Community Council nominations and confirmation polls

2007-04-23 Thread Mark Shuttleworth
Members of the Ubuntu community, We have 5 nominations to expand the community council, and voting starts today. Each candidate is standing individually, so there are 5 separate votes. If a majority of the voters approve that candidate, then (s)he will be confirmed as a new member of the CC with

Introducing the Jaunty Jackalope

2008-09-08 Thread Mark Shuttleworth
As we approach the launch of Ubuntu 8.10, it's time to create space for future plans, and so I'm writing to introduce you to The Jaunty Jackalope. Jaunty, the code name for what will most likely become Ubuntu 9.04, will be the focus of our efforts from November through to April next year. We

Run-off ballot for Tech Board place, from today till 20 Jan 2009 09:00 UTC

2009-01-13 Thread Mark Shuttleworth
There is now a ballot of Ubuntu developers, to select a new member of the Technical Board: The candidates in alphabetical order are Colin Watson and Kees Cook. In a departure from tradition, we will have a race between

TechBoard 2009

2009-09-01 Thread Mark Shuttleworth
Thank you to everyone who voted in the Tech Board election, which came to a result last night. We had 84 votes from 130 eligible voters. The new Tech Board in reverse alphabetical surname order is: * Matt Zimmerman * Mark Shuttleworth * Scott James Remnant * Martin Pitt

2009 Community Council vote complete

2009-10-06 Thread Mark Shuttleworth
Thanks to all Ubuntu members who participated in the CC ballot, which was completed today. The new community council takes office immediately, and (in alphabetical order) comprises: Alan Pope Benjamin Mako Hill Daniel Holbach Elizabeth Krumbach Matthew East Mike Basinger Richard

Ubuntu Community Council 2017 election under way!

2017-09-12 Thread Mark Shuttleworth
** *The UbuntuCommunity Council election has begun and ballots sent out to allUbuntu Members . Voting closes September 27th at end of day UTC.* * The following candidates are standing for 7 seats on the