Re: [twsocket] Does ICS support ...

2005-10-18 Thread Wilfried Mestdagh
Hello Jack, I was just editing this faq whitch could answer one of your questions: [Author] Marco van de Voort [Email] [EMAIL PROTECTED] [Answer] Since there seem to be quite some confusion about the extend of fixes FPC needs, I made a ICS/FPC status page, that explains the needed changes,

[twsocket] [QUESTION] HttpCli and exceptions...

2005-10-18 Thread Guillaume MAISON
Hi all, AFAIK, when using THttpCli in sync mode, it's possible to put the Get or Post call between a try/Except to catch any exception. But how to do the same - catching exception - when using async mode ? Thanks in advance, Best regards, -- Guillaume MAISON - [EMAIL PROTECTED] 83, Cours

Re: [twsocket] Does ICS support ...

2005-10-18 Thread Jack
Hello Wilfried and Francois, Thanks for the replies. According to Francois's reply, even if ICS works for FP Windows, it most likely will not work for FP Mac or FP Linux. I think I'm better off doing it in C/C++. (If anyone has experience with ICS working on Kylix/FP, Mac/Linux, I'll be glad to

Re: [twsocket] Linker Errors When Installing ICS under BCB6

2005-10-18 Thread Ed Reinhardt
On 17 Oct 2005 at 22:23, Ed Reinhardt wrote: Hello everybody, Has anyone found a solution to the linker errors during installation under BCB6? I am using the latest ICS installation package from overbyte. I am using BCB6 pro build 10.166 (update 4). After choosing Build...

[twsocket] Do You have the same problem with this url and HttpTst ?

2005-10-18 Thread Bruno Mannina
Hi All, I want to GET this url but HttpTst program returns me Error 400 Bad Request ??!! FireFox or I.E. programs reply me StatusCode = 200 !!! Can you try or give me a solution ?? Sincerely, Bruno -- To unsubscribe or change your settings