Re: [twsocket] Newbee writing webcam utility

2007-12-01 Thread Bob Reeves
Hi Mike, You just saved me a bunch of time trying to figure out something I didn't need (Chasing Ghosts as we use to say). This prompted me to actually run the HttpCli demo and discovered Get() already does what I need. The Get method actually transfers the file to the local hard drive...

Re: [twsocket] Exceptions ignored in OnDataAvailable method

2007-12-01 Thread Arno Garrels
DZ-Jay wrote: Hello: In the TWSocket component, I've noticed that if an exception is thrown within an OnDataAvailable handler (which is triggered from TCustomWSocket.ASyncReceive() method) they will be ignored, and only the bMore flag is set to false which will stop the receive loop. Have

Re: [twsocket] Exceptions ignored in OnDataAvailable method

2007-12-01 Thread DZ-Jay
On Dec 1, 2007, at 13:36, Arno Garrels wrote: Have you got any exception that was raised from TWSocket internaly? I mean outside of your handler? Well, I noticed the issue because my handler raised an unhandled exception and the application then behaved in a strange manner because it was

[twsocket] Webserver with local connections only

2007-12-01 Thread George
Hello, I created a THttpServer that is used as a middleware between my delphi app and a flash application. I want to make sure that only me and flash will communicate each other so I want to restrict connections from outside internet or local IPs. What's the safest way to check it? Any piece of