Re: [Ubuntu] gdal-1.8.0

2011-04-26 Thread Julien Malik
Hello Yevgen, If you have a good idea for this issue : you would make a lot of people happy (me in the first place) ! Cheers, Julien Le 26/04/2011 18:16, Yevgen Antymyrov a écrit : Guys, Do you plan to release GDAL-1.8.0

Re: [Ubuntu] [Fwd: [QGIS-trac] [Quantum GIS] #3830: no tiff support in Ubuntu 11.04 with ubuntugis gdal (1.8.0)]

2011-05-18 Thread Julien Malik
Hello Giovanni, Firstly, there is nothing specific to natty : if the program links to the system libtiff, you will have the problem on all the distributions. The problem comes from the gdal 1.8 source code, where the GTiff driver is disabled when a tiff version mismatch is detected. This

Re: [Ubuntu] UbuntuGIS membership

2012-11-26 Thread Julien Malik
Hi all, I've been granted ubuntugis membership some time ago to push otb packages to ubuntugis ppa. We are working hand in hand with Manuel on the OTB debian/ubuntu packages. Please someone add him also to the list to lower the bus factor [1] ;) No hurry though, the actual packages Manuel talks

Re: [Ubuntu] Change of libgdal1 to libgdal1h - dependency problems

2013-07-09 Thread Julien Malik
Hi, FYI the Orfeo Toolbox related packages just got updated and are compatible with the new gdal package version and naming. Regards, Julien On 07/08/2013 09:53 PM, Pedro Venâncio wrote: Hi, After an update of GDAL to v1.10 through ubuntugis-unstable, I have a lot of problems with package