Re: Apps to fight COVID-19

2020-05-30 Thread dsc--- via use-livecode
My volunteer stint at Covid Watch (anonymous exposure notification) is ending. The project is moving into a phase that needs other skillsets. I never got a chance to use LiveCode, though it was 2nd on my shortlist for a simulation that was never created. The 1st was Colab. Dar

Re: Map Widget - how does it actually work?

2020-05-30 Thread Prothero-ELS via use-livecode
Graham, My demo stack was enhanced a lot by Hermann but I don’t know where it is, after a cursory search. He added a bunch of other capabilities, but I felt a quick look at the Google map docs would make it easy to add them. His expanded version may be in the examples repository. I didn’t check

Re: ADA Compliency

2020-05-30 Thread Curry Kenworthy via use-livecode
Peter: > I’m currently working on adding accessibility to my text and > media-heavy music application. In trying to find actual information > about doing this in a way that is both “compliant” and also good UI— > I find very little data online. Nice project! For the standards side of it, I

Re: Map Widget - how does it actually work?

2020-05-30 Thread Graham Samuel via use-livecode
Bill, thanks for all this. I will study it today (it’s breakfast time in France as I write this). I did some internet searching to look at the underlying Apple Map system - which is used for the LC version of the Map widget for iOS - and its API. It’s rich and complex, so the widget just