Status of PyQt for 14.04

2013-09-25 Thread Zygmunt Krynicki
release 14.04. 1) Will PyQt work with Python3? 2) Will PyQt work with QML? 3) Will PyQt work with the QML components from the Ubuntu SDK? Thanks Zygmunt Krynicki -- ubuntu-desktop mailing list

Re: Thoughts about Unity and some ideas for improvement

2011-04-20 Thread Zygmunt Krynicki
W dniu 20.04.2011 11:20, Jo-Erlend Schinstad pisze: It'd be interesting to know how left-handed people feel about Unity. It's very dominated by super-num, super-w, super-s, super-a, super-t, etc. This is very nice for right-handed people, since you'd usually use the right hand for the mouse. But