Re: OT: Completely OT: Reading list recommendations.

2020-02-08 Thread Iphonelagi via use-livecode
Hi Richard I would add CODE COMPLETE by steve McConnell as well but rapid development from memory is a shorter read. Update I decided to look on amazon rather than my library and I was right 674 pages instead of over 950 .. so shorter is relative and I find it’s not on kindle. You can find

Re: Completely OT: Reading list recommendations

2020-02-08 Thread Robert J. Earp via use-livecode
From an old dudes perspective whose brain needs rebooting on a regular basis, two books that are a must for anybody coding are; - Bill Bryson’s "A short History of Nearly Everything" which puts the world into perspective. and - Douglas Adam's five book trilogy “The Hitchhikers Guide to the