Re: back to slow compile with 8.1.3?

2017-02-24 Thread Bob Sneidar via use-livecode
I did notice that somehow the compile was managing to open a modal stack which was a substack of the mainstack, and until I shift-ctrl-cmd-right clicked the window to get the contextual menu and set the mode of the stack to TopLevel, the compiler halted in it's tracks. Might you be experiencing

back to slow compile with 8.1.3?

2017-02-23 Thread Dr. Hawkins via use-livecode
I mentioned a bit ago that with the RC sequences of 8.1.3, I had to go to 7.1 to combine my stacks, but then they compiled quickly with 8.1.3. Now, I'm at 8 minutes and counting with the released 8.1.3 . . . -- Dr. Richard E. Hawkins, Esq. (702) 508-8462