[Touch-packages] [Bug 1890804] Re: 20.10 groovy proposed: resolvconf-pull-resolved.service fails to start if resolvconf is installed at the same time

2020-08-15 Thread Sønke Lorenzen
This also happened for me on a 20.10 with resolvconf yesterday, I do not have proposed enabled on that system. I used the chroot process described at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery to be able to get into that system and then uninstalling resolvconf after finding this bug and the

[Touch-packages] [Bug 1727908] Re: Software & Updates application does not permit changes on the "Other Software" tab

2020-03-04 Thread Sønke Lorenzen
I saw this bug mentioned on https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/release-bugs- for-week-commencing-monday-24th-february-2020/14540 with the comment "can’t confirm, lew activity, suggest we untarget from rls set" It would really be a shame if this stays the way it is now, since it is annoying for those