[Touch-packages] [Bug 1627769] Re: limits.conf not applied

2017-06-06 Thread Christopher Warner
So i'm just going to add on here instead of opening a new bug report. The problem is that in most cases when you're setting the limits, you're doing so for a process/user that isn't going to login. So the default is to set it in login, cron, sshd, su etc. Unfortunately, for a process that isn't

[Touch-packages] [Bug 1816811] [NEW] iptables package doesn't flush table on removal of package

2019-02-20 Thread Christopher Warner
Public bug reported: The iptables package isn't flushing all tables on removal of the package and the tables still exist until reboot. Intended behavior should be to flush all tables via a dpkg pre-removal script. I'm not sure of any use case where the intended behavior would be to keep the