[Bug 1669420] [NEW] udevadm unconfigured script leaks into initrd causing boot failure

2017-03-02 Thread C Filorux
Public bug reported: If update-initramfs is run while udevadm is "unconfigured", then the system is rendered unbootable. Instead of containing a working version of udevadm, the "initrd" is built with the wrapper script that reports an error, and proceeds no further (as per code below). Please

[Bug 1357093] Re: Kernels not autoremoving, causing out of space error on LVM or Encrypted installation or on any installation, when /boot partition gets full

2016-11-21 Thread C Filorux
The fix is failing in xenial: I have to repeatedly clean up after the installer, when it complains that it cannot do its work due to disk space on the tiny /boot partition. "My disk is full again!" The bug remains: The automatic update is not considered an unattended update, since the user is

[Bug 1101647] Re: VFS491 Validity Sensor on HP Probook 4540s

2014-02-11 Thread C Filorux
I attempted to get a USB trace by installing the Digital Persona / HP fingerprint software on a windows installation in a virtual machine -- that didn't go well. The installer says it can only be installed on certain types of hardware, which the virtual machine is not. Anybody thinking of this

[Bug 1104476] Re: Network manager cannot connect to WPA2/PEAP/MSCHAPv2 network without CA_Certificate

2013-12-09 Thread C Filorux
Confirmed still unfixed on 13.10 ... WPA+EAP or Linux: pick one. -- You received this bug notification because you are a member of Ubuntu Bugs, which is subscribed to Ubuntu. https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1104476 Title: Network manager cannot connect to WPA2/PEAP/MSCHAPv2 network without

[Bug 1067106] Re: possible to run out of space on /boot partition when installed using auto recipe full-disk-encryption

2013-10-22 Thread C Filorux
The essence of the bug here is that the system accumulates a pile of kernel versions that are entirely unused. (When this happens, the partition fills up, and things break.) Stated another way, the system breaks deterministically by failing to clean up unused kernel versions that it installed

[Bug 1222690] [NEW] small /boot partition for full system encryption becomes full after 7 updates and leads to failures

2013-09-09 Thread C Filorux
Public bug reported: During installation with full system encryption, the Ubuntu installer creates an adequate /boot partition of around 100Mb. However, after 10 updates to linux-image over the next few months, along with the running of update-initramfs the /boot partition becomes full. This

[Bug 1051032] Re: [138a:003c] Validity VFS471 Fingerprint Reader not recognized

2013-09-03 Thread C Filorux
I have attempted to run Wireshark to sniff the USB traffic for this device under Windows, but the installer for the fingerprint software will not install on a Windos Virtual machine -- it complains that I should only be installing it on an authorised HP platform. I turfed the Windows installation

[Bug 948944] Re: after upgrade from oneiric python applications may use the wrong version of wxpython and fail as a result

2013-06-13 Thread C Filorux
** Attachment added: This is a script that runs a gui command as the user 'eyebrow' or whatever you call the script https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wxwidgets2.8/+bug/948944/+attachment/3702541/+files/eyebrow -- You received this bug notification because you are a member of Ubuntu

[Bug 948944] Re: after upgrade from oneiric python applications may use the wrong version of wxpython and fail as a result

2013-06-13 Thread C Filorux
I have this behaviour on 12.10, Quantal Quetzal using python-wxgtk2.8 under XFCE4. When I run the command as another user via a rather complex sudo script that grants permission to use the X display, the menu DOES display. (Sorry about the bare post containing the run-as- another-user hack - the

[Bug 1027075] Re: SSL support broken, despite SSL support in command line mysql client

2013-04-11 Thread C Filorux
Looks correct to me: The /proposed package fixes this problem - I tested the precise package on a quantal installation which was broken before the fix (no SSL support). After the fix the mysql SSL connection worked. -- You received this bug notification because you are a member of Ubuntu Bugs,

[Bug 1059827] Re: Non trival grub2 installs no longer fit in small embed areas

2013-03-19 Thread C Filorux
I managed to get this problem by creating a little partition - sda2 in the list below - trying to make use of that 'unused' space. This worked well enough when grub was on a regular partition, but it does not work when setting up /boot and grub on a LVM. The fix was to delete the partition with

[Bug 1045758] Re: Disable touchpad while typing default delay too long

2013-01-23 Thread C Filorux
It is a little unhelpful that mouse movement is disabled as well as clicking. Waiting to move the mouse is a little bit bad. These settings allow mouse movement, but suppress clicks, which is the most problematic part of hovering a hand over the touchpad: syndaemon -i .5 -K -t -R -d Ideally

[Bug 1027075] Re: SSL support broken, despite SSL support in command line mysql client

2012-08-16 Thread C Filorux
I hacked mine to work by defining HAVE_OPENSSL in _mysql.c so that SSL is compiled despite what mysql_config doesn't say: diff -ur MySQL-python-1.2.3/_mysql.c python-mysqldb-1.2.3/_mysql.c --- MySQL-python-1.2.3/_mysql.c 2010-06-17 09:21:56.0 +0200 +++ python-mysqldb-1.2.3/_mysql.c

[Bug 1027075] [NEW] SSL support broken, despite SSL support in command line mysql client

2012-07-20 Thread C Filorux
Public bug reported: With python-mysqldb 1.2.3-1build1 in Ubuntu precise, when connecting with SSL enabled, mysqldb fails due to missing support: File /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/MySQLdb/__init__.py, line 81, in Connect return Connection(*args, **kwargs) File

[Bug 193550] Re: [hardy] traceback when plugging in usb-audio device

2008-11-04 Thread C Filorux
By way of confirmation, I'm running 2.6.24-19-generic. While playing sound through the headset, I bumped the connector, and got the crash below - this is unusual on my system. The device is .. Bus 004 Device 007: ID 046d:0a0c Logitech, Inc. dmesg says this - from when I originally plugged it in

[Bug 39732] Er, cleaning my DVD doesn't fix the software problem

2008-07-20 Thread C Filorux
We have improved the quality of playback of especially rented DVD's by using furniture polish (filling in cracks) and brasso (smoothing down flat surface) on the physical media. These hardware changes help to reduce the number of hardware errors, but the impact of a hardware error remains software

[Bug 247190] [NEW] /lib/security/pam_otpw.so: undefined symbol: __stack_chk_fail_local

2008-07-10 Thread C Filorux
Public bug reported: Binary package hint: libpam-otpw The module doesn't load, and I won a reboot and init=/bin/bash when the screensaver kicked in during testing. Bug 66681 appears to be similar, affecting i386 only. There Adding -fno-stack-protector to CFLAGS fixes the problem. Jul 10

[Bug 247190] It's hardy (gutsy doesn't have otpw)

2008-07-10 Thread C Filorux
DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu DISTRIB_RELEASE=8.04 DISTRIB_CODENAME=hardy DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION=Ubuntu 8.04 % dpkg -s libpam-otpw Package: libpam-otpw Status: install ok installed Priority: optional Section: libs Installed-Size: 116 Maintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers [EMAIL PROTECTED] Architecture: i386

[Bug 39732] Re: DVD Playback errors should be handled gracefully

2008-04-12 Thread C Filorux
This error exists in kaffeine-xine 0.8.5-0ubuntu1 using libxine1 1.1.7-1ubuntu1 (from MediBuntu). It plays beautifully up to an error, pauses for around 10 seconds, and then says the source can't be read. Maybe you don't have enough rights for this or the source doesn't contain any data (e.g. no

[Bug 58102] Re: cryptsetup / LUKS won't work

2008-03-29 Thread C Filorux
The originally reported error occurs when the dm-crypt module is not loaded. Since LUKS requires this module (AFAIK), perhaps it could be loaded by cryptsetup? A workaround is to manually run ... modprobe dm- crypt -- cryptsetup / LUKS won't work https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/58102 You

[Bug 148077] Re: swf-player has wrong dependencies

2007-11-06 Thread C Filorux
*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 156735 *** https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/156735 On the released version of gutsy, I get this: apt-get install swf-player //snip The following packages have unmet dependencies: swf-player: Depends: libgtk2.0-0 (= 2.10.3) but it is not going to be