Re: [twitter-dev] Twitter Stream API - Location filtering limited to the Western Hemisphere?

2010-07-21 Thread Dave Ingram
On 07/21/10 15:13, James wrote: I'm attempting to stream Tweets from the UK as a whole(filtering further with tracking words), using Twitters stream API, however I'm having trouble with my bounding box. The LAT/LON pairs I'm using to define a bounding box of the whoe UK(Ire included) is as

Re: [twitter-dev] accented words

2010-07-29 Thread Dave Ingram
On 07/29/10 16:40, David Tavárez wrote: When I try to send an update containing accented words, the api throws an error: Incorrect signature. What can I do? It sounds like you're not encoding characters properly -- see

Re: [twitter-dev] Re: Frequent errors when using OAuth, none when using basic

2010-08-04 Thread Dave Ingram
However, if oauth-proxy is indeed doing OAuth as badly as your list of faults implies, I may have a bit of a job on my hands to figure out what it's doing and fix it, or might try to find some other OAuth proxy or client. Pity, though, as oauth-proxy was about the only thing I'd found so

Re: [twitter-dev] Re: How i can logout using oauth or rest api of twitter?

2010-08-19 Thread Dave Ingram
On 08/19/10 17:16, Ken wrote: Taylor, I don't need this as much as some other developers but I think I understand why they keep asking for this. Sure, our app is not logged in. But many apps make the user log in to Twitter in order to use the app. Then, when the user is done with the app,

Re: [twitter-dev] verify_credentials longevity?

2010-08-31 Thread Dave Ingram
It's also used for OAuth Echo, if I'm not mistaken? D On 08/31/10 01:21, Matt Harris wrote: Hey Jud, There are no plans to deprecate verify_credentials. It's use is still valid for OAuth as it allows you to check if the user token and secret you have are still good. Best, Matt On