[TYPES/announce] positions at the IT University of Copenhagen

2007-08-08 Thread Lars Birkedal
://www1.itu.dk/sw64250.asp for details. Best wishes, Lars Birkedal

[TYPES/announce] Assoc. Prof. position at IT University of Copenhagen

2007-10-23 Thread Lars Birkedal
; program analysis; and programming language technology for distributed and mobile applications, in particular for context-aware mobile computing. Application deadline is Nov. 12, at noon. Please see http://www1.itu.dk/sw70441.asp for the full official announcement. Best wishes, Lars Birkedal

[TYPES/announce] assoc. prof. opening at IT University of Copenhagen

2009-01-29 Thread Lars Birkedal
-library/Intranet/Personale/Stillingsopslag/VIP/Stillingsopslag%202009/Lektor%20SDG%20-%202009-223-0007.pdf Application deadline is 12:00 on February 12, 2009. Best wishes, Lars Birkedal. The research interests of the applicant should preferably be within software development, programming

[TYPES/announce] Two post. doc. positions - Tools and Methods for Scalable Software Verification

2009-05-19 Thread Lars Birkedal
http://www.itu.dk/people/birkedal/moreaso/).] Please contact Lars Birkedal (birke...@itu.dk) or Peter Sestoft (sest...@itu.dk) for more information. Best wishes, Lars Birkedal - Lars Birkedal Professor, Head of Programming, Logic, and Semantics Group

[TYPES/announce] Ph.D. positions at the IT University of Copenhagen

2010-02-02 Thread Lars Birkedal
group (www.itu.dk/research/pls) for more information. Best wishes, Lars Birkedal Professor, Head of PLS group and the FIRST research school. www.itu.dk/~birkedal

[TYPES/announce] Assistant or Associate Professors of Computer Science

2011-01-14 Thread Lars Birkedal
are welcome to contact me for further information. Best wishes, Lars Birkedal birke...@itu.dk - Lars Birkedal Professor, Head of Programming, Logic, and Semantics Group IT University of Copenhagen Web: http://www.itu.dk/people

[TYPES/announce] Associate Professors in Computer Science at Aarhus University

2013-04-08 Thread Lars Birkedal
[ The Types Forum (announcements only), http://lists.seas.upenn.edu/mailman/listinfo/types-announce ] Please circulate the announcement below for tenured faculty positions here in Aarhus. Best wishes, Lars Birkedal (cs.au.dk/~birkehttp://cs.au.dk/~birke) Professor, Head of Logic

[TYPES/announce] associate professor positions in Aarhus, Denmark

2014-10-13 Thread Lars Birkedal
/kmpupck Please circulate this information to potential applicants. Thank you very much in advance, Lars -- Lars Birkedal Head of Department of Computer Science, Professor, Head of Logic and Semantics Group web: www.cs.au.dk/~birke email: birke...@cs.au.dk phone: +45 2383 8546

[TYPES/announce] Postdoc and PhD positions in Aarhus

2015-02-20 Thread Lars Birkedal
. Please circulate this announcement to potential applicants and encourage them to get in contact with one of us. Best wishes, Aslan Askarov (as...@cs.au.dkmailto:as...@cs.au.dk) Lars Birkedal (birke...@cs.au.dkmailto:birke...@cs.au.dk) Olivier Danvy (da...@cs.au.dkmailto:da...@cs.au.dk) Anders Møller

[TYPES/announce] HOPE 2015 workshop @ ICFP - call for talk abstracts

2015-06-03 Thread Lars Birkedal
contact the PC chairs, Lars Birkedal (birke...@cs.au.dk) and Neel Krishnaswami (n.krishnasw...@cs.bham.ac.uk). Deadline for talk proposals:June 12, 2015 (Friday) Notification of acceptance: July 3, 2015 (Friday) Workshop:August 30, 2015 (Sunday) The submission website is now open

[TYPES/announce] MFPS 2016 conference

2015-12-08 Thread Lars Birkedal
Krivine, Paris, France, Joel Ouaknine, Oxford, UK Lars Birkedal (Chair), Aarhus, Denmark Michael Mislove, Tulane, USA Neel Krishnaswami, Birmingham, UK Paul Blain Levy, Birmingham, UK, Peter Dybjer, Chalmers, Sweden Prakash Panangaden, Montreal, Canada Stefan Milius, Erlangen, Germany Steve Brookes, CMU

[TYPES/announce] PhD positions, application deadline May 1, 2016

2016-03-29 Thread Lars Birkedal
this call to potential applicants. We are looking for candidates interested in (1) Modular reasoning about concurrent higher-order imperative programs (see http://users-cs.au.dk/birke/modures/). Contact: Lars Birkedal, birke...@cs.au.dk (2) Guarded homotopy theory, a new project aimed at developing type

[TYPES/announce] Assistant and associate professor openings at Aarhus University, Denmark

2016-12-19 Thread Lars Birkedal
apply are found at: http://scitech.au.dk/en/about-science-and-technology/vacant-positions/scientific-positions/?tx_peoplexs_pi1%5Bid%5D=862617_peoplexs_pi1%5BportalId%5D=5283_peoplexs_pi1%5Baction%5D=show_peoplexs_pi1%5Bcontroller%5D=Vacancy=52c836baa95211618f57dfe80bc0046a Best wishes, Lars Birke

[TYPES/announce] Assistant and Associate Professor positions at Aarhus University, Denmark

2017-12-14 Thread Lars Birkedal
.au.dk/om-science-and-technology/stillinger/videnskabelige-stillinger/?tx_peoplexs_pi1[id]=934877_peoplexs_pi1[portalId]=5285_peoplexs_pi1[action]=show_peoplexs_pi1[controller]=Vacancy=4df9e0c7f01222f969518a96fc9dda68> Please circulate to potential applicants. Thanks, Lars Birkedal — Lars Birked

[TYPES/announce] Lecture Notes on Iris: Higher-Order Concurrent Separation Logic.

2018-08-03 Thread Lars Birkedal
, including research papers and Coq implementation, please see http://iris-project.org/ Enjoy! Lars Birkedal and Aleš Bizjak birke...@cs.au.dk abiz...@cs.au.dk -- PREFACE Iris has been developed over several years in joint research involving the Logic and Semantics group

[TYPES/announce] Full Professor Position in Aarhus, Denmark

2018-03-22 Thread Lars Birkedal
rke...@cs.au.dk> if you have any questions about the position. Best wishes, Lars -- Lars Birkedal Professor www.cs.au.dk/~birke<http://www.cs.au.dk/~birke> birke...@cs.au.dk<mailto:birke...@cs.au.dk>

Re: [TYPES/announce] Full Professor Position in Aarhus, Denmark

2018-03-23 Thread Lars Birkedal
, at 15:24, Lars Birkedal <birke...@cs.au.dk<mailto:birke...@cs.au.dk>> wrote: Dear All, The Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University, Denmark, has announced a call for a full professor position in computer science. We are looking for candidates in all areas and w