RE: [U2] My company is complaining about the U2 emails

2004-05-14 Thread Tony Gravagno
Miscellaneous suggestions that can be taken one at a time or combined: - Have the mail sent to some non-filtered e-mail server like hotmail and then have people poll that server from their normal e-mail client or a different one. - Get the digest version, zip it, then manually distribute to

[U2] IBM positioning Linux against Microsoft

2004-05-18 Thread Tony Gravagno
Ref: If IBM really wants to target Microsoft, why don't they start telling the world about all of the existing U2 applications that run on Linux with features and stability that rival that of competitors like Great Plains,

RE: [U2] IBM positioning Linux against Microsoft

2004-05-20 Thread Tony Gravagno
Whenever I propose that people take their existing apps, do some marketing, and make a go of it in the mainstream world, the conversation often turns toward but we need more tools. People want the magic silver bullet that will make their procedural code into event-driven, their green screens into

RE: [U2] UniVerse in VB .NET

2004-05-21 Thread Tony Gravagno
Colin Alfke wrote: We did (somewhat) investigate the route but cost considerations precluded it for us. Hi Colin - I initially thought that the cost for PDP.NET was prohibitive as well but then I started asking questions and I was amazed that the cost is MUCH less than what people

RE: [U2] Re: Once again and updated. Cheapest way to have Pick talk to Web ?

2004-05-22 Thread Tony Gravagno
Will Johnson wrote: Ok let's hear some real numbers. Can a Pick database (on Windows) talk to the Web for say... under 5 grand? Yes If so How ? Write your own interface on time that has not been allocated to paying customers. Seriously, I have written many such interfaces using

RE: [U2] Reading Excel worksheets natively from within Universe

2004-05-27 Thread Tony Gravagno
While I am no longer offering NebulAnalysis at the moment, you can see from our web page that I have considerable experience with controlling Excel directly from MV. In lieu of product, we can offer consultation and development services for tight Excel integration, using NebulAnalysis as the tool

RE: [U2] Gone....

2004-05-31 Thread Tony Gravagno
USA Memorial Day today. Is there a current problem with the email lists? Nothing of any consequence for the past 2 or 3 days Only a very small smattering of subscribes and U2 FMT mails. Regards, Bruce Nichol Talon Computer Services ALBURYNSW 2640 Australia

RE: [U2] [OT]Postscript to a Laser on Dumb Term Aux Port

2004-06-05 Thread Tony Gravagno
Personally I'd recommend that you reconsider the architecture that you're trying to build, rather than reconsidering the specific devices that you're trying to fit into that architecture. I'm reading square pegs and round holes here. Dumb terminals were designed when we didn't have anything

RE: [U2] [OT]Postscript to a Laser on Dumb Term Aux Port

2004-06-05 Thread Tony Gravagno
Anthony Dzikiewicz wrote: Much has been considered. These are retail cashiering station that we are talking about. One central printer would be my next choice. The only thing that can go wrong is that the printer hangs and the whole front counter is dead. And you could go multi-printer

RE: [U2] http posting

2004-06-07 Thread Tony Gravagno
[I'll preface this that my gloating looks like an AD to me, so ... AD ] Sounds like you just need a trigger which invokes CallHTTP or something external like cURL. Our new NebulaHTIO (HyperText Input/Output) is a MV BASIC wrapper around cURL, for people who want to do HTTP/HTTPS from MV BASIC

RE: [U2] D3 Shutting down

2004-06-15 Thread Tony Gravagno
D3 questions are best addressed at but we can take a quick shot here. D3 is shutting down on it's own? I've never heard of this and now both of you see it - weird. When you say shutting down, do you mean a clean shutdown or a crash, as in the VME service just stops

RE: Unclassified RE: [U2] .Net Provider for Unidata or Universe

2004-06-16 Thread Tony Gravagno
from Tony Gravagno [snip] PDP now has the sanctions of Microsoft, and it can't hurt to tell management that you're running Microsoft-approved .NET communications with your IBM-approved database. [snip] -- Tony, Please can you substantiate the statement PDP now has the sanctions

RE: [U2] Mime Type: application/dynamicarray

2004-06-17 Thread Tony Gravagno
I do a fair amount of work with the guts of HTTP clients and servers, and with other RFC-standard protocols, as well as custom protocols over TCP. At first thought I don't see the value in a specialized type like this. The few client/server processors that would use it would need to implement

RE: [U2] .Net Provider for Unidata or Universe

2004-06-17 Thread Tony Gravagno
Dawn M. Wolthuis wrote: Cache' blankets the Java market with ads as well... I have no clue whether their marketing strategy is working to grow them significantly beyond their initial MUMPs base, but I'm definitely curious. Dawn, I've had loose discussions with MV VARs about Cache' for quite

RE: [U2] Web Wizard (another MV to Web solution)

2004-06-21 Thread Tony Gravagno
Mel Soriano of ERIS has an article in every issue of Spectrum Magazine. Web Wizard has been around for a long time and has apparently had a compelling amount of success. I've never used it so I can't comment. I mention Web Wizard as one development option in my series of articles on Web

RE: [U2] Linux and PE

2004-06-26 Thread Tony Gravagno
I think most sites that provide downloadable distros will have ISO's somewhere, if not at a home site then at some mirror site. I've successfully loaded WhiteBox Linux over MS Virtual PC 2004 and then installed and activated D3. WBL is a fork from RHEL (ES/AS/WS) and seems to be a good platform,

RE: [U2] pickwiki page hacked

2004-06-29 Thread Tony Gravagno
A Wiki doesn't require a hack, anyone who sees the page can change it. That's the nature of a Wiki. If the medium doesn't suit the needs then a new medium is required. Tony Not sure who's doing the pickwiki page at www.pickwiki,com. I think Wendy knows. Apparently the page has been

RE: [U2] UniObject Licening

2004-07-14 Thread Tony Gravagno
Welcome to Tony's Education Corner. :) Most of the responses so far say connect, do your stuff, then disconnect. That's all good advice - here is why people are saying this. This is the concept of Persistence. If you hold a connection between user inquiries, you have a Persistent connection.

RE: [U2] [OT] SAP

2004-07-15 Thread Tony Gravagno
SAP people tend to come in with the replace everything attitude. The CFO's and CTO's who bring them in are making political decisions, not technical. If your business has apps that function perfectly for your vertical market or for your unique way of doing business, then you have assets that

RE: [U2] [OT] SAP

2004-07-15 Thread Tony Gravagno
David makes some good points. Follow-up below... From David Jordan: One thing was pointed out to me very quickly about SAP. German companies are very structured and do things by the book. SAP works well for this. If your organisation is innovative and reactive and management come with

RE: [U2] [UV] UniObjects across the internet

2004-07-20 Thread Tony Gravagno
You could approach this in an n-tiered manner which addresses both the speed and security issues. Your VB client would use HTTPS to make a request of your web server. The web server invokes VB and UniObjects to access Universe. This eliminates direct exposure of the Universe box to the

RE: [U2] CallHTTP

2004-07-21 Thread Tony Gravagno
Wendy Smoak wrote: Nick Cipollina wrote: Is anyone aware of any limitations to the length of parameter_value in the addRequestParameter(request_handle,parameter_name,parameter_va lue,conten t_handling) function. CRITICAL ERROR! Notify the system administrator. Abnormal termination of

RE: [U2] AP/Pro Help

2004-07-26 Thread Tony Gravagno
, but it will probably cost about $500 to start - there Are, however, a lot of people there in Irvine who worked for many years with AP/Pro, so your answers Are probably there. Good Luck. Tony Gravagno, Nebula RD Former positions at Pick Systems/Raining Data: QA Manager Corporate Technical Account Manager DBMS

RE: [U2] AP-Pro Diskettes

2004-07-29 Thread Tony Gravagno
ago. Remember, I've had some experience with this software, there is no consumable. ( Gonna feel real stupid if this one comes back to bite me, but I've been there before. :) ) Tony Gravagno, Nebula RD Former positions at Pick Systems/Raining Data: QA Manager Corporate Technical Account

RE: [U2] Unidata CALLHTTP

2004-07-30 Thread Tony Gravagno
Nick Cipollina wrote: I recently had to call a web service, and it was actually easier for me to write my own call to the web service using the socket interface. The callHTTP functionality was too limited for what I needed to do. Rather than writing your own low-level socket interface, take

RE: [U2] UniObjects for .NET (UO.NET)

2004-08-03 Thread Tony Gravagno
From the text on the website and the conference info below I don't see how UO.NET is similar or different compared to UO except that it's re-written to be managed code. Does it support the full UO API? Does it support ADO.NET? Connection pooling is interesting. XML/DataSet support? I hope that

RE: [U2] [OT] Sarbanes-Oxley

2004-08-05 Thread Tony Gravagno
Gordon Glorfield wrote: BTW My apologies to our non-USA list members as this is only pertinent to US operations. Sometimes I forget we are not all in the USA. Actually Gordon, while the legal responsibilities of compliance with USA regulations only apply to USA companies, I can easily see

RE: [U2] [OT] Sarbanes-Oxley

2004-08-05 Thread Tony Gravagno
intended 3) Those sponsoring laws have a clue what they're doing. When it comes to Congress, the less they do the better. :-) Tony Gravagno wrote nothing of the sort: [snip - go check] --- u2-users mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED] To unsubscribe please visit

RE: [U2] [OT] Sarbanes-Oxley

2004-08-06 Thread Tony Gravagno
Bill H. wrote: The management, who are putting their necks on the line, so to speak, should be able to do what they think is necessary. The real difficulty is management are being hired who don't know how to judge the quality their business operations and activities. This is a primary cause

RE: [U2] Sample Callhttp

2004-08-15 Thread Tony Gravagno
Note from prior discussions here that you can use cURL as easily as CallHttp, and in my opinion it's a lot better and easier. You can also invoke remote Web Services by calling to Perl and Java tools that will eliminate your need to mess with SOAP-specific XML. It sounds like you need a Web

RE: [U2] U2 .Net Information

2004-08-28 Thread Tony Gravagno
Leroy Dreyfuss wrote: If you order a new version of 10.1, it should come with the client CD containing UO.NET. It is not available separately. It was released August 10th. I think I may have mentioned it here on the list before. Where can I find some detailed documentation about the library?

RE: [U2] UniObjects.Net

2004-08-31 Thread Tony Gravagno
Brian, I think you're missing one of the main features of ADO.NET, which is to make the source of your data independent of how your application works with it. I don't necessarily want to access my MV environment via SQL, but I do want to be able to pull the data into a dataset so that it's

[U2] Unidata with AccuTerm?

2004-09-01 Thread Tony Gravagno
I've been having a heck of a time at ECL on Unidata PE 6.0 with AccuTerm 2k2 - all over WinXP Pro. I'm not sure of which terminal emulation is best, or even how to check/set the term type in Unidata. term vt100 doesn't return a confirmation and term just returns A,B,C,D help with nothing about

[U2] Unidata shared memory and catalogs

2004-09-01 Thread Tony Gravagno
Platform is Unidata 6.0 PE over WinXP. I've been having a hard time doing development on subroutines when the main calling programs are running on active processes. This isn't live code, it's all development, but I'm trying to avoid stop/restarting the main code every time I change a subroutine.

RE: [U2] Unidata shared memory and catalogs

2004-09-04 Thread Tony Gravagno
So many responses, I'll put them all in this one note: Alfke, Colin wrote: First: login to the session that you are running !NEWVERSION from as ADMINISTRATOR (a user in the administrators group won't do it). The doc does indicate that the user must be Administrator, I noted that it did not say

[U2] Southern California presentation on DesignBais

2004-09-07 Thread Tony Gravagno
In case anyone missed my recent mention of this I thought I'd dedicate a thread to it. Inquiries welcome about DesignBais for U2 and other MV platforms. A video presentation on CD is available, shipped from Nebula RD in the USA or DesignBais in Australia, depending on where

RE: [U2] Southern California presentation on DesignBais

2004-09-07 Thread Tony Gravagno
Sean W Ferguson wrote: Interesting product. How does it compare to Visage? From a quick glance at the DesignBais website they look very similar in concept and design. I have no experience with Visage yet, outside of

RE: [U2] Southern California presentation on DesignBais

2004-09-08 Thread Tony Gravagno
This is precisely the reason why I don't want to get into a shooting match. People spend more time focusing on product comparisons, competitive positioning, and posturing metaphors like tricycles than they do on just appreciating products for their own merits. This is an election year in the USA,

RE: [U2] Southern California presentation on DesignBais [SHORT]

2004-09-09 Thread Tony Gravagno
Again, I'm not getting into a mud slinging match. For whatever reason, people are excited about DesignBais without the mud. I'm learning as I go why they're getting excited and I'm just trying to share some info. Once people have the info they can do their own feature comparisons and make their

RE: [U2] How do you avoid out-of-office Outlook auto-reply to this list

2004-09-12 Thread Tony Gravagno
Use a combination of rules. I have 3 for this and they seem to work OK, though not perfectly: 1) Use the rule for a message which is an out of office message. 2) Another rule with: auto reply or d'absence du bureau in the subject 3) Another rule with: out of office or out of the

RE: [U2] How do you avoid out-of-office Outlook auto-reply to this list

2004-09-13 Thread Tony Gravagno
Oops, I posted how to avoid the messages, not how to send them. Sorry Chuck. T Stevenson, Charles wrote: (Yes, I could unsubscribe temporarily, but I prefer a more complicated solution.) Could some kind soul please post the MS Outlook (v. 2003) procedure for preventing the standard I

RE: [U2] Alas .NET

2004-09-16 Thread Tony Gravagno
djordan wrote: If Uniobjects .Net is a .Net assembley, then it should run anywhere that the .Net frame work runs as well as probably on the Linux version as well. We've had some discussions in comp.databases.pick about .NET-enabled MV tools running over Mono. I believe (though someone with

RE: [U2] Assembling in Las Vegas this weekend ...

2004-09-16 Thread Tony Gravagno
When you say has used, OK, I fit that category. I had one client about 12 years ago that was running Results on a Microdata. I worked with them for about 4 years, so I knew their customized app well at the time. Good software, though some parts of it I wouldn't touch with a long pole. When

RE: [U2] CDBMA .org

2004-09-16 Thread Tony Gravagno
I'm glad you liked the material Dave. For those who were unable to make it, as seen in another thread here I'll be on the panel with the U2UG this Sunday. I'll have some DesignBais presentation CD's available after the session. For clarification of licensing costs and other details, please

RE: [U2] CDBMA .org

2004-09-17 Thread Tony Gravagno
Actually Dave wrote: a step in the right direction to get a browser based screen interface to U2. Skipping the layers to get it to happen. And it's priced at $1000. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Does this imply from an external user? Or are you just saying a web browser

RE: [U2] Comparison Unidata and Universe

2004-09-17 Thread Tony Gravagno
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Tony which of the below are freeware? I'm surprised you asked, but the only freeware editor below is from I hope I didn't imply otherwise. [Moderator-friendly snippage] wED from AccuTerm: mvToolbox RED, CRED,

RE: [U2] mvBase spooler

2004-09-18 Thread Tony Gravagno
Allen E. Elwood (CA) wrote: Does anybody know in a Raining data mvBase system, *is* there a file for the spooled jobs, and if so, what the name might be? I really truly hate SP-EDIT and have a spooler that I wrote for Unidata that I would like to port over. Seeing this thread growing I'll

RE: [U2] spammed

2004-09-21 Thread Tony Gravagno
gerry wrote: imo - the solution to this problem is simple - the posters email address should not be included in the distributed postings. i know the list address , the list address knows my address and nobody else knows anything. From: Glen B Something else to consider, is the presence

[U2] RE: Editors - mvToolbox

2004-10-01 Thread Tony Gravagno
With the discussion of editors coming up again and again I thought I'd post another note about this mvToolbox software. I am not selling the software, nor do I get commission, etc.. I just think it's important for U2 developers to be aware that something this feature-rich is actually available.

RE: [U2] [UV] Writing key .anything to type 19

2004-11-15 Thread Tony Gravagno
You can use appropriate host OS functions to copy/move the file to a more friendly name, then use UV to Read the new filename. You can use an OS function like exists to see if the file exists before doing the copy or read. Oh yes, and please post the name of whoever it was that architected the

RE: [U2] [UV] [OT] Writing key .anything to type 19

2004-11-16 Thread Tony Gravagno
Starting to go OT here. David, please forgive, as I shifted your first quote around to maintain context. I think it was AT T who architected unix. Obviously you have never tried to read a hidden unix file? Quite a number of resource files are named as hidden files and if you wish to read

RE: [U2] OT MV-Base

2004-11-23 Thread Tony Gravagno
people actually do hang out. Now that I think about it, I think I _did_ post a thread about exactly this situation in the RD forum. HTH, Tony Gravagno (former mvBASE Product Manager, but it wasn't my fault!) Nebula RD [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: One of my clients has MVbase running

RE: [U2] PDP vs UO, was Case

2004-11-23 Thread Tony Gravagno
/mainstream connectivity to your MV back-end - but the time and hassle that you save comes at a price which is paid to RD. As always, the question comes down to whether you have more time or more money. HTH. Tony Gravagno, Nebula RD [EMAIL PROTECTED] Former RD DBMS Product Manager and other titles

RE: [U2] Where Will the .NET Apps Live ?

2004-12-23 Thread Tony Gravagno
Mono allows you to run the same C#/.NET code over Win32 and *nix. As an example, you can use Mono to serve ASP.NET pages from your Linux box with no Windows involved. Connectivity can be established with your U2 environment, just not via UO.NET, which

RE: [U2] Where Will the .NET Apps Live ?

2004-12-23 Thread Tony Gravagno
BobJ |U2UG| wrote: Mono is one of the better tricks of our time. But for practical purposes it IS Windows so MS wins again. They just don't get any profit when you use Mono. At least no direct profit. Hey Bob, I'll give you grief here but I look forward to seeing you at

RE: [U2] Where Will the .NET Apps Live ?

2004-12-24 Thread Tony Gravagno
That D in DOM is a general term and doesn't necessarily refer only to legible Documents. I think DOM and API can be used interchangably when referring to class libraries that define complex data structures along with related method/property/event structures. The MS Office libraries are a good

RE: [U2] Where Will the .NET Apps Live ?

2004-12-27 Thread Tony Gravagno
Full agreement with Brian, Will, and David on separating rules from the UI, which is a concept that many MV developers tend to acknowledge but not apply. Will, I'll see your bet and raise you a few : The concept of compiling rules down to Java is only half of it, the other half is executing them.

RE: [U2] Where Will the .NET Apps Live ?

2004-12-28 Thread Tony Gravagno
I tend to put basic syntactical validation in the client and application-specific data integrity type validation in the back-end. Sure that creates more client-specific code, but with standard routines it's not such a bother. The reason I do this is that I'm concerned about traffic.

RE: [U2] Where Will the .NET Apps Live ?

2004-12-29 Thread Tony Gravagno
Hey Mike - what's with the BlueFinity label, why not just send them here?: Now I'm confused about mv.NET. The diagrams and details make it look like a class library but the text in the bluefinity website makes it look like a RAD environment nested within

RE: [U2] free txt-to-pdf converter

2005-01-06 Thread Tony Gravagno
David really hit it on the head here. Because this is really a big FAQ, a couple months ago I took a lot of time to research Windows and Linux solutions for creating PDFs, particularly from MV. I was very surprised and disappointed to find a triangle of mutually exclusive usage factors: Ease of

RE: [U2] Mono Development Interface java for .Net

2005-01-10 Thread Tony Gravagno
I don't see the original post that this is a REply for - was there one? If you want to use mono over Windows, then check out SharpDevelop. I'm doing QA of some new documentation for installing MonoDevelop. With all of the dependencies and default pathing that

RE: [U2] Customer Name Lookup

2005-01-19 Thread Tony Gravagno
I consulted for a mail order fulfillment house a long time ago. They had many companies sending them name/address data, some of the data was a duplicate of data from other sources, or repeated data from the same source, but often the data wasn't quite the same due to typos, or maybe one list had

RE: [U2] Customer Name Lookup

2005-01-19 Thread Tony Gravagno
Mark Johnson wrote: I may use the purge method to scrub the data and assign some consistency. That's fine as a manual job for me, but on-going I think it's going to get out of hand as time goes on. Plus their user base is from another land so that enters in some mis-spellings. Kevin King

RE: [U2] Wintegrate ML-SEND

2005-01-20 Thread Tony Gravagno
, leaving you to focus on your business application rather than on a multitude of tools and protocols - This is the basic model behind all Nebula RD offerings. [/ad] Thanks for your time. Tony Gravagno, Nebula RD TG at alwaysremovethispartNebula-RND dottie com --- u2-users mailing list u2-users

RE: Unclassified RE: [U2] [UV] SOX Compliance and Universe

2005-01-30 Thread Tony Gravagno
I'm guessing Mike's note is in response to Marilyn, not Meeta. Marilyn wrote: The previous company I worked at uses what I believe is now a Microsoft product called SourceSafe. MR MICHAEL.HENDERSON wrote: Meeta, Microsoft Visual Source Safe [VSS] is a comprehensive source-code

RE: [U2] POS for Pizza Restaurant

2005-02-03 Thread Tony Gravagno
Check with Drew Conboy at Drexel Management. He has software that is targeted at take-out food businesses. Dconboy at REMOVETHISdrexelmgt dotster com Tony TG at removethistooNebula-RnD dot com Bob Gerrish |U2UG| wrote: Anyone out there know of any reasonably

RE: [U2] HTML printing

2005-02-14 Thread Tony Gravagno
Mark, there was a long thread about this as recently as last week in comp.databases.pick. The topic comes up every couple of weeks or months. There's lots of passion about various solutions, then the topic dies down again ... until someone brings it up again as though the question has never been

RE: [U2] Basic program editor for Windows

2005-02-14 Thread Tony Gravagno
Bruce Nichol wrote: AccuTerm has another. This is the WED (Windows Editor) which is built into AcciuTerm. I use it _extensively_ and highly recommend it. A project has been announced on the new MV Developer Central site which seems to match Malcolm's request. The developer speaks Russian

RE: [U2] Universe to Web interface

2005-02-15 Thread Tony Gravagno
Wendy Smoak |U2UG| wrote: My point was that for free often isn't. If you can buy a packaged solution for a few thousand dollars, and not have to maintain and support it, [as long as it does what you need it to,] it's probably a better deal. I like working with Java

RE: [U2] UV to Web interface

2005-02-15 Thread Tony Gravagno
Glen B wrote: If you find this site down from time to time lately it's because construction is being done in the area around the server and it's made phone/network connectivity erratic. Please try again later. Glen is generously providing MV

RE: [U2] UV to Web interface

2005-02-15 Thread Tony Gravagno |U2UG| wrote: But I was just reading that Apache DOES have support for .asp ... since V2.0 ... Haven't tried it yet though. Will And ASP.NET with Mono - One code set for all platforms... Tony [EMAIL PROTECTED] --- u2-users mailing list To

RE: [U2] OT MV-Base

2005-03-10 Thread Tony Gravagno
My name is on this so I'll respond here. I've said a few times before, this is not an mvBASE forum and I don't believe questions should be posted here about other platforms and issues not even remotely related to U2 or this special interest group. Please post your inquiry in the mvBASE section

RE: [U2] [UV] Web Services for Dummies

2005-03-11 Thread Tony Gravagno
Please see my four articles on Web Services and .NET, originally printed in Spectrum Magazine from 2003-2004. Magazines are here: HTML versions here: http://../articles/ I also have an article there called SOAP for people who don't do

RE: [U2] [UV] Release 3.2 of the SRS_UV_HEADER program now available

2005-04-17 Thread Tony Gravagno
Might be good to post SRS4UV to as an offical open source project for discussion, bug/feature tracking, and of course community download and maintenance. You can select from many open source licenses that reflects your intent and the rights/obligations of those who use the code.

RE: [U2] MvInternet - IBM Licensing Requirement

2005-04-17 Thread Tony Gravagno
Until I saw Dean's posting I was also going to just let it go. The trigger for me was the equating of multi-user license usage to running multiple copies of software on different systems. Copying software allows more than one person to execute different functions at exactly the same time. All

RE: [U2] Hold-file to CSV

2005-04-17 Thread Tony Gravagno
Make an inquiry into Dynamix from 253 Technologies in South Africa. I'm not sure if it will do what you need but from memory I think there might be a fit with the way you describe your requirements. Please let me/us know if it does match your needs. Tony Nebula RD Mark

RE: [U2] IBM Licensing Requirement

2005-04-18 Thread Tony Gravagno
It's been very interesting to see this healthy discussion unfold. As Dave and Glen and others have said, it's time to review licensing for modern usage. The only reason I can think of as to why the DBMS vendors aren't coming up with something is that the discussion is just too complex and no one

RE: [U2] Base 16, 26, 36

2005-04-22 Thread Tony Gravagno
Here's a link to similar discussion in CDP a number of years ago. There you'll find a couple programs and what may be a one-liner *nix solution. c9509f274c79134/c40d80cdc7e46bad (may need to be sewn together if your mail

RE: [U2] Printing PDF from uv

2005-04-25 Thread Tony Gravagno
I did a little googling on the topic and found the typical assortment of PDF tools in the market. They range in cost from free to about $1500, with very little relation between cost and quality - a perfect example of how the mystery of the medium allows some people to command whatever the market

RE: [U2] UvBasic .Net

2005-04-28 Thread Tony Gravagno
will be even more so than PDP (supporting all four data methods described above, etc). HTH Tony Gravagno TG@ removethisNebula-RnD .com - Owner, Nebula RD providing MV, web, and .NET development services - Technical Editor for C#Builder KickStart from SAMs Publishing - Technical Editor for many C# articles

RE: [U2] Off topic - resizing open files in Advanced Pick/AIX

2005-04-29 Thread Tony Gravagno
and mvBASE questions to this U2 forum?! I know, I know - probably more AP users here than in the RD forums... :)Try comp.databases.pick too... Good luck Tony Gravagno, Nebula Research and Development Former QA Manager for AP/D3, Former Product Manager for D3 TG@ removethisNebula-RnD .com Manu

[U2] Domino / Universe connectivity

2005-05-20 Thread Tony Gravagno
available? Can anyone recommend a more direct connectivity method that a user of Domino Designer can use without involving .NET or third party tools? Any other suggestions and offers for services welcome. Thanks. Tony Gravagno, Nebula Research and Development TG @ removethisNebula-RnD .com --- u2

RE: [U2] Domino / Universe connectivity

2005-05-20 Thread Tony Gravagno
David Jordan wrote: Visual Studio .Net and Uniobjects .Net allows you to set up very easy web services. For B2B that could be a good way to go. If you are looking at ASP .Net and want security, then I would recommend Win2003 and IIS 6 that comes with it. This is highly secured compared

RE: [U2] Domino / Universe connectivity

2005-05-22 Thread Tony Gravagno
David Jordan wrote: UniVerse has a websphere api, although consider the performance requirements as IBM mentioned it is not a good alternative for pooling processes. I'll keep that in mind - this is the sort of insight I'm looking for. Is the Domino Server, a Lotus Notes Domino Server or

RE: [U2] .Net Components

2005-05-23 Thread Tony Gravagno
. Nebula RD will soon offer sales and development services for both PDP.NET _and_ mv.NET. Tony Gravagno, Nebula RD TG@ removethisNebula-RnD .com --- u2-users mailing list To unsubscribe please visit

RE: [U2] Tax calculating routine

2005-05-23 Thread Tony Gravagno
-0011 Tell him I sent ya. :) Good luck. Tony Gravagno Nebula Research and Development TG@ removethisNebula-RnD .com Tom Dodds wrote: Does anyone have access to or knowledge of a routine for calculating sales tax within the 48 states and the Provincial Sales / GST tax for Canada? --- u2-users

RE: [U2] Uniobjects hack

2005-05-26 Thread Tony Gravagno
is that some/most of the connectivity products in our market don't have any point to point encryption and pass all data in plain text - including user ID's and passwords. Tony Gravagno Nebula Research and Development TG@ removethisNebula-RnD .com Martin Phillips |U2UG

RE: [U2] Uniobjects hack

2005-05-26 Thread Tony Gravagno
level, the database model itself isn't very secure either. Ask the MV DBMS vendors whether their product is SOX compliant and see what kind of response you get. Have a nice insecure day. ;) Tony Gravagno Nebula Research and Development TG@ removethisNebula-RnD .com --- u2-users mailing list

[U2] Software as Services

2005-05-26 Thread Tony Gravagno
U2 VARs should take note and maybe contact your IBM rep to see if this good news applies to you: 1126 Tony Gravagno Author: Web Services and .NET series of articles, Spectrum Magazine. To read the articles: http

RE: [U2] Software as Services

2005-05-26 Thread Tony Gravagno
:// /breakingnews.jhtml?articleId=163701126 Or just click this: Tony Roger Glenfield |U2UG| wrote: Tony That page is no longer available. What was the subject??? Thanks Roger Tony Gravagno wrote: U2 VARs

RE: [U2] Recommendations for reporting tools

2005-06-06 Thread Tony Gravagno
their value-add and then decide what tools you want, where you want to buy them, and how much you want to pay for them. If you google for \ reporting \ you'll see a lot of other tools for generating reports for browsers and devices. That's just a start... HTH Tony Gravagno Nebula Research

RE: [U2] Recommendations for reporting tools

2005-06-07 Thread Tony Gravagno
posted will probably be wrong from the get-go. A vendor doesn't want to start a public debate about I don't understand that or why does the price break occur there?. These are discussions to be had one-on-one. Tony Gravagno Nebula Research and Development TG@ removethisNebula-RnD .com

RE: [U2] [List] Long Subject Lines

2005-06-17 Thread Tony Gravagno
. Inquiries welcome. Tony Gravagno Nebula Research and Development TG@ removethisNebula-RnD .com Ken Wallis |U2UG| wrote: Guys and Gals, Lately I have noticed that there have been a number of threads started which have very long subject lines. It may just be me

[U2] [UV] E_FAIL from SQL/OLEDB query

2005-06-24 Thread Tony Gravagno
is not an option, the site switched to OleDB after experiencing even worse issues with ODBC. Barring any OleDB-related solution we may migrate the data access code to mv.NET with support for ADO.NET, starting in just a few days. Forum or direct response welcome. Thanks, Tony Gravagno Nebula Research

RE: [U2] [List] Long Subject Lines

2005-06-27 Thread Tony Gravagno
the Conversations to thread properly. HTH, Tony Gravagno Nebula Research and Development TG@ --- u2-users mailing list To unsubscribe please visit

RE: [U2] mu2sings

2005-07-19 Thread Tony Gravagno
Stuart.Boydell wrote: People have already mentioned how useful it would be to have internal subroutine indirection, eg. mySub = 'blah' gosub @mySub I missed the thread that showed this but I'd do it like this: -- G.Keys = blah bling blang convert to @am in G.Keys ... mySub

RE: [U2] Socket universe vs d3

2005-07-19 Thread Tony Gravagno
Processes operating as socket servers can only serve one process at a time, regardless of which OS or DBMS platform creates the socket. SO$REUSEADDR is intended to eliminate the TIME_WAIT state if the process running the listener happens to die. If there is no step in U2 between init and accept

RE: [U2] monitoring tool for universe [ad?]

2005-07-19 Thread Tony Gravagno
was just put on the back burner pending other priorities but if there are enough sites requesting the package we can have a v1.0 by the end of the year. Tony Gravagno Nebula Research and Development TG@ removethisNebula-RnD .com Habeebulla Suhail responded to Simon: Thank you I will have a look

RE: [U2] dll File (u2libeay32.dll)

2005-07-19 Thread Tony Gravagno
trips on this - the product vendor(s) may be interested as well. HTH, Tony Gravagno Nebula Research and Development TG@ removethisNebula-RnD .com Brian Leach |U2UG| wrote: Bjorn, A quick look with Dependency Walker shows it is exporting a set of functions for SSL, RSA

RE: [U2] Socket universe vs d3

2005-07-19 Thread Tony Gravagno
D3 works just like UV in this regard, only one process can listen on a socket port at any given time, processes can't be forked or otherwise handed off, etc. As I said though, after the code has exhausted all of your inbound connections via Accept, it needs to go back to a Listen which, depending

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