[twitter-dev] Sync Twitter location to Fireeagle

2009-11-28 Thread Jebu Ittiachen
in. Suggestions welcome. @jebui -- Jebu Ittiachen

[twitter-dev] Favorite create API which is the right one?

2010-05-20 Thread Jebu Ittiachen
As per apiwiki.twitter.com create favorite is http://api.twitter.com/1/favorites/create/*id*.*format* dev.twitter.com says its http://api.twitter.com/*version*/favorites/:id/create.*format *So which is the right one? -- Jebu Ittiachen jebu.ittiac...@gmail.com

[twitter-dev] Re: New opt-in API features available today, May 26th: entities, retweets in timelines, custom oauth_callback schemes

2010-05-27 Thread Jebu Ittiachen
+1 to the streaming request, as an option if possible. Thanks, Jebu On May 27, 6:03 am, Walter walte...@gmail.com wrote: Great work! Are there plans to include these features in streaming API? Thanks! On 26 maio, 19:22, Taylor Singletary taylorsinglet...@twitter.com wrote: Hi