[Touch-packages] [Bug 574287] Re: tasksel: forcefully removes packages when tasks overlap

2019-12-22 Thread Oliver Gerlich
WTF. I was uninstalling the ubuntu-mate-desktop task with tasksel (while ubuntu-desktop was still checked in the list), and it removed basically everything. Afterwards all tasks in the tasksel list were unchecked. This is definitely not the expected behavior: when I uncheck a specific task, I

[Touch-packages] [Bug 1525714] [NEW] [2545A25, Conexant CX20582 (Pebble), Speaker, Internal] No sound at all through speakers on Lenovo Edge 11

2015-12-13 Thread Oliver Gerlich
Public bug reported: Sound through speakers of my Lenovo Edge 11 laptop doesn't work in Ubuntu 14.04 nor 12.04 nor 15.10 (LiveCD); I think it last worked in 10.04 or maybe even only in 8.04. This was tested on a clean installation of 14.04 (64bit) onto a USB stick, with all upgrades; but it