[Bug 1685937] Re: HID 1018:1006 Touchpad does not work

2019-07-12 Thread Ondřej Žára
It looks like I am currently hit by the very same issue: bought a chinese tablet, its keyboard+touchpad is detected as 1018:1006 and the touchpad is not working (only sending garbage on 3-finger gestures). May I ask about the status of the discussed patch? -- You received this bug notification

[Bug 1387979] [NEW] Wrong upstream, old version

2014-10-31 Thread Ondřej Žára
Public bug reported: Hi, I would like to know why is this package linked to an upstream UberWriter. The real pandoc upstream is, according to my observations, https://github.com/jgm/pandoc/ and upstream's current version is 1.13.1. Would it be possible to repackage the current version and

[Bug 1254071] [NEW] vboxwebsrv does not work (not listening at all)

2013-11-22 Thread Ondřej Žára
Public bug reported: After updating to vbox 4.2.16-dfsg-3ubuntu1, vboxwebsrv does not work. Virtualbox itself works, but the websrv does not start properly. LOG: Oracle VM VirtualBox web service Version 4.2.16_Ubuntu (C) 2007-2013 Oracle Corporation All rights reserved. VirtualBox web service