Deleting stacks on the fly

2017-02-11 Thread Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via use-livecode
I'm trying to optimize for minimal RAM usage on mobile. The app is modular with many stacks that are opened from the mainstack. I had this before in a global library: command portal_GoStack stackName -- goes to the new stack -- closes the current stack # But we want to delete it to clear RAM --

Re: PUT method where is returned data?

2017-02-11 Thread Bob Hall via use-livecode
On Feb 10, 2017, at 9:52 AM, Trevor DeVore via use-livecode wrote: > > I much prefer reading ’the urlresopnse’ in my code than > dealing with ‘it’ which is meaningless until put into another variable. In my defense — it was my attempt at figuring out where PUT

Re: Windows and OSX 64-bit builds?

2017-02-11 Thread hh via use-livecode
This is a well known visual phenomena: When I'm tired I also switch sometimes 'in between reading' the temporarily memorized decimal point from the beginning to the end of a three-digit-block (did it recently in the forum). It mostly works for me (if not 'computing') to force myself to obey the