Re: [twsocket] FTP Timeout Problem

2011-04-28 Thread Dave Baxter
For a server yes, but it's not trouble if you know the ports it's configured to use, and make appropriate holes in the Server's firewall. The client end, even for secure FTP still does not need any firewall/router meddlings when Passive mode is used, as again it only makes outgoing connections,

Re: [twsocket] FTP Timeout Problem

2011-04-27 Thread Dave Baxter
Passive mode *Should not* need any firewall hole poking, at the Client end. That's the beauty of Passive mode! The client only ever makes outgoing connections, it never has to receive an incoming one. Any half decent firewall or NAT router, will handle all that transparently. It's worth

Re: [twsocket] socket lossing traffic after 2/3 days

2011-04-20 Thread Dave Baxter
That just shows active connections. You need:- netstat -an That shows chapter and verse, tcp and udp ports, connected, listening, waiting etc. If you do:- netstat -anb ...on XP or later, you also (eventualy, it can take a while) the processes that are associated with the ports and

Re: [twsocket] UDP receive issue from a Windows service

2011-04-19 Thread Dave Baxter
Surely, an attached debugger is going to use some CPU time, however small even if nothing triggers it, therefore, the debugged program cycle timing will change somehow, however small. Plus, however the debugger works, it could be forcing some other process (in the kernel) to do it's job more

Re: [twsocket] [OT] Twitter tells third-party devs to stop making Twitter client apps

2011-03-21 Thread Dave Baxter
Translated... They want the users to see all the add's and fluf, other third parties pay them to present, that many dedicated client app's wont show DaveB. -Original Message- From: Anton S. [] Sent: 21 March 2011 08:49 To: Subject:

Re: [twsocket] UPNP

2011-01-11 Thread Dave Baxter
Take care. UPnP is dangerous. It's a very common way for a lot of Malware on one PC to open holes in the border firewall/router for it's own (doubtfull) ends. UPnP was a nice idea for consumer stuff, but it opens a whole tanker full of worms if used, hence many (most now?) windows PC's have

Re: [twsocket] Installing ICS within C++ Builder 2006

2010-11-12 Thread Dave Baxter
Hi... Indeed If you go to that in turn takes you to, the Quicklink top right, with Latest ICS Version showing, presents one with an file when you hit the '' button to start the process...

[twsocket] [OT] Digest mail trouble, local to me, I think.

2010-09-29 Thread Dave Baxter
. Dave Baxter. dave at uk-ar dot co dot uk (demangle as usual) -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Sent: 29 September 2010 13:00 To: Subject: TWSocket Digest, Vol 392

Re: [twsocket] PASV fallback to public IP

2010-09-07 Thread Dave Baxter
-Original Message- From: Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd [] Sent: 07 September 2010 09:47 To: Subject: Re: [twsocket] PASV fallback to public IP Some FTP servers return wrong IP for PASV command (private instead of

[twsocket] OT: Old vs New (Was RE: Should ICS support IPv6 on W2K?)

2010-06-03 Thread Dave Baxter
Hi. There is still lots of in-house and some vendor support and development for 2k among the indipendants. As just swapping out the embedded PC is nowhere near as easy as it would be in an office or home environment. The lack of EISA slots and Real COM ports, for existing mega expensive

Re: [twsocket] Should ICS support IPv6 on W2K?

2010-06-02 Thread Dave Baxter
I suspect that data comes from querying browser an or or MS update users. There is still a *Huge* W2k installed base in industry, all those machines and systems with it embedded. Heck, there are still many DOS+Win3x based systems still running things in places. I even know of one Comodor PET

Re: [twsocket] Connect to FTP proxy not in transparent mode - promptfor account

2010-05-17 Thread Dave Baxter
Hi. Your best bet, as your user wants to use a specific proxy, is to ask them to provide you with an install of such a proxy (as a loan item, that you will return to them when you're done developing and testing) with the account setup instructions, so you can make your own test system, allowing

Re: [twsocket] FTP through proxy not in transparent mode

2010-05-10 Thread Dave Baxter
I presume you're looking for this... ? There is a list of Transparrent proxies, if you look down the left of that page. I think they are Web/HTTP related, also needing the client to use a specific port to connect to the proxy with. I'm not

Re: [twsocket] FTP Monitoring software?

2010-02-08 Thread Dave Baxter
I'd go so far and say it's Very Good. Even to the point of re-assembling files from monitored packet streams too. Dave B. -Original Message- From: Francois PIETTE [] Sent: 07 February 2010 18:40 To: ICS support mailing Subject: Re: [twsocket] FTP

Re: [twsocket] Static ARP

2010-02-02 Thread Dave Baxter
-Original Message- From: Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd [] Sent: 02 February 2010 10:46 To: Subject: Re: [twsocket] Static ARP Does ICS provide any means to set static ARP entries? No ICS does not have support ARP.

[twsocket] SSL is broke?

2009-11-24 Thread Dave Baxter
Seems good old SSL is after all susceptable to some sort of Man In The Middle atack. Scroll down, to episode 223. Comments? Dave B. -- To unsubscribe or change your settings for TWSocket mailing list please goto

Re: [twsocket] OverbyteIcsPingTst

2009-11-20 Thread Dave Baxter
Hi.. What operating system? Have you given any local firewall/secruity system permission for the ping test program to do what it needs? That is, use the machines networking resources. Cheers. Dave B. -Original Message- From: Signed Source(r) Project

Re: [twsocket] Location of TTrafficLight component and examplesource code

2009-09-17 Thread Dave Baxter
The problems seems to be ( is sick or off the air at the moment. The domain responds to a Ping (average 173ms!) but none of the 3 browsers and 2 ISP combinations I have avalable here will download anything from that address. Timout waiting for server, or

Re: [twsocket] Specify full paths to libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll

2009-09-15 Thread Dave Baxter
Hi... Put them in a unique folder/directory, available to all app's. An easy (if dirty) way, is in the System32 folder under Windows (or WinNT.) Make sure you have one set, AND ONLY ONE SET of them on your system, and all apps etc will use them as needed, so they only see the same version.

[twsocket] OT (but related) Kylix install disk?

2009-03-27 Thread Dave Baxter
Hi.. Anyone (preferably in the UK) got a Kylix 3 install CD and activation licence/code, they would like to sell/pass on? If so, please contact me off list with the details. Ta. Dave B. -- To unsubscribe or change your settings for TWSocket mailing list please goto

Re: [twsocket] Single port FTP

2008-09-19 Thread Dave Baxter
Cant honestly see what the problem was... Passive FTP is a well established mode, and is router/firewall (at the client) friendly as they only ever make outgoing connections. The only advantage I can see with this, is that the server side router/firewall only needs one port forwarded.

Re: [twsocket] Single port FTP

2008-09-19 Thread Dave Baxter
. -Original Message- From: Arno Garrels [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: 19 September 2008 09:52 To: ICS support mailing Subject: Re: [twsocket] Single port FTP Dave Baxter wrote: Mind you, how would you handle simultaneous connections to one port anyway...At present, I don't think

Re: [twsocket] HttpCli / LAN / Router / Proxy / ?Help!

2008-07-11 Thread Dave Baxter
You could put your own entries in the systems Hosts files. So that for example PC1 would resolve to One set of entries common to all machines should do the trick... Find that file at... C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc in XP. Add entries such as. PC1

Re: [twsocket] Group created on LinkedIn

2008-07-08 Thread Dave Baxter
As someone who has in the past... Not a lot, except spam, spam and yet more spam. Just my experience with that site (and others). Cheers. Dave B. -Original Message- From: Primož Gabrijelčič [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: 07 July 2008 23:05 To: 'ICS support mailing' Subject:

[twsocket] OT: Network diagnosis tools.

2008-05-08 Thread Dave Baxter
Hi.. As a result of my searching for a Windows based command line (or whatever) RARP client. I found... Netwox and Netwag (Google is our friend, again) Cross platform etc, Netwox is the toolsuite while Netwag is a GUI wrapper, that uses Active TCL scripting. I have to say, this toolsuite

Re: [twsocket] Reverse ARP?

2008-05-06 Thread Dave Baxter
O Many thanks Francois. It's the closest yet I think. I'll have a play and report back, for completeness.. Thanks again. Dave B. -Original Message- No sure it is what you need, but I've found this: -- [EMAIL

Re: [twsocket] Reverse ARP?

2008-05-06 Thread Dave Baxter
Good point Angus, I'll also look there, the windows private stuff that is. Dave B. -Original Message- From: Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2008 3:21 PM To: Subject: Re: [twsocket] Reverse ARP? Oh

Re: [twsocket] Reverse ARP?

2008-05-06 Thread Dave Baxter
Sadly, RarpD is a RARP server, that will respond to incoming RARP requests. Interestingly, you have to provide it with a table of MAC addresses, and corresponding IP addresses. What I'm looking for I think is a command line RARP client. Thanks anyway Francois. Dave B. -Original

[twsocket] Reverse ARP?

2008-05-01 Thread Dave Baxter
Hi.. Does anyone here know how to implement a Reverse ARP request? I have a piece of hardware that has a network port for remote control (RJ45, 10/100 UTP etc) but next to no physical user interface, but it does support IP address assignment by DHCP. The documentation says to do a Ping cXX

Re: [twsocket] Reverse ARP?

2008-05-01 Thread Dave Baxter
Thanks Angus... I need to do this in a way so as to minimaly impact the network as a whole, while discovering the gadgets IP address. The last time I Pinged an entire (class C) subnet, I got a visit from IT!.. ;-) I think they were more upset I knew as much as they did about such things...

Re: [twsocket] UDP Newbie...

2008-04-07 Thread Dave Baxter
If you've not already done so (Assuming you're using XP) Make an Exception in Windows Firewall settings, for your application (exe file name) and the port number it listens on. Especialy if it needs to accept incoming data from outside the physical (or virtual) PC. *Usually* XP's Windows

Re: [twsocket] Problem using same UDP port for both listen and send

2008-03-10 Thread Dave Baxter
Hi... Unless you are using an existing known protocol, in which case you'd idealy use one of the recognised existing port numbers Port 80, 8008, 8080 for an HTTP server for example. Letting the system pick a random port to listen on as a server is a bit unproductive, as how would you

Re: [twsocket] Problem using same UDP port for both listen and send

2008-03-10 Thread Dave Baxter
Hi Dod.. No problem, and yes I also get hit by things like this, not only in software!... Trouble is, the longer we keep fixing these sort of things, the more of them we get to do! Supose it keeps us out of trouble, or does it?.. Cheers. Dave B. -Original Message- From: Dod

Re: [twsocket] UDP Hole Punching

2008-03-06 Thread Dave Baxter
I'll take a look. Cheers. Dave B. -Original Message- From: wayne forrest [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Dave, thank you for all the advice, I will look into all of it for sure, about the Telnet Application: I recall seeing one at Hope that helps. This mail has

Re: [twsocket] UDP Hole Punching

2008-03-05 Thread Dave Baxter
, 2008 7:06 AM To: ICS support mailing Subject: Re: [twsocket] UDP Hole Punching Dave, maybe I as not all that clear on my Specification: My ICS Clients will be Mobile PHones MIDP2.0, therefor I do not think Hamatchi will work, or would it ? On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 4:10 PM, Dave Baxter

Re: [twsocket] UDP Hole Punching

2008-03-04 Thread Dave Baxter
NAT Traversal is well documented, but less than easy to make work from scratch But why bother rolling your own? Just download and use Hamachi. (Google for it) Even the free one will start automaticaly when Winderz boots, then you have a UDP based secure VPN between 2 (or more) sites. Just

Re: [twsocket] AN: New e-mail protocol (spam free and more!)

2008-02-07 Thread Dave Baxter
I suspect that's half the point. Only like equipped users can communicate. Guess there could be a use in the financial or military markets, or other intentionaly closed environments... There again, I'd also guess they have such systems implemented already? Servers, nothing to stop you

Re: [twsocket] Trying to do some old stuff

2007-11-30 Thread Dave Baxter
- Original Message - From: Dave Baxter [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: ICS support mailing Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007 6:31 PM Subject: [twsocket] Trying to do some old stuff Hi All... This in regards to ICS V5. I think... I wish to do some legacy stuff, involving

[twsocket] Trying to do some old stuff

2007-11-29 Thread Dave Baxter
Hi All... This in regards to ICS V5. I think... I wish to do some legacy stuff, involving Delphi1 (!!) I'd like to implement a simple UDP conversation, to link an old Win16 app, to a new Win32 only driver via the LocalHost. (I sort of understand this way of doing things, I most defiantely

Re: [twsocket] FTP Failure

2007-11-26 Thread Dave Baxter
Passive Mode is the way to go, but some clients will still trip up it seems, notably IE in it'a various flavours. Make sure you have enough data ports forwarded in the router/firewall to the PC that your Server application is attached to. That should not be a problme testing your server from

Re: [twsocket] Strange Vista winsock behavior--any way to by-pass?

2007-05-04 Thread Dave Baxter
From the limited exposure I've had to Vista (Home Basic) client use. A Clean install on the same hardware (P4 2GHz, 512MB Ram, 80G drive, nVidia graphics) it run's at about half the speed of XP(Home) in just about all respects. Whatever tweaks you do to it. Where'd the Wow go? Less than

Re: [twsocket] How to get the call stack programmatically?

2007-04-30 Thread Dave Baxter
MadExcept does similar things. Very useful, to users of Delphi 4-7 that is, not other versions, or C etc. Dave B. This mail has been scanned by Palmer Cook Computer Services Limited. -- To unsubscribe or change your