[twitter-dev] Authorization with Oauth from Siebel

2011-01-04 Thread THusvaeg
Hi, We are setting up, my first time, an Oauth connection with Twitter from Oracle's Siebel. But we are consistently getting a 401 unauthorized return when sending the HTTP Transport Service request (a Siebel utility). This is what I am doing: -- Consumer Key and Secret are random test values

[twitter-dev] Using skandinavian characters

2011-01-24 Thread THusvaeg
Hi, I have a working api integration with the following setup: --- var strText = Inputs.GetProperty(DMTxt); var strUser = Inputs.GetProperty(DMUser); var strTextEnc = encodeString(strText); var sBaseTargetString =

[twitter-dev] Re: Using skandinavian characters

2011-01-26 Thread THusvaeg
requires that the %'s be escaped... so this becomes: %25C3%2586%2520%25C3%2598%2520%25C3%2585%2520and%2520%25C3%25A6%2520%25C3%25B8%2520%25C3%25A5... Let me know if this helps. Thanks! Taylor On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 10:51 PM, THusvaeg hus...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, I have a working api