Community Council nominations and confirmation polls

2007-04-23 Thread Mark Shuttleworth
Members of the Ubuntu community,

We have 5 nominations to expand the community council, and voting starts

Each candidate is standing individually, so there are 5 separate votes.
If a majority of the voters approve that candidate, then (s)he will be
confirmed as a new member of the CC with a two year term.

I would urge all formal members of the Ubuntu community to vote. The
formal members are those who are currently listed at:

The polls themselves are listed at:

Please vote in all polls where you have a personal opinion on the
candidate's contribution to Ubuntu and their competence to sit on our
top governing board. There are candidates from a variety of significant
communities within Ubuntu, such as the Forums and the documentation
team, but once confirmed to the CC they will represent the community as
a whole and not any particular subteam - even if they retain a position
in one of the other team councils of the project.

The Community Council is our highest governing body of the project, and
makes fundamental decisions around our community structure, and code of
conduct. They serve to mediate disputes and also appoint the leaders of
key community teams.

We specifically have 5 independent candidates because we believe that
it's important to have a broad coverage of timezones and areas of
expertise on the CC.

I'd like to thank Dennis Kaarsemaker, the CC secretary, for setting up
the polls, and the candidates for their willingness to serve. I would
ask folks who lead various communities within Ubuntu to draw the
attention of their members to these polls so that we get the broadest
participation in each of the decisions.

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Introducing the Jaunty Jackalope

2008-09-08 Thread Mark Shuttleworth

As we approach the launch of Ubuntu 8.10, it's time to create space for
future plans, and so I'm writing to introduce you to The Jaunty Jackalope.

Jaunty, the code name for what will most likely become Ubuntu 9.04, will
be the focus of our efforts from November through to April next year. We
will be gathering forces in Mountain View on 8th - 12th December to
survey the upstream landscape and finalize Jaunty plans, enjoying the
excellent hospitality of Google and Silicon Valley's abundance of talent
and innovation. The Ubuntu Developer Summit is the social and strategic
highlight of each release cycle and it would be a great pleasure to
welcome you there. Jono Bacon has written up a guide to sponsorship for those who
would have a substantial amount to offer at the Summit.

The Warrior Rabbit is our talisman as we move into a year where we can
reasonably expect Ubuntu to ship on several million devices, to
consumers who can reasonably expect the software experience to be
comparable to those of the traditional big OSV's - Microsoft and Apple.
The bar is set very high, and we have been given the opportunity to leap
over it. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to shine, and we want to make
sure that the very best thinking across the whole open source ecosystem
is reflected in Ubuntu, because many people will judge free software as
a whole by what we do.

There are some specific goals that we need to meet in Jaunty. One of
them is boot time. We want Ubuntu to boot as fast as possible - both in
the standard case, and especially when it is being tailored to a
specific device. The Jackalope is known for being so fast that it's
extremely hard to catch, and breeds only when lightning flashes. Let's
see if we can make booting or resuming Ubuntu blindingly quick.

Another goal is the the blurring of web services and desktop
applications. Is it a deer? Is it a bunny? Or is it a weblication - a
desktop application that seamlessly integrates the web! This hare has
legs - and horns - and we'll be exploring it in much more detail for
Jaunty. We have already laid some foundations for weblications in the
online services discussions that took place in Prague, but since we
fully expect those services to ship in 9.04 the discussion will be that
much more intense in Mountain View.

Those bizarre-but-fearsome antlers might well remind one of the
intricate pattern of collaboration between developers in a distributed
version control system. So it's fitting that Jaunty will see us move all
of Ubuntu into Bazaar. For the first time, any developer will be able to
branch any Ubuntu package with a single bzr command, publish their
changes, and perhaps even publish builds of that package in their own
Package Archive. We will also make the developer community structure of
Ubuntu much richer - in addition to MOTU and core-dev, we are
introducing ways for developers to participate in specific applications,
either at the package-upload level or at the version-control level.
Whatever your level and specialisation of interest, we'll make sure that
you can participate accordingly.

December's UDS is likely to be packed full of interesting people and
ideas. I very much look forward to seeing everyone there. There he
goes! That way!


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Run-off ballot for Tech Board place, from today till 20 Jan 2009 09:00 UTC

2009-01-13 Thread Mark Shuttleworth

There is now a ballot of Ubuntu developers, to select a new member of
the Technical Board:

The candidates in alphabetical order are Colin Watson and Kees Cook.

In a departure from tradition, we will have a race between two
candidates, rather than a confirmation vote. So there are two
candidates, one place, and you get to choose. Both candidates have
indicated that they are happy to be in a race rather than a
confirmation. In future, depending on circumstance and candidates, we
may take either approach.

As it happens, both candidates work for Canonical. That's not a
requirement for the position. However, the requirements do stack the
deck heavily in favour of someone who is able to devote full time
attention to the whole linux stack, in Ubuntu or Debian, and is very
aware of the Ubuntu community processes and players. As more companies
build businesses around Ubuntu and hence employ people who are very
active in the Ubuntu developer community, I am sure we will find great
non-Canonical TB candidates. We have already built substantial
non-Canonical representation in the Community Council, for example.

This is a simple two-candidate selection, the winner will be the
candidate with the most positive votes. In the event of a tie, I will
act as a tie breaker.

Please vote soon, the vote is only open for a week. Thank you to both
candidates for standing, and thanks in advance to all who participate in
the ballot.

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TechBoard 2009

2009-09-01 Thread Mark Shuttleworth

Thank you to everyone who voted in the Tech Board election, which came
to a result last night. We had 84 votes from 130 eligible voters. The
new Tech Board in reverse alphabetical surname order is:

* Matt Zimmerman
* Mark Shuttleworth
* Scott James Remnant
* Martin Pitt
* Kees Cook

Detailed results are available at:

Thanks also to Mario and Evan, who made it a far more interesting race,
and to the rest of the new Board for their willingness to lead in this


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2009 Community Council vote complete

2009-10-06 Thread Mark Shuttleworth

Thanks to all Ubuntu members who participated in the CC ballot, which
was completed today. The new community council takes office immediately,
and (in alphabetical order) comprises:

  Alan Pope
  Benjamin Mako Hill
  Daniel Holbach
  Elizabeth Krumbach
  Matthew East
  Mike Basinger
  Richard Johnson

We had several additional candidates, and the ballot was richer for
their willingness to stand. I'd like to thank all of them, and in
addition would like to thank James Troup who steps down from the CC
after 5 years as a founding member.

Welcome to the new faces, I look forward to two wonderful years of good
governance in the Ubuntu community!

The structures by which we organise tens of thousands of participants
have matured substantially in the past years. We have a deeper and
richer LoCo structure today than ever before (thanks to those who lead
there). The Forums Council has matured in its role and sets the example
for delegated leadership from the CC. The Tech Board has lead the
restructuring of the developer community, and so we are merging the
excellend MOTU Council into the new Developer Membership Board,
providing a more granular view of developer participation across the
huge Ubuntu archive. Ubuntu Translations are now more formally lead. All
in all, I'm proud of the commitment this community continues to show
towards effective leadership, and the willingness of members of the
community to step up and participate in that way. Thank you all!


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Ubuntu Community Council 2017 election under way!

2017-09-12 Thread Mark Shuttleworth


*The UbuntuCommunity Council 
election has begun and ballots 
sent out to allUbuntu Members . 
Voting closes September 27th at end of day UTC.*


The following candidates are standing for 7 seats on the council:


   Anis El Achèche -


   Leo Arias -


   Danial Behzadi -


   (incumbent) Marco Ceppi -


   Aaron Honeycutt -


   Walter Lapchynksi -


   Marius Quabeck -


   José Antonio Rey -


   Larry Tavin -


   Iulian Udrea -


   Martin Wimpress -


   Naeil Zoueidi -

Please contact the 
list if you are an Ubuntu 
Member but did not receive a ballot. Voting instructions were sent to 
the public address defined in Launchpad, or your 
address if not. Please also make sure you check your spam folder first.

We’d like to thank all the candidate for their willingness to serve in 
this capacity, and members for their considered votes.


**Mark, on behalf of the current CC*

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