[twitter-dev] question on authentication...

2011-05-15 Thread jimmy6
1) oath2 supported in twitter?

2) Why there is no proper document mention what parameter use in
following authenticated method?

3) How to get access token in @anywhere?

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[twitter-dev] Question about Authentication/Whitelisting and friends/ids

2010-09-20 Thread Ramanathan Narayanan

   I have a whitelisted account. I was under the assumption that I can
use either a assigned IP address or authentication in order to make use of
the 20,000 API calls per hour. Earlier I used to authenticate using basic
authentication and issue a API call from a machine different from my
whitelisted IP, and I was able to make that count against my whitelisted

   When I switched to oauth, I have a problem with the friends/ids call.

   Specifically , when I issue a API call to friends/ids using oauth, I
specify the user_id parameter. Now my problem is that this API call returns
the friends/ids list for my oauth authenticated user id, and not for the
user_id for which I want the friends/ids. Is there a simple solution to this


Ramanathan Narayanan
Dept. of EECS
Northwestern University
Evanston IL

Twitter developer documentation and resources: http://dev.twitter.com/doc
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