Re: Threads in LC

2021-01-02 Thread Rick Harrison via use-livecode
Hi Jerry, 1 millisecond is probably asking too much of LC. It doesn’t give an LC processor enough time to do much of anything else and I can see why just moving the mouse would affect the speed of the motor. I’m assuming that what you really want is a steady rate for the motor rather than a

Re: Field ID clash

2021-01-02 Thread J. Landman Gay via use-livecode
When you check the property inspector for each field do they really have the same ID? I didn't think that was possible. If the IDs are different then there are other reasons why the wrong field responds. It could be a number of things. -- Jacqueline Landman Gay |

Field ID clash

2021-01-02 Thread David V Glasgow via use-livecode
Using 9.6.0 on Mac 10.13.6 I duplicated a field and found a third field responded to the mouseup of the duplicate. It seems the duplication generated a clash of IDs between the duplicate and third field. I could just select and start again, but I was wondering whether there is a safe way to