[topbraid-users] SHACL as html documentation

2018-08-11 Thread Steven Michael Folsom
I’m sure this is been asked before on the list, perhaps by me, but does anybody know of a SHACL to HTML conversion tool? Similar to LODE, but optimized for SHACL axioms? Thanks, Steven Steven Folsom Metadata Librarian Cornell University @sf433 -- You received this message because you are

Re: [topbraid-users] SHACL as html documentation

2018-08-11 Thread Irene Polikoff
TopBraid EDG is effectively an interactive SHACL to HTML tool. It lets users work in a web browser to see as well as develop SHACL shapes. Ontologies defined using SHACL are presented by EDG in dynamically generated (editable) HTML pages in a variety of ways - trees, text forms, tables,