[twitter-dev] Re: Text Source. How can I change this?

2009-10-08 Thread Nik Fletcher
Hi Guys We've recently acquired a desktop application that uses the basic authentication to interact with the Twitter API. As we're renaming the application when it ships as 1.0, is there any way to *modify* an existing application's basic auth listing? Thanks! Nik

[twitter-dev] Re: Lists API for Subscriptions

2009-11-18 Thread Nik Fletcher
on this with Twitter (I couldn't see one), could they let us know here: otherwise I'll file it myself :) Cheers! -N -- Nik Fletcher Realmac Software

[twitter-dev] Re: Lists API for Subscriptions

2009-11-19 Thread Nik Fletcher
Hi Guys I've just opened a feature enhancement request with Twitter: http://code.google.com/p/twitter-api/issues/detail?id=1213 If you've got any further details, please feel free to add these as comments! Cheers -N

[twitter-dev] Rate Limit New API Features

2009-12-08 Thread Nik Fletcher
in effect. We're not hearing of Socialite hitting the rate limit a great deal (as we're deliberately refreshing Lists every third refresh to preserve API calls) - I'm just posting to see what the Twitter API team's thoughts are :) Cheers, Nik --- Nik Fletcher Support / QA Manager Realmac Software

[twitter-dev] Re: Rate Limit New API Features

2009-12-08 Thread Nik Fletcher
are :) Cheers, Nik --- Nik Fletcher Support / QA Manager Realmac Software

[twitter-dev] Re: How Does TwittPic Works ?

2010-02-04 Thread Nik Fletcher
-- Nik Fletcher Support QA Manager, Realmac Software

[twitter-dev] Re: How Does TwittPic Works ?

2010-02-05 Thread Nik Fletcher
Hi Raffi No worries - hope you're feeling better soon! If we can be of any help with getting this out the door, please let me know! Cheers -N -- twitter.com/nikf

[twitter-dev] Re: Introduce yourself!

2010-02-22 Thread Nik Fletcher
Hey Guys I'm Nik (@nikf) and work at Realmac Software in Brighton, England. We make a few Mac OS X applications - RapidWeaver / LittleSnapper and Socialite (previously known as Eventbox) which brings multiple social networks into one place. Whilst technically 'Support QA Manager' I also keep the

[twitter-dev] Re: OAuth rate limit question

2010-03-03 Thread Nik Fletcher
Hey Raffi So, would Twitter prefer that clients use the headers instead of relying on the (now misleading) account/rate_limit_status method to verify the rate limit? http://apiwiki.twitter.com/Twitter-REST-API-Method:-account%C2%A0rate_limit_status As, even with Oauth-signed requests, this

[twitter-dev] Re: OAuth Rate Limit Increase - Not seeing it

2010-03-03 Thread Nik Fletcher
Hi there We also thought we were not receiving the correct rate limit - however the account/rate_limit_status method doesn't actually correctly reflect these new request limits. Instead, you'll need to (at least, until - or if - Twitter change this method to respond appropriately to OAuth calls)

[twitter-dev] Re: OAuth Rate Limit Increase - Not seeing it

2010-03-04 Thread Nik Fletcher
Hi Guys http://code.google.com/p/twitter-api/issues/detail?id=1501 Cheers -N On Mar 3, 9:42 pm, Milen mi...@thecosmicmachine.com wrote: I couldn't agree more, it's pretty lame that: a) the rate limit method returns incorrect results b) only rate limited requests return any rate limiting

[twitter-dev] Re: OAuth rate limit question

2010-03-04 Thread Nik Fletcher
that rate limit status may have an issue with   it.  We will have to take a look. On Mar 3, 2010, at 2:56 AM, Nik Fletcher nik.fletc...@gmail.com wrote: Hey Raffi So, would Twitter prefer that clients use the headers instead of relying on the (now misleading) account/rate_limit_status

[twitter-dev] Re: Over Capacity Message on App Pages

2010-03-11 Thread Nik Fletcher
Hi Guys I've seen this too. However. If you re-visit the page a couple of minutes later it'll load just fine. We had this for @socialiteapp and whilst the initial load wouldn't work, visiting the page a few minutes later would work just fine. Cheers! -N On Mar 11, 8:59 am, Tim Haines

[twitter-dev] Re: OAuth Rate Limits

2010-04-16 Thread Nik Fletcher
, 2010, at 6:38 AM, Nik Fletcher nik.fletc...@gmail.com   wrote: Hi Guys With the announcement of Userstreams [which look like an excellent option for an app such as ours once streams are GA], does this affect the plan to offer 1500 requests per hour to OAuth clients? Whilst it's

[twitter-dev] OAuth User Numbers for Apps

2010-05-06 Thread Nik Fletcher
-- Nik Fletcher Support / QA Manager, Realmac Software @nikf

[twitter-dev] Uploading to Media Services / OAuth

2010-05-14 Thread Nik Fletcher
Hi Guys Whilst our desktop app has been desktop OAuth-based since launch, the media uploading has been username / password based (yfrog, twitpic etc). With basic auth going the way of the dodo next month, I just wanted to check to see what folks are doing for media uploads to services that use

[twitter-dev] Differing UI for @Anywhere OAuth and Application OAuth

2010-05-25 Thread Nik Fletcher
over to the other OAuth flows in the near future? We're using the PIN code OAuth in Socialite, and one of the issues we see (besides the entirely unfamiliarity of PIN code-based OAuth) is folks who are unclear in which account they're authenticating. Kind Regards, @nikf -- Nik Fletcher Support

[twitter-dev] Re: Clock Ticking on Basic Authpocalypse

2010-06-01 Thread Nik Fletcher
Thanks for this Rich. I've emailed Taylor to see if the folks at Twitter would consider listing this information at dev.twitter.com so that there's a single, central, place for this kind of information that'll be frequently asked in the next month!! Cheers -Nik -- @nikf

[twitter-dev] Re: Using stored OAuth tokens in Anywhere

2010-06-14 Thread Nik Fletcher
Hi, I don't think there is currently a way to do this - best thing would be to file a ticket requesting this here: http://code.google.com/p/twitter-api/issues/list Cheers, -N On Jun 13, 7:48 pm, Karthik fermis...@gmail.com wrote: Let's assume, we already have tokens of users, who logged into

[twitter-dev] Re: increase rate limit

2010-06-28 Thread Nik Fletcher
Hi there 150 requests per hour is the limit for Basic Authentication-based requests, with OAuth-authenticated requests allowed further requests. Normally it's 350 (and is due to be raised to 1,500 per hour at some stage), however given the extra load Twitter's under during the World Cup OAuth

[twitter-dev] Re: My Client API was Decreased to 175

2010-07-01 Thread Nik Fletcher
Check this thread: http://groups.google.com/group/twitter-development-talk/browse_thread/thread/e6cc26581bde8a0b All clients are experiencing this - and at times it's dropping below 175 RPH: http://groups.google.com/group/twitter-development-talk/browse_thread/thread/f2fe7c02a69e2c1b/ -N On

[twitter-dev] Re: Any chance to get more than 20,000 calls per hour?

2010-07-09 Thread Nik Fletcher
Normally you could request Twitter whitelisting by emailing a...@twitter.com. However, you won't be able to until after the World Cup: http://groups.google.com/group/twitter-api-announce/browse_thread/thread/130a8c1749a87279 -N On Jul 9, 12:42 pm, deadlychaos deadlychaos...@gmail.com wrote: Hi

[twitter-dev] Re: Which one are you using in your mobile app? xAuth or oAuth?

2010-07-13 Thread Nik Fletcher
Hi Guys This might be of interest: http://getsharekit.com It's a drop-in module for iPhone apps to enable sharing. I've based my own Twitter sharing off of this (using xAuth as the other OAuth flows stink IMHO) however ShareKit allows both OAuth and xAuth should you wish so might provide some

[twitter-dev] Re: OAuth echo base string(TwitPic)

2010-07-20 Thread Nik Fletcher
http://dev.twitter.com/pages/oauth_echo -N On Jul 20, 10:02 am, Mounir Regragui reg.mou...@gmail.com wrote: Hi everyone! So I would like to add a feature to upload a picture to twitter via twitpic! Seems like it is using something called OAuth echo, that has additional parameters to the

[twitter-dev] Re: Error trying to access

2010-08-01 Thread Nik Fletcher
+1 for my account too (@nikf) -N On Aug 1, 4:12 pm, Carla Cavalcante carlacavalcante.cavalca...@gmail.com wrote: I'm having the same problem as you!! On 31 jul, 18:47, Federico f.diazr...@gmail.com wrote: Someone called Taylor previously said that there would be maintenance of twitter

[twitter-dev] Re: Rate Limit Decrement

2010-08-05 Thread Nik Fletcher
The per-hour rate is decreasing by 10 requests each day until August 31st. 150 on 16/8 140 on 17/8 ... 0 on 31/8 Cheers -N -- @nikf On Aug 4, 10:00 pm, kme km.ens...@gmail.com wrote: I have some questions regarding the message onhttp://countdowntooauth.com/ ...starting on August 16th, the

[twitter-dev] Re: Is Twitter misusing their own t.co url shortener?

2010-08-13 Thread Nik Fletcher
might be able to comment further though. -N -- Nik Fletcher @nikf On Aug 13, 2:17 am, D. Smith emai...@sharedlog.com wrote: How long has it been since Twitter started their own t.com url shortener? Not sure, but I don't think it's been long enough to shorten over 3.5 trillion urls. Well, I

[twitter-dev] Re: iPhone - Twitter Home in a UIWebView with a valid access token.

2010-08-18 Thread Nik Fletcher
controllers to your app and push them with the data you've downloaded etc. Cheers -N -- Nik Fletcher @nikf

[twitter-dev] Re: Application source in Direct Messages

2010-08-19 Thread Nik Fletcher
File it here: http://code.google.com/p/twitter-api/issues/list -N On Aug 19, 4:04 pm, Dossy Shiobara do...@panoptic.com wrote:  +1.  Yes, please.  If Twitter implements *nothing* else for 2011, make this the TOP feature on your roadmap.  PLEASE! On 8/19/10 5:17 AM, nischalshetty wrote:

[twitter-dev] Re: OAuth authorizing multiple accounts and disabling automatic redirection when account is already authorized

2010-08-23 Thread Nik Fletcher
:-) In Socialite[1], to counteract user confusion we now make sure that users are clear with which account they're signing in with by appending force_login=true [2] to each https://twitter.com/oauth/authenticate/ request we start the OAuth side of things. Cheers -N -- Nik Fletcher @nikf [1] http

[twitter-dev] Re: null posts in home_timeline

2010-08-24 Thread Nik Fletcher
Hi Guys I'm also seeing this and forwarded on some markup for the home_timeline to you, Matt. It's easier to spot in XML, where Twitter are returning the following between status objects: nil-classes type=array/ e.g. (objects hidden using code folding) status status nil-classes type=array/

[twitter-dev] Re: null posts in home_timeline

2010-08-24 Thread Nik Fletcher
Just a quick update to point any Twitter folks reading this thread to issue #1823 on the bug tracker http://code.google.com/p/twitter-api/issues/detail?id=1823 Cheers! -N On Aug 24, 10:42 am, Nik Fletcher nik.fletc...@gmail.com wrote: Hi Guys I'm also seeing this and forwarded on some

[twitter-dev] Re: null posts in home_timeline

2010-08-24 Thread Nik Fletcher
http://twitter.com/twitterapi/status/22002256380 -N -- Nik Fletcher @nikf On Aug 24, 9:49 am, emmettoc creepyman2...@gmail.com wrote: Hello, Many users of some client apps are still in trouble because of null results in home_timeline. You can check usernames in trouble by searching famous

[twitter-dev] Re: null posts in home_timeline

2010-08-25 Thread Nik Fletcher
Hey Matt, Just a quick update. We're seeing a number of further reports of this overnight. I'm trying to track it down with our users, but my own home timeline is no longer showing the issue. Cheers -N -- Nik Fletcher @nikf On Aug 24, 3:34 pm, Matt Harris thematthar...@twitter.com wrote: Hey

[twitter-dev] Re: REST API Limits going down

2010-08-26 Thread Nik Fletcher
Are you using OAuth for your application? If not, the wind-down of Basic auth is probably the reason for this decrease - and you'll be without Basic Auth at the end of the month http://countdowntooauth.com/ -N On Aug 26, 4:49 pm, David Toussaint david.toussa...@azionare.de wrote: Hi, My

[twitter-dev] Re: t.co Rollout

2010-09-02 Thread Nik Fletcher
I don't know the answer to the first few items, but I'm guessing that the URLs will be unwrapped to whatever was originally submitted to Twitter (i.e. whatever's currently shown when using the REST API timelines with ?include_entities=true in the parameters) -N -- @nikf On Sep 2, 4:34 am, M.

[twitter-dev] Re: dev.twitter.com sends consumer secret in clear text

2010-09-22 Thread Nik Fletcher
This has been discussed quite a bit previously, and is something the Twitter folks are aware of: http://code.google.com/p/twitter-api/issues/detail?id=1665 Cheers -N On Sep 21, 6:54 pm, ManuelZ m...@alumni.sfu.ca wrote: When you register your Twitter app athttp://dev.twitter.com, you get an

[twitter-dev] Re: Per user retweet count

2010-09-24 Thread Nik Fletcher
IIRC Matt / Taylor have said that Twitter search typically only keeps 7 days worth of data for searching, so you can't go any further back than that at the moment. Cheers -N On Sep 24, 8:14 am, Karthik K karthikkato...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, Is there any way to get the Retweet count per user?

[twitter-dev] Re: Certificate Twitter Apps

2010-10-26 Thread Nik Fletcher
I'm not sure what sort of Verification you're looking for - however, you might want to take steps on your own end to reassure users why they're being sent to Twitter. See, for example, Favstar. http://favstar.fm/authorization/new It's the your job as an application developer to instil confidence