[Bug 1388559] Re: failed command: WRITE FPDMA QUEUED

2017-12-13 Thread Lorenzo Delana
I got same problem using latest 4.15rc-3 ec 13 20:57:59 bigone kernel: [ 23.575115] ata10.00: status: { DRDY } Dec 13 20:57:59 bigone kernel: [ 23.577829] ata10.00: failed command: WRITE FPDMA QUEUED Dec 13 20:57:59 bigone kernel: [ 23.580536] ata10.00: cmd

[Bug 1288003] Re: wifi no worky unless laptop lid is closed then again opened

2018-08-08 Thread Lorenzo Delana
issue solve using 4.18.0-041800rc8 I had same trouble with an ASUS P2530UA-XO0868D with Ubuntu 18.04 and kernel 4.15.0-30 When boot notebook within lid closed Wifi not work, I needed to open the lid, but now with latest kernel mainstream it works. -- You received this bug notification

[Bug 1840516] Re: misleading sort icon

2019-08-16 Thread Lorenzo Delana
As stated from António Fernandes (see nautilus issue #1008 linked previous message) there is an option of GTK-3 that tune this behavior, so to return to the same behavior that was in 18.04 for example a user can apply follow setting ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini [Settings]

[Bug 1726595] Re: Running Matlab (R) from ssh session with X forwarding doesn't work anymore in 17.10

2019-08-15 Thread Lorenzo Delana
I have similar problem explained through attachment video, that happens when I focus opened window by through x11 forwarding using ssh and then I cannot raise up any of already opened window from the dock. Steps to reproduce: - open a gnome terminal so that it happears on the side dock - xhost

[Bug 1840516] [NEW] misleading sort icon

2019-08-16 Thread Lorenzo Delana
Public bug reported: I report here because but this problem is related to amost any applicatin in Disco version 19.04 I recently installed, may something only related to a few users because I surprised not already pointed out by anyone else. Attached a screenshoot from where you should see sort