Segmented Control Widget

2020-11-04 Thread Terence Heaford via use-livecode
I have been messing about with the Segmented Control Widget and have been trying to apply a tooltip. I noted that the tooltip can only be applied to the whole control, it does not appear possible to have a tooltip for each segment. Is this possible and if so could someone please advise. All

Re: Plotting Equations that Bifurcate

2020-11-04 Thread Alex Tweedly via use-livecode
Hi, gmSetCustomMarker is the first gm Library handler called in the demo app - so it sounds like the library isn't being downloaded or set up properly. I found one combination of browser and laptop here where the .livecodescript file is displayed as though it were a text file, rather than

Re: Pass Javascript Session Cookie to LiveCode Variable?

2020-11-04 Thread Rick Harrison via use-livecode
Hi Matthias, Session Variables are like cookies except they auto-expire at the end of a browser session like when you close a tab or window. In Javascript one would set a session variable this way: