RE: Connection to account failure!

2004-04-09 Thread Bright, Frank
fix it Stu Pickles -Original Message- From: Bright, Frank [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thursday, April 08, 2004 12:41 PM To: U2-Users Group (E-mail) Subject: Connection to account failure! Good Afternoon All! I am setting up an ODBC query and I get the error Connection to 'whatever

RE: Unidata 6.0 upgrade from 5.7

2004-04-14 Thread Bright, Frank
Jim, What are you plans? Do you plan to do an upgrade or concurrent install? We do concurrent installs and switch the pointers in our accounts to point to the new install. In the past we have had global routines that needed to be pointed to and test with the new account. Now we do local so

RE: How to SQLize the a UniData table!

2004-04-21 Thread Bright, Frank
Fawaz, Have you installed VSG on your PC? It is used for make Unidata files into SQL tables and views. Also, it helps if you have Unidata 6.0 installed. Once you have an SQL table, you can install the ODBC drivers under windows, assuming you are using windows, and create a DSN to retrieve