Re: Beginners Guide?

2017-10-06 Thread Devin Asay via use-livecode
11.x (El Capitan) on Intel 10.12.x (Sierra) on Intel This could easily be updated in the Beginners Guide using Git, but it seems like there ought be an automatic way to update the guide as the release notes are published. Devin On Oct 6, 2017, at 10:37 AM, JOHN PATTEN via use-livecode

Beginners Guide?

2017-10-06 Thread JOHN PATTEN via use-livecode
Hi All, I’m going to be doing some short introductions to some of our teachers about LiveCode. I was reviewing the support resources, specifically the Beginners Guide. The info seems to need a bit of an update. Is there another link with a more current Beginners Guide? i.e.. General To use

Is Beginners' Guide up to date?

2016-09-12 Thread William Prothero
Folks: The beginners’ guide, which is access through LC 8.01 (rc2) seems to be out of date. I was sending a link to a guy I’m trying to get interested and I see, on the first page, stuff like: Under iOS: LiveCode recommends the following set up: Platform Xcode SDK Simulators Included Snow