Status of PyQt for 14.04

2013-09-25 Thread Zygmunt Krynicki


The Hardware Certification team is currently working on some 
applications that are using the Ubuntu SDK. We'd like to migrate away 
from having to maintain C++ bridge to our existing python3 codebase and 
instead use python directly.

We'd like to know the status of PyQt by the time we release 14.04.

1) Will PyQt work with Python3?
2) Will PyQt work with QML?
3) Will PyQt work with the QML components from the Ubuntu SDK?

Zygmunt Krynicki

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Re: Thoughts about Unity and some ideas for improvement

2011-04-20 Thread Zygmunt Krynicki

W dniu 20.04.2011 11:20, Jo-Erlend Schinstad pisze:

It'd be interesting to know how left-handed people feel about Unity.
It's very dominated by super-num, super-w, super-s, super-a, super-t,
etc. This is very nice for right-handed people, since you'd usually
use the right hand for the mouse. But left-handed people would
probably prefer to use the left hand for the mouse, forcing them to
move between the mouse and keyboard fairly often.

I don't know any left handed person that also uses left hand for using 
the mouse. Perhaps my sample data is rare but that's what I observed.

(I am left handed as well)

Best regards

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