[twitter-dev] Re: Paging (or cursoring) will always return unreliable (or jittery) results

2009-09-09 Thread alexc
this issue still pops up : http://twitter.com/friends/ids/downingstreet.xml?page=3

[twitter-dev] streaming API missing a lot of tweets

2009-11-24 Thread alexc
hi all, I am noticing that the gardenhose access level is missing a lot of tweets from authoritative users such as @guykawasaki and @chrisbrogan, both of which tweets quite often and their accounts being public. I have not streamed a single tweet from the above account since Oct 27, while i am

[twitter-dev] Since, Until operator returns tweets outside the specified date range ?

2010-02-25 Thread alexc
http://search.twitter.com/search.atom?ands=olympics+covergirlrpp=100 contains results from the 19, and the 20th of Feb. However, http://search.twitter.com/search.atom?ands=olympics+covergirlrpp=100since=2010-02-20until=2010-02-20 still returns tweets from the 19th ? is this a timezone issue ?