Re: use-livecode Digest, Vol 219, Issue 1

2021-12-01 Thread Robert Earp via use-livecode
Sorry Jacqueline and Curry, I should have sent an acknowledgement of your previous speedy response to my question. Jacqueline and Bob, in Apple Mail I can only find an option for plain text when composing mail, not receiving mail, but you can choose the font used to display a message. I

Reading LC List Digests

2021-11-19 Thread Robert Earp via use-livecode
Does anybody know a a great interface for digests from the LC lists ? I have two problems... Ever since I subscribed to the two LC lists many years ago when they first started I set my subscription options to send digests so that I would not have oodles of separate eMails sent to me, one each

Slightly OT - Liquid volume measurement (was Is there an issue with beep on IOS)

2021-08-08 Thread Robert Earp via use-livecode
David/Bill/et al, my challenge was accurately filling bottles of wine (draining them never has been a problem !!). For a long time I tried to get LC to communicate with external hardware and finally gave up when I found the joy of the Arduino, and more recently the Raspberry Pie Pico. For