Re: [twsocket] FTP Client

2005-11-11 Thread Gies,Brad
We have had the same problem going through a firewall unless you specific a range of ports and make sure they are open in the firewall. Not sure if this is useful in your case or not, but just in case it helps Sincerely, Brad Gies - NLM Software

[twsocket] SMTP and NTLM authentication

2006-06-23 Thread Gies,Brad
Does the SmtpCli and SyncSmtpCli support NTLM authentication, and if so, what setting needs to be enabled to use it? Sincerely, Brad Gies - NLM Software Southfield, MI, USA - Do everything in moderation including

[twsocket] FTP missing bytes

2006-07-06 Thread Gies,Brad
I have an automated process that has been sending FTP files to a customer for over two years with no problem. Suddenly, they seem to be missing two bytes from a file after I transfer it, which is causing problems. I did recently upgrade my ICS to the latest version. Has anything changed that

Re: [twsocket] FTP missing bytes

2006-07-06 Thread Gies,Brad
everything in moderation including abstinence -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Gies,Brad Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2006 10:51 AM To: Subject: [twsocket] FTP missing bytes I have an automated process that has

Re: [twsocket] FTP missing bytes

2006-07-06 Thread Gies,Brad
From: Gies,Brad [EMAIL PROTECTED] It seems the answer is that I now have to send the Type command before I do the PUT. Did it used to default to binary before, and now it defaults to ASCII? When I originally built my little web site program for editing pages and uploading them, I

Re: [twsocket] Somebody out there with a M$ Exchange server?

2006-08-13 Thread Gies,Brad
Arno, Let me know if I can help, and if no one else has an NTLM mail server, I'll see if our network guys will allow me to give you one of my test accounts for our Outlook Server. I'm pretty sure I have one that is available from outside the company, but will have to check when I'm actually at

[twsocket] IcsZLibObj

2006-09-14 Thread Gies,Brad
I keep getting the File not Found . adler32.obj error when attempting to compile projects with ICS. I have the zobj123 directory added to my search path, and if I compile again when the compiler stops on the initialization section of the IcsXLibObj file then it compiles fine. Do I need to

Re: [twsocket] How to handle a failed CWD with FTPClient...

2006-10-10 Thread Gies,Brad
Send code examples. My guess is that you are in directoy 1\2\3 and then attempting to CWD to a\b\c\d without returning to the parent directory first, so that you are really trying to change to directory 1\2\3\a\b\c\d without realizing it. Sincerely, Brad Gies