Re: WebSites made using Livecode.

2020-07-03 Thread Heriberto Torrado via use-livecode
Hi Dan, The customer cares about the backend, because he wants to be sure he will find a livecode hosting company in the future. We will host the web page into our own servers. We currently offer PHP, Python  and LiveCode hosting. I'm honest with my customers and I told him about Livecode

LiveCode Zoom

2020-07-03 Thread David Bovill via use-livecode
I’d like to host / take part in a weekly Zoom with other Livecoders. I started the Livecode TV thing ages ago now, and this time I think we can do something more interesting - but what? I take part in a couple of regular Zoom gatherings around open source projects for a few years now, and It

Re: LiveCode Zoom

2020-07-03 Thread Stephen Barncard via use-livecode
Hi David, I'm not sure there's a good reason to integrate Livecode into the Zoom API just for the sake of using Livecode to do it.I do like the idea of using Zoom for discussions and demonstrations of Livecode technology. All anyone needs to do is for the leader to have the lowest level

What's Going On In The IDE

2020-07-03 Thread Ralph DiMola via use-livecode
Win 10 LC 9.6.0 I have a card with 55 groups each with one field of 20 characters. This card renders sub second but is unresponsive for an additional 14 seconds. What's going on here? The IDE stacks totals out to 13 seconds. This is after I made 1 minor edit in the script with the message box

Re: WebSites made using Livecode.

2020-07-03 Thread Torsten Holmer via use-livecode
Do you know revIgniter, the Livecode Framework for Websites? "Many websites have been successfully built with revIgniter including the presumably largest Hindu website in existence."

Re: WebSites made using Livecode.

2020-07-03 Thread Dan Brown via use-livecode
I'd be surprised if the client cares at all about the websites backend, you might be better off picking a modern frontend framework (bulma,react,vue etc) and showing examples of websites using it. As for the backend, there are some great flat file CMS's that could be managed with livecode scripts