Fetching user_timeline on twitter

2009-02-02 Thread Naveen
oauth, will there be a way for other friend networks to continuously be able to fetch a twitter user's feed after first time Oauth based authorization by using the user specific token on a long-term basis? Naveen

Re: Fetching user_timeline on twitter

2009-02-03 Thread Naveen
, can you shed some light on how a third party website will be able to get long term user-specific credentials from twitter? Best and thnx Naveen On Feb 2, 9:31 pm, dougw igu...@gmail.com wrote: Naveen, Storing user credentials is never ideal but with basic auth, applications that want to make

[twitter-dev] Re: New Dev + API Call Problems

2009-06-12 Thread Naveen
Of netdevinc.com Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2009 3:03 PM To: Twitter Development Talk Subject: [twitter-dev] Re: New Dev + API Call Problems I found out through the TweetSharp group that They had to make an update to their wrapper due to a change from twitter. On Jun 11, 1:30 pm, Naveen Kohli naveenko

[twitter-dev] Re: Twitpocalypse Announcement

2009-06-13 Thread Naveen
All Tweetshrap users, please update TwitterStatus object to use long for InReplyToStatusId property. Otherwise you will be getting overflow errors. -Original Message- From: twitter-development-talk@googlegroups.com [mailto:twitter-development-t...@googlegroups.com] On Behalf Of mozTom

[twitter-dev] Bump Issue 949 - Deleting status returns error

2009-09-02 Thread Naveen
Still waiting to get some kind of acknowledgment... http://code.google.com/p/twitter-api/issues/detail?id=949

[twitter-dev] Re: 200 errors

2009-09-06 Thread Naveen A
We are seeing this HTML META REFRESH as well from our clients. We are a mobile application and seeing this issue more and more frequently to the point that application is not functioning properly, its hard for use to provide any specific ip data as the carriers are most likely proxying the

[twitter-dev] Re: Spammers in followers list

2009-09-08 Thread Naveen A
Its going to be hard to please everyone, if there is a delay when followers are actually being added to the list, then users will be confused or annoyed why the following numbers are out of sync. People generally expect realtime changes, especially on twitter where many people use it to have

[twitter-dev] Re: Bad response on Show

2009-09-08 Thread Naveen A
While this issue is known and does show up on the list fairly frequently, I think the best solution is to point users who report this to the number of existing issues filed for this bug so that they may STAR them and be kept up to date about what is going on with the issue.

[twitter-dev] Re: Random 408 errors having been appearing the last 48 hours

2009-09-09 Thread Naveen A
It might be useful if detailed (step by step) instructions of how to generate the debug information twitter needs to track down this HTTP data being returned on the API, I am not sure how much data you are getting but I would really like to provide as much as I possibly can and provide others

[twitter-dev] Re: Malformed JSON results

2009-09-09 Thread Naveen A
from, the account(s) used, a curl(1) -vvv trace, and a tcpdump of the failure to be sent to a...@twitter.com. --Naveen A. On Sep 9, 12:02 pm, Craig Hockenberry craig.hockenbe...@gmail.com wrote: We're seeing a weird error occur with the API in the past few days: every so often, users will get

[twitter-dev] Re: Random 408 errors having been appearing the last 48 hours

2009-09-09 Thread Naveen A
, I apparently put my initial response on the wrong thread, as I am referring to the HTML META-REFRESH issues with 200 responses that many have been seeing. --Naveen Ayyagari On Sep 9, 12:16 pm, John Kalucki jkalu...@gmail.com wrote: Point your mobile device through a web proxy that you control

[twitter-dev] 403 Forbidden on statuses/update.xml

2009-09-13 Thread Naveen
Hello, Sorry I don't have full curl responses, but I haven't been able to reproduce via curl.. The below is from our logs as the response to a statuses/update.xml request. It looks like twitter is overloaded and is attempting to redirect to 503.html but permissions for that file are not set

[twitter-dev] Re: non json response

2009-09-16 Thread Naveen A
Is there a specific way we can construct our request to mitigate the non-json response? I have used a few different twitter clients on the same mobile device and some of them do not seem to be plagued with the bad data like we are? Does including something in the header help get us through

[twitter-dev] Re: Updates to the List API (list descriptions, cursoring lists of lists, finding by list id rather than slug more consistent names)

2009-10-28 Thread Naveen
that the list has something new to display. Thanks to anyone who can clarify if I am misunderstanding something. --Naveen On Oct 28, 6:14 pm, Marcel Molina mar...@twitter.com wrote: Real soon now. We appreciate everyone's patience while we gradually ramp up traffic to lists to ensure we've got

[twitter-dev] Re: Developer Preview: Trends API

2009-11-09 Thread Naveen
is anything significant some method of searching/sorting through available trends will be extremely useful. --Naveen On Nov 9, 5:13 pm, Raffi Krikorian ra...@twitter.com wrote: We've heard from lots of users that trending topics, as seen on the   twitter.com homepage and on search.twitter.com

[twitter-dev] Re: List creation updated (needs description param)

2009-11-18 Thread Naveen
We are seeing this issue as well.. We create a list with: http://apiwiki.twitter.com/Twitter-REST-API-Method%3A-POST-lists This is returning all valid data with an id for the list, which indicates it was successfully created.. However when we try to get status for the list it is returning 404

[twitter-dev] Re: statuses/followers incorrectly ordered

2009-12-03 Thread Naveen
This unorderedness is confusing to users.. They see their number of followers increase, then when they open their list of followers, the same set of people are always shown.. They are expecting to see their newest followers at the top of the list like they do on the twitter website. Its not even

[twitter-dev] Re: statuses/followers incorrectly ordered

2009-12-03 Thread Naveen
Thank you, greatly appreciated. On Dec 3, 1:08 pm, Wilhelm Bierbaum wilh...@twitter.com wrote: I will look into getting these into the same order as the site. On Dec 3, 9:26 am, Naveen knig...@gmail.com wrote: This unorderedness is confusing to users.. They see their number of followers

[twitter-dev] Re: Search API: new HTTP response codes for rate limiting starting 12/16

2009-12-04 Thread Naveen
I would have to agree with mat. But to each their own. The return codes frequently make no sense from twitter, so i guess the fact that it doesn't make sense it is irrelevant, so long as it is consistent. On Dec 3, 6:29 pm, mat mat.st...@gmail.com wrote: Given that 400 is bad request, and the

[twitter-dev] Search Weirdness?

2010-03-26 Thread Naveen
I have a search request that doesnt seem to work properly. I noticed when I was trying to refresh and no new posts were coming in, but it appears to not be working even on first search I have include the HTTP request and response, below, you can see that no results are returned, however a max_id

[twitter-dev] Re: Upcoming changes to the way status IDs are sequenced

2010-03-26 Thread Naveen
there a change userB message wont get delivered if its id is lower than userAs message and I happen to query the API just before userB but right after userA posted? --Naveen On Mar 26, 4:41 pm, Taylor Singletary taylorsinglet...@twitter.com wrote: Hi Developers, It's no secret that Twitter is growing

[twitter-dev] Re: Upcoming changes to the way status IDs are sequenced

2010-04-08 Thread Naveen
line, without changing how we request data from twitter (i.e. since_id doesn't break) --Naveen Ayyagari @knight9 @SocialScope On Apr 8, 7:01 pm, Brian Smith br...@briansmith.org wrote: What does “within the caveats given above” mean? Either since_id will work or it won’t. It seems to me

[twitter-dev] Re: Upcoming changes to the way status IDs are sequenced

2010-04-08 Thread Naveen
envision the situation as more likely than you seem to believe and figure as tweet velocity increases, the likelihood will also increase; But I am assuming have better data to support your viewpoint than I and shall defer. --Naveen Ayyagari @knight9 @SocialScope On Apr 8, 7:37 pm, Mark McBride mmcbr

[twitter-dev] Re: lang=en queries to search API not working

2010-11-29 Thread Naveen
Also seems to happen with the geocode parameter, adding a since_id makes the results return but we should not be able to that. On Nov 29, 10:22 am, clichekiller clichekil...@gmail.com wrote: This has been a problem for some time now, is nothing be done to address it?  The since fix isn't great

[twitter-dev] Re: Twitter API Timeouts

2011-02-28 Thread Naveen
if there is no timeout set.. I am also curious if there was a change made that would be attributed to this change in behavior. --Naveen On Feb 28, 2:14 am, Colin Howe colintheh...@googlemail.com wrote: Hi, We've started seeing the API drop a lot of our requests. No error, no response at all. Is this a known

[twitter-dev] Re: 401 unauthorized on blackberry after appending ;interface=wifi

2011-04-13 Thread Naveen
of the connection string to anyone, it is only used internally. Less likely but possible, the WIFI you are using is routing you redirecting to you a landing page to login to the WIFI access. --Naveen Ayyagari SocialScope On Apr 13, 12:41 pm, Mickey ng.mic...@gmail.com wrote: Hi On blackberry

[twitter-dev] Re: A new permission level

2011-05-18 Thread Naveen
I had most of the same thoughts already mentioned in this thread so wont reiterate everyone, except to add that this seems like a rather sudden and disruptive change coming just after #devnestsf where Twitter made a point that it was trying to provide better guidance so companies that rely on the

[twitter-dev] Android Twitter Account Manager

2011-06-09 Thread Naveen
Hi! I am developing an android application and want to integrate Twitter. What I understand is if on user's device, official android Twitter app is installed then we can authenticate using account manager. AccountsByType is com.twitter.android.auth.login and if not installed then show web page.

[twitter-dev] Too much twittering?

2009-06-07 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
and just fails to post the message without an error message to the client. I believe this is a bug in the API. Has anyone else seen this? Thanks. --Naveen

[twitter-dev] Re: friend exist function not working!!!!

2009-06-09 Thread Naveen Kohli
/g, '+').replace(/\*/g, '%2A').replace(/\//g, '%2F').replace(/@/g, '%40'); } }) /script !-- javascript ends here -- the json returns true or falsebut still it doesnt seem to work can anyone refine the code??? -- Naveen K Kohli http://www.netomatix.com

[twitter-dev] Re: New Dev + API Call Problems

2009-06-11 Thread Naveen Kohli
Put a break point right after you send request to Twitter to get response and see what is being returned. I have a feeling that you are running into request rate limit. And the response you are getting back is not getting translated to your collection objects. Do you use any third party libraries

[twitter-dev] Re: Twitter Developer/Founder Community on Ning - Registration Open

2009-06-12 Thread Naveen Kohli
on. (p. 70) -- Naveen K Kohli http://www.netomatix.com

[twitter-dev] Re: Rate Limits - Am I Blacklisted?

2009-06-16 Thread Naveen Kohli
the request or not, I'm still at 0 hits remaining whenever I try that same script on my server. But, if I try it somewhere else, I have all 100. Am I blacklisted? -- Naveen K Kohli http://www.netomatix.com

[twitter-dev] Re: Search API to require HTTP Referrer and/or User Agent

2009-06-16 Thread Naveen Kohli
API. I don't see a problem with that. Doug: Presumably the body of the 403 response will contain a suitable descriptive error message in the usual format? -Stuart -- http://stut.net/projects/twitter 2009/6/16 Naveen Kohli naveenko...@gmail.com: Why would you make decision based

[twitter-dev] Re: DDoS Status Update

2009-08-08 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
Chris , We implemented something like this network status using the rate_limit_status call (for the IP), while some of the numbers are sometimes wonky with this api right now we poll this every 5 minutes and set a flag to enable or disable all twitter requests from the server

[twitter-dev] Re: How do I handle 302 redirects with curl?

2009-08-08 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
Sometimes the rate_limit_status call is not returning a 302 to redirect, or the rate_limit_status xml, but HTML with a meta refresh in it (which curl doesnt understand to follow redirect/retry). Its not huge problem for us, but it can affect some throttling code people may or may not be

[twitter-dev] Re: How do I handle 302 redirects with curl?

2009-08-09 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
, Naveen Ayyagariknig...@gmail.com wrote: Sometimes the rate_limit_status call is not returning a 302 to redirect, or the rate_limit_status xml, but HTML with a meta refresh in it (which curl doesnt understand to follow redirect/retry). Its not huge problem for us, but it can affect some

[twitter-dev] Re: Twitter Update, 8/9 10am PST

2009-08-09 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
1. OAuth rarely works - I tried a number of your apps and it seems to work 1 out of 6-7 times. As a note, it worked better with Safari, but not every time. -Not applicable 2. 302 redirect - not sure anymore since our code has been updated to follow them automatically. 3.

[twitter-dev] Re: Twitter Update, 8/9 noon PST

2009-08-09 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
Most calls seem to be working much better for us. in response to the rate_limit_status call, I get HTML back occasionally.. looks like the fail whale page and 502 twitter over capacity.. Got this one about 10 min ago. 08-09-09 19:40:15rate_limit_status response(502): !DOCTYPE html

[twitter-dev] Twitter Update, 8/10 noon PST

2009-08-11 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
Just wanted to report that we are back up and running for the most part as well, BUT quite a number of our servers are still experiencing some BlackOut periods where twitter fails to respond and connections time out. They seem to last about 5-10 minutes each. We are running quite a few

[twitter-dev] Can someone suggest a VB.NET Twitter API Interface that works?

2009-08-13 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
catcalls, I would like to know what open source software you have contributed and where they are located. I need to know to avoid using your work at all costs. Many open source software projects have dependencies, this DLL has a dependency on Log4Net, the solution is simple, download

[twitter-dev] Re: Early developer preview: Retweeting API

2009-08-14 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
+1 on this. I think the ReTweet concept is more complex than the model in the Retweet API described. While twitter has always been a keep it simple service, I think you will find many users wont use this new functionality if they can't use it the way they do currently (with additional

[twitter-dev] Re: Post status to Twitter mobile version via querystring

2009-08-20 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
A quick google search shows how to use the Embeded Safari browser to change the user-agent. If you change the user-agent to something a desktop would use, it should work for you. Realize though that this will then give the desktop presentation of the website, which may not be ideal..

[twitter-dev] Re: Statuses/destroy is returning 400 even though tweet is deleted sucessfully

2009-08-27 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
I am seeing this issue as well. Users are reporting it very frequently now... At first I thought it was a bug in the client, but it happens every time I try to delete a status right now, and it has become one of the highest reported bugs in out app. Twitter reports 400 with the JSON

[twitter-dev] Re: Problems Connecting to the API

2009-10-18 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
+1 also can not connect to twitter api from any of our servers. On Oct 18, 2009, at 10:32 AM, Mark Ng wrote: +1 can't connect from slicehost.com (I believe in St. Louis). 2009/10/18 Michael Ivey michael.i...@gmail.com: Further info I've collected: Can't connect from: ATT DSL in South

[twitter-dev] Re: API 140 character truncation change?

2009-10-23 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
or not, you can compare the status sent to api and the status returned from api in your application code. -aj On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 1:51 PM, Naveen knig...@gmail.com wrote: Here are two threads related to this issue. http://groups.google.com/group/twitter-development-talk/browse_thread

[twitter-dev] Re: Updates to the List API (list descriptions, cursoring lists of lists, finding by list id rather than slug more consistent names)

2009-10-28 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
. On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 5:43 PM, Naveen knig...@gmail.com wrote: How does one keep a list up to date for a client without the concept of since_id, like we have for the timeline methods? I look at a lists as just a different timeline (granted one filtered to specific users), but that is how I

[twitter-dev] Re: Twitter connection giving a 502 Bad Gateway error

2009-10-29 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
I have seen these in our users logs as well. I wasn't sure if it was twitter or a mobile gateway they were using. On Oct 29, 2009, at 11:41 AM, hima wrote: Hi I am trying to collect users data from twitter, like the number of followers, number of tweets, the time the user' account is

[twitter-dev] Re: Subscribed Lists

2009-10-30 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
+1 Is there no way to view the lists that a user is subscribed to? As a client, it seems kind of silly that we can't allow the user to view a list that they already subscribe to with out them having to go find the list again. Kind of a big hole, because that means we will have to cache a

[twitter-dev] Re: will user payload include lists_count soon?

2009-10-30 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
+1 I was wondering this as well. On Oct 30, 2009, at 2:23 PM, Jim Gilliam wrote: I assume lists_count must be coming to the user payload, but haven't heard anyone mention it. Jim

[twitter-dev] Re: Social Graph Methods: Removal of Pagination

2009-11-13 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
I agree, friday is a poor time to make planned changes to the API... On Nov 13, 2009, at 11:58 PM, Jesse Stay wrote: I've already implemented this, but for future sanity, can you guys avoid doing these major updates on Fridays when we're all not focusing as much on work? That way if

Re: [twitter-dev] Re: Upcoming changes to the way status IDs are sequenced

2010-03-26 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
I am still a little unclear if we will be able to determine the correct since_id to pass to the api by always looking for the largest tweet id we have seen. It seems if two messages are posted at very close to same time, they may not be sequential since the bottom bits will be randomly

[twitter-dev] Re: New methods for pending follow requests

2010-04-13 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
this type of information is valuable to the user, but user objects (not ids) would be required to create a UI for someone to view and then interact with such requests. --Naveen Ayyagari @knight9 @SocialScope On Apr 13, 7:32 pm, Dana Contreras d...@twitter.com wrote: We've deployed two new methods

[twitter-dev] Re: New methods for pending follow requests

2010-04-13 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
free to tear apart my assumptions or if there is some security risk I am not considering with this type of implementation? --Naveen Ayyagari @knight9 @SocialScope On Apr 13, 9:06 pm, Raffi Krikorian ra...@twitter.com wrote: Is there API endpoints planned to accept/reject incoming and cancel

[twitter-dev] Re: dev.twitter.com

2010-04-14 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
This is great. I love the twurl interface at http://dev.twitter.com/console Just a thought/suggestion, a link to the documentation when a method is chosen from the drop down list. Its not critical, i can look it up; it would just be a nice extra to save me a few extra clicks. --Naveen Ayyagari

[twitter-dev] Re: Slow response to twitter updates for a third party app

2010-05-08 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
We see the same huge latency and timeouts as well (our timeouts are also at 30 seconds). We running out of a US data center on multiple machines, we see this issue on all if our servers. I agree with @tjaap, would like to hear twitters reaction as well. On May 7, 6:02 pm, Tjaap

[twitter-dev] Re: Slow response to twitter updates for a third party app

2010-05-08 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
of our users (we are still in the process of switching over to OAuth)? Should I just XXX those out? On May 8, 1:50 pm, Ryan Sarver rsar...@twitter.com wrote: Raj, Naveen, @tjaap, Do any of you still have tcp dumps of the calls you were making that were getting long timeouts? On Sat, May 8

[twitter-dev] Re: parsing out entities from tweets (a.k.a. parsing out hashtags is hard!)

2010-05-13 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
+1 on the additional parameter to optionally request the data. Every byte counts for mobile device battery life and download time. --Naveen Ayyagari @knight9 On May 13, 8:13 pm, Dewald Pretorius dpr...@gmail.com wrote: Raffi, This is all good, but can you please make the inclusion

[twitter-dev] Unexpected search results from search.twitter.com and API

2010-05-14 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
on search.twitter.com website. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27113/search_wierdness.jpg I have seen this strange behavior via the api as well and it is a bit confusing. --Naveen Ayyagari SocialScope @knight9

[twitter-dev] @replies missing

2010-07-04 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
Hello, Hoping we can get post on status.twitter.com about @replies not showing up... We have been getting a lot of reports that they are missing, and a quick twitter search seems to indicate it is not limited to our application.

[twitter-dev] Re: @replies missing

2010-07-05 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
://twitter.com/fredfiigglehorn/statuses/1065440 http://twitter.com/happyBeSacky/statuses/1057244 http://twitter.com/dcorsetto/statuses/17776966516 --Naveen On Jul 4, 9:42 pm, John Kalucki j...@twitter.com wrote: I don't have all the details, but there was at least one deploy today around

Re: [twitter-dev] New Twitter bug?

2011-02-02 Thread Naveen Ayyagari
their password IF they have been authorized using the xAuth like mechanism. This is confusing for us as the developer, but seems to make sense to the majority of users. I think this is more of a user education issue than an actual technical issue.. --Naveen On Feb 2, 2011, at 6:53 AM, Scott

[twitter-dev] Unable to post status

2011-08-10 Thread Naveen Tirupattur
/FetchOptions; Thanks, -Naveen -- Have you visited the Developer Discussions feature on https://dev.twitter.com/discussions yet? Twitter developer links: Documentation and resources: https://dev.twitter.com/docs API updates via Twitter: https://twitter.com/twitterapi Unsubscribe or change your group

[twitter-dev] Search for India Tweets returns tweets from Indonesia

2010-01-24 Thread Naveen J P
and Jamaica are being confused for some Indian cities. Plz help. Thanks Naveen