VPN and tsNet

2020-10-26 Thread Brian Milby via use-livecode
I have a fairly simple stack that I use to get FedEx tracking data using tsNetPostSync. It has worked fine until a new VPN connection was added. The only change that I know is that it no longer allows a split tunnel so everything must go through the VPN. Assuming that is the issue, how do I

Re: Slightly OT: Windows Code Signing

2020-10-26 Thread Paul Dupuis via use-livecode
Thank you Matthias, I did notice the unexpectedly large price on Sectigo direct and purchase a 3 year through comodosslstore.com for about $212.50 USD, so at an okay price for me. Mine is just a plain signing cert, not the EV. What I ran into that was very frustrating was the browser

Re: Slightly OT: Windows Code Signing

2020-10-26 Thread matthias rebbe via use-livecode
Hi Paul, first of all buying directly through Sectigo is expensive. If you purchase from one of Sectigo's partners you'll get it much cheaper. I've purchased in July a 3year code signing certificate ( not the ELV) for 207 Euro for all 3 years. The certifcate was also delivered by Sectigo. And

[ANN] This Week in LiveCode 242

2020-10-26 Thread panagiotis merakos via use-livecode
Hi all, Read about new developments in LiveCode open source and the open source community in today's edition of the "This Week in LiveCode" newsletter! Read issue #242 here: https://bit.ly/3opGOwd This is a weekly newsletter about LiveCode, focussing on what's been going on in and

Re: Line length

2020-10-26 Thread Dan Friedman via use-livecode
Bob, I do what you're talking about all the time. Here's my setObjectHeightToText command that I use (pass it the long id of the field, and the minimum height you want): on setObjectHeightToText lID,minH put the rect of lID into tRect put item 2 of tRect + the formattedHeight of lID into

Slightly OT: Windows Code Signing

2020-10-26 Thread Paul Dupuis via use-livecode
My Windows Code signing cert for signing LiveCode standalones has expired. I purchased it from instantsll.com (3 year) which has become sectigo.com and it appears that they never moved over old accounts since my prior username, email, and password do not work nor does the email work for

Re: Line length

2020-10-26 Thread Bob Sneidar via use-livecode
I have a field on one of my apps whose width needs to change depending on content, but there is a minimum and a maximum width aspect, so that an empty field doesn’t appear like a weird tiny rectangle or stretch to overlap other objects. I use something like: if the formattedWidth of field x

Valentina Reports, DB & Server for LiveCode Updated to 10.5.5

2020-10-26 Thread Lynn Fredricks via use-livecode
Yes, we are still around. We just released Valentina Release 10.5.5, which included updates to Valentina Server, Valentina Studio as well as the Valentina ADKs for LiveCode. There is a new installer script for LiveCode 9.x that should work much better. Valentina DB ADK for LiveCode embeds our

Re: Line length

2020-10-26 Thread Devin Asay via use-livecode
There is also a measureText() function that might help. Devin > On Oct 24, 2020, at 4:35 AM, Klaus major-k via use-livecode > wrote: > > Hi Richmond, > >> Am 24.10.2020 um 12:17 schrieb Richmond via use-livecode >> : >> >> Over in the Forums someone has asked a question about measuring the

[OT] Users (was RE: Naive XML questions)

2020-10-26 Thread Ralph DiMola via use-livecode
We did a off-the-street user test in NYC for a major bank in 1985. There were 10 or 20 tasks. Among other things some options were selected using F1, F2, Fn... keys. Most participants type the "F" key followed by the "1" key even though the "F" keys were separated at the top of the keyboard

Re: Naive XML questions

2020-10-26 Thread Graham Samuel via use-livecode
Thanks to all who replied, but Ken - you are spot on! I simply had no idea how to address an individual node. I am not keen to use any method other than the ones which already exist in the XML library, so this is the way for me. One can sometimes (often, if I’m honest) be stymied by some very

Re: iOS Emoji keyboard does not print to PDF?!

2020-10-26 Thread William de Smet via use-livecode
Thanks for answering Scott! Not a big issue for me at the moment. Greetings, William Op ma 26 okt. 2020 om 03:57 schreef scott--- via use-livecode < use-livecode@lists.runrev.com>: > I think that emojis not rendering to PDF has been a longstanding issue… > and I thought that I had filed a bug