1.3: A shutdown hook is simply an initialized but unstarted thread. When the virtual machine begins its shutdown sequence it will start all registered shutdown hooks in some unspecified order and let them run

Re: Using ANT - Crash course needed

2002-05-24 Thread Larry Meadors
[EMAIL PROTECTED] 05/24/02 10:12AM a) Can ant be used to do installs like copying files... Yes. Look at the Copy task: ...editing properties etc. Not sure what you want to do here... b) Can ant check that the file list has made it

Re: loading web.xml file from own class?

2002-05-28 Thread Larry Meadors
You might look at the jakarta-commons Digester component. It allows you to fairly easily rip through an xml doc without writing your own sax/dom processor. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 05/27/02 01:53AM is there a way of loading or access the web.xml from a non-servlet class?

Re: DIGEST authentication problem

2002-05-29 Thread Larry Meadors
Sorry, I cannot help you fix the problem, but I have some more info related to it. I ran across the same problem with Mozilla 0.9.9 on Redhat Linux 7.2, but if I hit the same tomcat server from IE6 on Win2K, it works fine. So, to me it looks like the problem may be specifically with Tomcat


2002-06-10 Thread Larry Meadors
Search the archives, I posted a page to do that in the last month or two. It is called appscope.jsp, and lists all objects in session scope as well as application scope with links to blast any of them. It is real easy to shoot your foot off doing this, so be careful. ;-) Larry [EMAIL

Re: sessions with IE6 - browsers opened from within a singlebrowser

2002-06-10 Thread Larry Meadors
I ran into the same thing. A javascript call creates new windows in the same process as the creating window. Clicking the StartProgramsIE menu option starts a new process. One process = one session. Multiple processes = multiple sessions. I do not know of a work-around. :-(

Re: Debugging

2002-06-12 Thread Larry Meadors
If your IDE has a JPDA debugger, you can use that. Search the archives for CATALINA_OPTS and you should find more info on this... Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 06/12/02 11:10 AM Where could I get information on debugging a web application under tomcat? Is there a way of doing it or do you have to

RE: Debugging

2002-06-12 Thread Larry Meadors
Sorry, my bad, that was the struts-user list. BTW, that is another good place to search - there are some smart guys on that one...not that there are dumb guys on this one, but...just a minute, let me get my foot out of my mouth. ;-) Anyway, here are some instructions for using netbeans from

Re: Debugging

2002-06-13 Thread Larry Meadors
if u have some fancy IDE... What!?! No, no, no. Go to, and download netbeans. It is free, has an excellent JPDA debugger, is free, works great with cvs, is free, has some really excellent (free) plugins (xml editing, database explorer, junit integration, etc...), and it is

RE: [offtopic] IDE for Tomcat?

2002-06-14 Thread Larry Meadors
Or you could just download netbeans. It's free. CVS integration, JPDA debugger, ant integration. Total cost: nada, nothing, zilch, zippo. Am I glad it is friday. ;-) Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 06/14/02 07:46 AM I agree. You don't need $3000 IDEs. I use UltraEdit + JSwat + Ant + WinCVS.

Re: -Xmx/-Xms Parameters, Where do they go???

2002-06-24 Thread Larry Meadors
You could modify the scripts, or set an environment variable called CATALINA_OPTS on 4.X or TOMCAT_OPTS if you are still using 3.x with those settings. Those vars are referenced in the scripts too. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 06/24/02 15:12 PM The tomcat users guide states, that to improve

Re: Internal Servlet Error

2001-04-07 Thread Larry Meadors
Where is the class relative to the jsp? Recheck the docs. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it needs to be in the Web-inf\classes directory under the web app's document root or in your system's classpath. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 04/07/01 10:45AM Hello, I am using Tomcat 3.2 with Windows

Possibly OT: Struts questions

2001-04-09 Thread Larry Meadors
I know, I know, I know! Please no flames! This is the tomcat-user list, but I figured this would be a good place to start. Are people using struts now? How stable is it? Is it nearly complete? Within 3 months? 6 months? 12 months? How does struts relate to Cocoon? Competing or

javadt with tomcat?

2001-04-20 Thread Larry Meadors
Is it possible to use something like javadt to debug running servlets on a remote machine running tomcat? If so, how? Larry

Re: Permission denied trying to connect tomcat to port 80...

2002-09-06 Thread Larry Meadors
You have to be root to access ports 1000. I think you could su or sudo it. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 09/06/02 20:44 PM I'm trying to point my tomcat server over to port 80 in Redhat Linux, but I am having a little trouble with it. I have apache installed as well but I have both disabled the

Re: Tomcat 4.0.4 under Windows NT crashes: memory cannot beread

2002-09-10 Thread Larry Meadors
I have actually found the 1.4.1 release candidate to be MORE stable than 1.4.0 was. You might try that. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 09/09/02 23:32 PM Randall Schulz suggested that I upgrade Java. I've checked the Java system on this machine, and it is already, so about as recent as we

Re: Installation cook-book or HOW-TO

2002-10-14 Thread Larry Meadors
What is the problem you are having? The process should be simple :) - install jdk - install tomcat - set JAVA_HOME - set CATALINA_HOME - start catalina You may have some rights issues, depending upon who creates the catalina work folder, and starts catalina. As a former CF-er, you

RE: Installation cook-book or HOW-TO

2002-10-14 Thread Larry Meadors
I would second that No-RPMS comment. Get the zips, it may take a few minutes longer, but when you are done, you KNOW what was changed, because YOU changed it. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 10/14/02 02:16PM Ditto what Larry said. This is my personal preference, but I would skip the RPMs. The

Re: application pausing problem

2002-10-15 Thread Larry Meadors
How about some more info: Windows? Linux? JDK version? Tomcat version? Struts? Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 10/15/02 14:20 PM Hello All, I am getting this weird thing happening , I am building a web application using Tomcat with MVC architecture. The problem I am facing is that the

RE: Installation cook-book or HOW-TO

2002-10-16 Thread Larry Meadors
A few comments: Adding a directory does not add all the jars in that directory to your classpath. You have to add them individually. Using a tool like ant makes this easier. One thing I do when I have startup problems is to run catalina.bat run instead of startup. That way, the messages stay on

Re: Servlets: Differences between Linux and Windows?

2002-10-16 Thread Larry Meadors
Do you have different cases in file/dir names - myfolder, MyFolder, and myFolder are all the same in Win32, but all are different in linux/unix. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 10/16/02 08:29 AM Hi! I'm having some problems running servlets in Tomcat 4.1.12 under Linux RedHat 7.3 I've done a simple

Re: hexdumps in catalina.out logfile

2002-10-23 Thread Larry Meadors
We had ora-00020 problems using connection pools if we did not explicitly close all statements, resultsets, etc - if we just closed the connection, the related objects remained open. We guessed it was because the connection was not really closed, only reused. We have also been seeing some hotspot

Re: Help: Upgrading from 4.0.2 to 4.1.12

2002-12-10 Thread Larry Meadors
I just went from 4.0.6 to 4.1.12, and found two things that may make your life easier. 1) All my logging went into files instead of to the console. 2) 4.1 seems much fussier with stuff. For example, I had a reference to a tld that did not exist in my web.xml, so an app that worked great in 4.0

RE: Tomcat on Startup

2002-12-11 Thread Larry Meadors
On one box, I did this: create a symbolic link in /etc/rc3.d named S55tomcat to $CATALINA_HOME/bin/ I modified, adding (at the top) 'source /etc/profile' (without the quotes) to get my environment set up. Probably a good idea to add a link in /etc/rc0.d and /etc/rc6.d

Re: Retrieve User - Realm

2002-12-13 Thread Larry Meadors
Or, you can use request.getUserPrincipal() to get that info. That returns a object that represents the user (getName() returns the login name). [EMAIL PROTECTED] 12/13/02 11:39 AM [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I searched many places and read many things, but I didn't

RE: Simultaneous request from same IP

2002-12-16 Thread Larry Meadors
TrafficCop is thread safe because add() is synchronized. Regardless if trafficcop is No, this is false. The add() method is syncronized, and therefore thread safe. But that is not where the problem lies. TrafficCop may be thread safe, but access to it is not. Two objects are updating a

RE: Simultaneous request from same IP

2002-12-16 Thread Larry Meadors
Two requests are coming into your servlet. A SINGLE servlet object handles BOTH requests. That single object has a SINGLE child object (trafficCop) that gets updated once for each request. That child object is shared by both requests - it is not unique for each request unles you make it a method

Re: Linux tomcat startup

2002-12-16 Thread Larry Meadors
I changed the to source /etc/profile to set those. From what I have heard, this is not uncommon... Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 12/16/02 14:26 PM Will this run before or after profiles.conf, starting tomcat needs the JAVA_HOME, CATALINA_HOME etc info... -- To unsubscribe, e-mail:

RE: Should not be this hard(why is this a security risk)

2002-12-19 Thread Larry Meadors
These messages indicate that a fix is in the works: A new Tomcat 4.1.x release incorporating the fix to the invoker servlet will be made available shortly. Am I reading this correctly as saying the quick fix is to disable the invoker, but the long term fix is to change the invoker to make the

Re: Installation woes

2003-01-08 Thread Larry Meadors
Go to the $CATALINA_HOME/bin directory and run catalina run The terminal will stay after it dies. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 01/08/03 15:23 PM I added it, and it appears to be using the correct jdk. However, now the damn thing won't start. And it closes the terminal window before I can

Re: OT: what source code control system?

2003-01-10 Thread Larry Meadors
CVS! It is free. It runs on darn near anything. There are several good java interfaces, and tools like netbeans and eclipse also work well with it. For windows users, you can use WinCVS, and my preference - the command line! Also, the server-side repository is binary compatible across

RE: what source code control system?

2003-01-10 Thread Larry Meadors
[EMAIL PROTECTED] 01/10/03 12:25 PM In my case, I have licenses for SourceSafe from before OneTree was acquired by Microsoft. It really is a nice revision control system. In any event, I did mention cost as one factor for why he likely couldn't use it. Same would be even more true

RE: what source code control system?

2003-01-10 Thread Larry Meadors
[EMAIL PROTECTED] 01/10/03 11:18 AM If you were in a corporate environment, perhaps Subversion might not be ready for you (but then again, you could afford SourceSafe), but in your environment you might like the possibilities in Subversion. There is always CVS if you need it, and

Re: [ OT ] what source code control system?

2003-01-11 Thread Larry Meadors
I did not know this trick! If it is this simple, you gotta wonder...why no cvs rename command... Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 01/10/03 17:03 PM Renaming things is trivial, just get the administrator to rename it for you. mv $CVSROOT/src/,v $CVSROOT/src/,v. Or if you don't

Re: run tomcat 4.1 as service in Win 2K/XP

2003-01-16 Thread Larry Meadors
I just set up 4.1.18 as a service on win2k this morning. The batch file is below. The section that begins with set createCmd= should all be one line. Not sure how that will format with this email client. Anyway, you can probably carve out a similar script that will work for you. To remove, I

Re: tomcat not starting after reboot or from cron

2003-01-22 Thread Larry Meadors
I had a similar problem, and changed to do this at the start: source /etc/profile This was where I was setting CATALINA_HOME, and JAVA_HOME. When the script got run at startup, those vars were not yet set... Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 01/22/03 10:20 AM Has anybody had a problem with

Re: Tomcat and mysql

2003-01-22 Thread Larry Meadors
Looking at the stack trace, I do not see anything related to mysql. What makes you think that is the source of the problem? Based on the org.apache.jsp.projects$jsp bit, I would look in the project.jsp file first... Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 01/22/03 15:47 PM Hello, I have installed a web

RE: Strange Class Loading problem

2003-01-23 Thread Larry Meadors
Put your class in a package and it will work. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 01/23/03 08:29 AM I think I have the same Problem: Environment: Windows 2000 tomcat 4.1 j2sdk1.4.0_03 Netbeans 3.4 JAVA_HOME, TOMCAT_HOME, CATALINA_HOME are set, the classpath contains everything ( I assume). test.jsp

RE: about singletons (ot)

2003-01-28 Thread Larry Meadors
I would agree. We had a static class and we thought it would work turned out that we ended up rewriting much of it to use the getInstance() type of interface - it is just so much more flexible if you *EVER* need to change stuff. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 01/28/03 16:08 PM The

Catching exceptions

2003-01-30 Thread Larry Meadors
I have been trying to use the error-page tags in web.xml to catch errors, but have found that errors that happen after output has been flushed do not get sent to that page, instead I get a illegal state exception. Is there a way to catch exceptions that happen after output is flowing? Larry

Re: Catching exceptions

2003-01-30 Thread Larry Meadors
Found my own answer: The TryCatchFinally interface lets you create a tag that wraps a block of code in a try...catch...finally block. [EMAIL PROTECTED] 01/30/03 12:03 PM I have been trying to use the error-page tags in web.xml to catch errors, but have found that errors that happen after output

Re: pass complex object to custom tag

2003-01-30 Thread Larry Meadors
You could pass the object name, property name, and scope to the tag, then use reflection to do it - the commons-beanutils stuff makes this painless. It is really simple and prowerful, honest! [EMAIL PROTECTED] 01/30/03 13:26 PM Is there a way to pass something other than a string to a custom

RE: Reading client certificates

2003-01-31 Thread Larry Meadors
Or use a debugger to see what the heck they are. ;-) Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 01/31/03 16:34 PM Hello, Robert Dana, I cannot help you exactly, but perhaps a debugging trick would help you. Try this: Object o = request.getAttribute(javax.servlet.request.X509Certificate); System.out.println(

RE: web.xml question

2003-02-03 Thread Larry Meadors
A typo? http://localhost:8080/test/SessionTest instead of http://localhost:8080/test/SessioinTest Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 02/03/03 15:32 PM Maybe I am doing this incorrectly - but I have a servlet class in my WEB-INF/classes directory(SessionTestServlet.class) and in my web.xml, I have an

RE: Why won't anyone help me out??

2003-02-04 Thread Larry Meadors
I thought this list is for people who want to contribute to tomcat use / development. If you want to beat each other up, take it off-list. It is not helping anyone. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 02/04/03 16:26 PM Ron, you know, at least I hope to God that you do, that your rather snide comment

RE: Socket Exceptions

2003-02-06 Thread Larry Meadors
I have seen this in cases you described (pushing stop, or closing the browser) after the servlet has started sending output. Obviously, users never see it (they pressed stop or closed the browser), but it does show up in my error log. I finally added code to catch and suppress it in my servlet.

RE: Where do common jar libraries go in Tomcat 4.1.18

2003-02-06 Thread Larry Meadors
Looking at the classloader docs for 4.0.x and 4.1.x, I think it is actually shared/lib. The shared/lib directory (in 4.0, this was just lib) is for stuff that you want available to all of your applications. The common/lib directory is where you put stuff you need the server and all of your

Re: File upload servlet won't run on IBM AS/400 but runs OK onPC configured identically

2003-02-07 Thread Larry Meadors
I have gotten weird errors when more than one classloader loads a class. With that in mind, is the servlet.jar in more than one place? Check in $CLASSPATH, $CATALINA_HOME/common/lib, $CATALINA_HOME/server/lib, $CATALINA_HOME/shared/lib, your applications WEB-INF/lib, and the $JRE/lib/ext

Re: Setting up logging - Log4j

2003-02-11 Thread Larry Meadors
This thread has already pointed this out indirectly, but I will go ahead and say it directly - you may want to consider the commons-logging API for your logging so that if (when?) you change logging implementation later you do not have to touch every class that does logging. The commons logging

Re: Class.forname() error in catalina

2003-02-12 Thread Larry Meadors
Try this instead: Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader().loadClass(className); Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 02/12/03 03:54 AM Im having another problem with tomcat 4.1.18. My classes run fine with tomcat 3.2.1. And tomcat 4.1.18 seems to be set up correctly now thanks to some help. One of

RE: Class.forname() error in catalina

2003-02-12 Thread Larry Meadors
com.inet.tds.TdsDriver is in your classpath. Steve -Original Message- From: Larry Meadors [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 8:15 AM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: Class.forname() error in catalina Try this instead: Thread.currentThread

Re: TOMCAT - uninstall

2003-02-13 Thread Larry Meadors
If I remember right, the gz version does not do anything but create the tomcat directory. In that case, remove the tomcat directory, remove the CATALINA_* environment variables (if you set them), and any startup scripts (probably in /etc/init.d and /etc/rc*) you may have created. Larry [EMAIL

RE: Log4J and tomcat using Commons logging

2003-02-14 Thread Larry Meadors
Where are your commons-logging and log4j jars? If they are loaded by a different classloader than the file, it may not work. Larry [EMAIL PROTECTED] 02/14/03 02:47 AM Hi, I have managed to get log4j to work for my webapps. I just have a file in

RE: Log4J and tomcat using Commons logging

2003-02-14 Thread Larry Meadors
. Regards Jim. -Original Message- From: Larry Meadors [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: 14 February 2003 15:40 To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: RE: Log4J and tomcat using Commons logging Where are your commons-logging and log4j jars? If they are loaded by a different classloader

RE: Log4J and tomcat using Commons logging

2003-02-14 Thread Larry Meadors
. With commons-logging you do not log to any particular logging implementation. Regards Jim. -Original Message- From: Larry Meadors [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: 14 February 2003 17:11 To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: RE: Log4J and tomcat using Commons logging I have never used log4j

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