Re: Character sets in Android, iOS, OS/X, Windows

2017-10-01 Thread Monte Goulding via use-livecode
> On 30 Sep 2017, at 6:48 pm, Pyyhtiä Christer via use-livecode > wrote: > > There are character set differences between the different platforms, when > entered in an app by the user. Characters slash "/" for example is one of > these. > > Has anyone detected

Re: IconGrid widget v2.0.2

2017-10-01 Thread pink via use-livecode
I absolutely love this. In my a current app I had a stack of 18 SVG widgets that I was having a tough time getting to resize and look right (trying to expand it into Mac, PC and Android markets.) This makes things much much much easier. Works great on iOS - --- Greg (pink) Miller mad,

Re: not really OT: The Coming Software Apocalypse

2017-10-01 Thread hh via use-livecode
> Mark Wieder wrote: > Oops. I forgot to post a link to Bret Victor's talk: > Thanks for this valuable link. Very impressing thoughts there. The most interesting for me: His first three demos are very close to LCB (as LCB is close to javascript with

Making the clipboard Excel compatible

2017-10-01 Thread Michael Julian Lew via use-livecode
Excel doesn't like the line endings that Livecode puts into the clipboardData["text"] and renders the lines as if they were double spaced. I have asked once before what magic wand to wave to fix the problem, but I forgot the answer and googling was entirely unsuccessful (although I found that