Re: native scroller cuts off parts of last line in a field

2021-04-20 Thread e.beugelaar--- via use-livecode
I am still wondering why layout issues anno 2021 has to be programmed manually for all devices. It is nonsense and don't make sense. I started programming with Clipper 5.x in text base environments and even in that period we had ClipDAS, i was co-writer of it, to draw virtual screens. Is it

Re: LC Bug: Copying an Image fails

2021-03-20 Thread e.beugelaar--- via use-livecode
Hi Curry, It's always fun to read your comments and conclusions that can be somethimes interpreted in Dutch as: "de redding is nabij". So, a solution is near to come! Nice weekend, Erik Met vriendelijke groet, Erik Beugelaar From: use-livecode on behalf of

Re: LC Roadmap

2021-02-14 Thread e.beugelaar--- via use-livecode if u dont want headaches. Get Outlook for Android From: use-livecode on behalf of Curry Kenworthy via use-livecode Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2021 11:31:47 AM To: Cc: Curry Kenworthy

Re: open secure socket... using certificate

2021-01-29 Thread e.beugelaar--- via use-livecode
Xojo is not multi platform. If you want to move, which i regret, I strongly advise you to go for the B4X platform. Get Outlook for Android From: use-livecode on behalf of Bernard Devlin via use-livecode Sent: Friday, January 29, 2021