[twitter-dev] @anywhere iframes getting improper document domain?

2010-07-09 Thread dndrnkrd
I'm seeing same-origin policy issues at the completion of the @anywhere sign-in process, to the tune of: permission denied for window www.example.com (document.domain has not been set) to get property Window.twttr from www.example.com (document.domain = http://example.com). My @anywhere app's

[twitter-dev] Re: @anywhere iframes getting improper document domain?

2010-07-12 Thread dndrnkrd
: Hello, By chance are you only seeing this error in IE?  If so, the following config for @Anywhere can fix your problem: twttr.anywhere.config(domain, document.domain); - Todd On Fri, Jul 9, 2010 at 9:56 AM, dndrnkrd dan.drink...@gmail.com wrote: I'm seeing same-origin policy issues

[twitter-dev] Anywhere errors in Opera 10.6

2010-07-15 Thread dndrnkrd
Getting a continuous stream of the following in latest Opera/Mac. Call stack looks to be trying to init a tweetbox, but I really can't debug with the way opera scrolls to the latest error each time the console updates. Any thoughts? Uncaught exception: [object DOMException] Error thrown at line

[twitter-dev] anywhere back button bug in IE

2010-08-13 Thread dndrnkrd
As early as Monday, I'm getting reports of extra history states logged in IE from my users. I've run my code that uses @anywhere with and without anywhere.js on the page and have confirmed that 2 extra history entries are being created by including the platform, and then one new state is being

[twitter-dev] Re: anywhere back button bug in IE

2010-08-17 Thread dndrnkrd
Wanted to add that I've found this specific to use cases where document.domain is set in config. The issue can be easily reproduced in any IE browser with a simple test such as: http://gist.github.com/528661. This one generates 2 extra history states, more can be created by adding more iframe